Cancer woman and Aries man can it work?

  • I'm a Cancer female and am in a relationship with an Aries man who is in the army. I want advise on if this relationship can actually work or am I just wasting my time? He can be moody and undecisive at times. I'm not saying I'm perfect. I just need to know if there is hope or should I just walk away before it could get ugly.

  • Ever hear about play with fire? Well this about covers it:

    There can be a level of attraction here: positive, energetic Aries man can be a stimulating experience for cautious, protective Cancer woman. And to him, she may seem in need of cheering up. But these two signs are not only elementally opposed fire and water, but they are also both cardinal signs - leaders. And this can lead to serious friction. Who is going to call the shots? And cardinal signs are also pain hiders; Aries by running on to something new, Cancer by retreating into a tough shell. Arguments are likely therefore (about money, perhaps?), and your responses to them (and the pain they cause) are so opposite that successful resolutions could be tricky to find. Want an astrological cliché? Aries man slamming the door while Cancer woman sulks at home. A traditional marital ritual in other words.

  • Oyyy don't be such a Debbie downer. It depends on the other planets in your charts for sure. You guys could be soul mates for all we know!! Just try and learn from relationships and make sure you communicate well, as a cancer woman myself I can see how hard that is sometimes. You shouldn't let astrology make or break your relationship, just use as a guide, depending on the circumstances. Good luck!!

  • well you didnt provide much information,

    But cancers and aries are somewhat opposites almost,

    most aries men are bossy,wild,and most times dont plan things lol usually not looking to settle down as well. most aries are very known and are at all the hot spots.

    Cancers are the opposite clingy, nuturing, stable.

    in the beginning aries may have gave you a run for your money,

    they have a special ability almost, to make any and everyone just about laugh

    of course their likable indiviuals but now you may have to decide,

    could this be a possible companion ?

  • lol it could work! I was thinking yesterday, I hate capricorns but always attract them and we work somewhat to an extent... and we're supposed to be terrible for each other. As someone mentioned, you may have the right planets in your chart... for me, as an Aries, I have a lot of Taurus and Virgo in my chart which I think (as I am still learning) helps the relationship with some Capricorns.... and believe it or not, repels some Leos.

    Get a full chart reading, and him as well... you may have some fire signs inyour chart 🙂

    Aslo- an interesting truth I realize---> Aries are pain hiders and we escape by running to something new~

  • What information would be helpful to provide to get advice in this situation? It seems we can't stay away from each other for very long. It seems like we are drawn to one another even when we butt heads and argue.

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