Where Am I headed?

  • Guys, I feel like I'm in period of transition with a very strenuous and hurtfull past year behind me both in matters of the heart and my career. I'm now focusing on healing myself and trying to focus more on professional advancement... So I'm trying to take matters in my own hands. Can TheCaptain please give me some insight as to a prospect of a new job and where I'm headed? Also, there's a potential love interest that I have and not sure if anything will happen between him and I? Is he interested and will he make a move despite a brief few encounters with his inconsiderate friend?


  • And that of your potential love interest if you know it.

  • I have taken care of my mother for 10 yrs, saddly she passed away dec 16th 2009, I feel so lost, hurt and guilt ridden, as I had to make the decision to take her off of life support. I need to find a job, yet I am so depressed, that I find it hard to leave the house. We were so close, that we both felt we knew each other in another life. Would you please tell me if you see anything good in my future, for I could use some hope, It would be nice to know that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel I find myself in, I would appreciate any words of wisdom you could share with me.

  • Cinister:


    I don't know the full circumstances with your mother, how sick she was, who she was, how old she was, etc... but I CAN tell you that we all die, every single one of us. The problem we have now is that for some reason, everyone thinks that with the medical miracles around us, people don't die. Well, I'm here to tell you, all the medical miracles in the world won't stop us from dying. Everyone dies of "something," and there really is no such thing as somebody "dying of old age." A body system ends of failing in the long run and that's just what happens. The lucky ones die off in their sleep (of a heart attack or a stroke), all the rest, well... end up on life support of some kind. A controversial topic at best. But you can't feel guilty for allowing her to fulfill her life cycle.

    Good luck to you Cin, it will take you a long time to get over your grief, but you will. It just takes a long time. I grieved my ex for 3 years before I moved forward, and I still think about him. And don't be surprised if she doesn't come back to visit you and say hi, see how you're doing occasionally. But you can't "will" it, just let her come on her own terms. I'm sure she'll come back to see you. Probably still trying to figure out what happened and "where the heck am I???"

    I had a very vivid dream of my ex within a day or two after he died (the first dream he came back to try to tell me where he'd stored my furniture -- this is before I knew he died), in this second dream he was bright, very bright, like in the morning sun, and he was driving a team of horses. I was walking alongside and there was something wrong with the reins so I was trying to fix them, and so he got down, smiled at me, and said, "You're on the wrong side."

    A simple enough thing to say but so symbolic! Yes, indeed, "I was on the wrong side." It was the first time that I discovered that I could actually speak to him in a dream, carry on a conversation like we used to...

    Well sorry Cin I didn't mean to go off on a tangent, but I think you will hear from her. Get your sleep, take your vitamins, go for a walk... at least try. Hang in there, and good luck. LOTS of good people here to help.

  • Tina I'm bumping to try to get you back so Captain can see you. Hang in there, it sounds like you had a bad year!

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  • Tina, 2010 is a 3 personal year for you. It is about moving forward with your goals. The influence is one of sociability and the arts. It can be a lucky year if your efforts and financial resources are not scattered and your energies are focused on priorities. During this year you must watch that you bring projects to completion before beginning something new. This is a great year for you to take a vacation, particularly one with an artistic focus, such as photography, painting, writing, or even visiting art galleries or attending plays. Popularity within large and small groups is highlighted, as is work in the public arena. (A good year for aspiring politicians!) It is also a year in which you may wish to try a new hairstyle or buy some new clothes, as romance and affection are highlighted during this cycle. Self expression is the keynote in both the written and spoken word. This can be good year for selling products, (including your writing), or services.

    You are in the third year of a nine-year cycle. You've set goals and started new projects, and you've taken the time to do the proper planning. You can loosen up a bit this year. Develop your ability to bridge the gap between creative ideas and real world realization of those ideas. This will be a particular talent for you this year.

    You may find yourself quite busy with more social interaction. Seeds can be planted in the hearts and minds of those around you. If you become confused by too many directions, pick the one that excites you the most as joy is a key ingredient in the inherent energies of a 3 Personal Year.

    Look for ways to contribute and interact in the world by becoming an example of your personal mission. This is a time for the sharing yourself with others. You are meant to extend your unique expression more into the world. Network with others in areas where you have interests. You never know where the contacts you make will lead you. Be positive and optimistic as you plant seeds for your future. Join a club or take a class. Comingle with others and make new friends. Improve your social life. Find ways to fill yourself with inspiration. Add some pleasure to your life, especially if you have been lacking this type of nurturing energy.

    Find new ways to express yourself or further develop your creativity. There are many things you can do. Here are some possibilities to stimulate your imagination: Audiotape your voice by reading a story or singing a song. Write a poem, story, or even a series of stories. Dabble in art; perhaps make a collage. Listen to some new kinds of music. Take a voice class. Join a group where you can practice public speaking. Basically, find fun and enjoyable ways to express yourself that bring new levels of confidence.

    Share your enthusiasm. We all have something that interests us that we like to share with others. Teach someone something you are good at or enjoy doing. It is important to reach out into the world and share yourself in a 3 Personal Year.

    Acknowledge the beauty of nature. Spend some time examining the abundance that lies in nature. Look for ways that abundance is also expressed in your life. Since a Three Personal Year wants to expand your sense of possibility, nature is a natural teacher. Contribute something you create to a friend, loved one, or worthy cause. Volunteer work is ideal, because it not only adds happiness to your life, it also contributes to the lives of others.

    Notice how the momentum of the last two years is beginning to bud into a new foundation in your life. This year's expressive expansion will help you build a solid foundation in your coming Four Personal Year.

    Your potential for a relationship with the Virgo seems best suited to a sympathetic friendship rather than a love match. Together you would bring out each other's tendency towards self-pity. It would be supportive but would also see you banding together against the world which would be dangerously isolating. Both of you have a private introverted side that the relationship would heighten. You have both suffered frustration and unhappiness at the hands of the world and find some compensatory commiseration with each other but having a shoulder to cry on is not the best basis for a more intimate relationship.

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