• I am not comfortable with some of the Tarot Decks I'm seeing in your collection. Some do have beautiful artwork, but it's more the historical background, the time period and of course, the intuitive representations in the cards themselves regarding the title of the card.

    Do we really need decks such as Halloween, Gummy Bear, Epicurean, and my favorite, Vampire Decks? Will a porn deck be far behind?

    I use the Aleister Crowley and Rider-Waite-Johns decks myself, and will add other decks, but they have to be of some serious source It's not just pretty or lovely artwork that I'm interested in, but the correct visual depiction of the related material (the card).

    I really don't understand why California Psychics don't draw a line in the sand as far as their presenting various Tarot decks. Knowing the value of this tool and bringing down to a cartoon character leaves me worried that the business of Tarot is watered down by certain decks.

    It can take a lifetime to truly understand, work with, interpret the Tarot. Is a Gummy Bear deck the best way to go?

    I would imagine that the people who are interested in this site are adults, and deserve serious renditions of the Tarot. The History of Tarot is long and winding, I can't help but feel that some of the original depictions should abide. Again, we don't have to be limited, just logical about the value of what I think are just plain silly decks. There certainly are other beautiful decks available, I'm not sure of the Feng Shui one either and hope I don't see a Star Trek one as well.

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