Younger cap female and older libra please

  • I am a Cap 38yrs old, I was born 1/1 11:50pm I have been seeing a libra male 56yrs old..we met over the first he tried hard to get my attention..pretending to be into whatever I was into..he was so smooth that I didn't even realized he had sucked me in until I was already head over heels..he told me he was looking for a "lovely" one and I was it..I agreed to met with him and I feel in love at first sight...he wasn't what I typically went for..I had only been with guys my own age...but, he said all the right things to me...won my heart fast..which for me is very rare..since I love to be in love but, I have always been very cautious..never let my feelings show..because, I have a love inside of me..I feel I have to protect..because once I do's hard to turn it off and I'm always afraid of being I hide behind it with what alot of people believe is coldness...He has me so confused..once he saw me talking to a guy friend of mine and he took it wrong and he thought to even the score so he started flirting with a female friend of his..but, he made sure I got his felt like a tic for tat...I'm ashamed to admit it really did hurt me, because he took me all wrong..his game is so good, I'm afraid he's got me spellbound..I want him spellbound and not the other way around...women seem to adore him and I think he knows it ..he still gives me affection but, at times I feel like I'm competeing against other women for his my question do I turn this back around..? How do I get him chasing me again..? How do I get this back in my hands..?

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