Requesting a reading from Blmoon~

  • Sorry Bloom, just dropping by to see if you're doing any for people on page 3. I'm not sure where I am on your list. Thanking in you lots in anticipation and I know it's very hard work. You take care 😄

  • Dear Blmoon

    I would really appreciate a reading from you,when and if you have time.Iam stuck in my studies,so if you can guide me about how to make progress,Ill be grateful.Also suffering from emotional hurt at the moment.And thirdly,should I pursue my interest in tarot and healing?

    Thanks very much!

  • chariot

    like I said--the scorpio when interested is loyal to the max and does not sever ties easily and although he is drawn to you he is not ready to let go of his partner yet. You can not rush this or advise him. In a way you have a comman issue--you and your half committed fish and the sscorpio and his half committed girlfriend. You mirror each other. A lot of the advice you feel he needs to hear is also good for you as well! Are you happy as just his friend? You can not lie to a scorpio--he will see through you. Again, my best advice is you are on the fence and wishy washy about your needs. You long for more yet there is a shadow side that makes choices that avoid true intimacy. Both men have this issue. You attract what you put out there. The only way to stop this cycle is CHANGE. Stop settling for less. Either tell both men you need more and will see them when they are ready to meet your needs or lower your expectations but you must except responsability for your current loneliness. If you want more from your scorpio you must set firm boundries and be honest. Tell him you want more than friendship but cannot start a relationship until he is done with his current situation. Then you must wait because he could go back and forth for awhile so don't make it easy for him to suck you into this non committed trio. Sometimes when we ignore issues and confrontations such as your past with the fish life turns it up a notch and spirit says this is what your scorpio brings to the table. I know it seems like all this is outside you and about them but really it is about YOU. You need to explore why you sabatage intimacy in your life--you need firm boundries and to be more clear about your needs. Know what you want and don't settle for less--it is better to be alone and wait.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    If you have some time and energy - could please do a reading for me? I'm interested in what messages I need to know now - in other words, what your guides want me to know.

    If this is too general question - I can specify, just please let me know.

    Thank you for your energy and generosity to people in this forum!

  • blmoon,

    I posted on page 5 was wondering if you have time to do one for me. Again thank you and blessings to you

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  • Greetings BLMOON..I am again asking for your assistance. If you could respond I would really appreciate it. I posted another request today to ask for assistance in whether I will hear from my dead family members and if so, when? Also whether my financial situation is going to improve. And if so, when? You answered me in January when I needed advice and it was so right on. I am asking again if you would be so kind to respond to the post I wrote earlier today titled....Will they contact me?

  • Blmoon - I've decided to move on from the Cancer man. It was a lost cause and I was terribly hurt by him or at least what transpired between us, not wanting to accept the things that were inevitable. 🙂 I have recently been introduced to a Scorpio man and I am a Scorpio woman. My DOB is 11-17-57. Not sure what his is yet but born in 1973. He is pursuing me and I find it very interesting and exciting. Can you help with any insight to 2 Scorpios? Thank you so much

  • Dear Blmoon, I posted on I think page 3 and it seems that you have gone beyond that. I then posted a new topic for a reading because some people do not like it when you post on their threads. I know it must get hard to keep track and/or there may be a reason that you skipped the reading so just wanted to check. Thank you for your kindness and sharing your gift with all of us. Love and light.

  • BlMoon- could give you give me a reading on the man I am now seeing? I received his birthdate and it is 11/11/72 ewhile mine is 11/17/57. I would appreciate your time in giving me some insight to this relationship. Thank you so much. 🙂

  • Blmoon: when you have recharged, I would love a reading from you. if needed, dob 7.7.69, 12.01.62

    i think i can relate to your comment about having dreams that aren't yours..maybe if you see anything in that respect as well...your energy is most appreciated Blmoon. Thank you for sharing your gift. Many blessings!

  • blmoon i was wondering if you could do a reading for me i am in a rut with the father of my kids and his family.... i really want to be with him but i am unsure how to fix everything not that i havent tried!!! i was wondering if you could do a reading on me and see what you are able to tell me... it would be very deeply appreciated... i am very lost and frustrated and i feel like i have no where else to turn for about the last 3 years i have been struggling to keep everything that i love in place but for some reason i feel as things are falling into shambles if you could hel me i would apprecate it thanks my dob is 4/19/90 and my name is yara and his birthday is 7/26/88 if that helps thanks again

  • Dear Bimoon

    I contacted you early last year when I really had hit rock bottom.

    I wanted to let you know that you were right, I did find a job and also met the younger guy you were telling me about and he really does make me smile and laugh. So thank you for giving me hope.

    I don't know if you are still doing readings but I did want to ask you if I have a furture with this man? my only concern about him is that he has a young child from a previous marriage. He has indicated that he would like a long term relationship with me but I am confused as to what I should do?

    His date of birth - 16 April 1982 and mine is 18 Feb 1977.

    He is really smitten with me and I really like him a lot and can see myself falling in love with him. We have great chemistry and are very compatible, but I have never had a serious relationship before and I am somewhat vulnerable at the moment. I am going to be 34 soon (18 Feb 1977). I don't know if I can deal with him having a young child. I always expected that I would be with someone where I would be a priority in his life, but I understand that in this situation his child will always come first.

    I have never had a relationship where I ever came first and have always felt like I have had to take a back seat to others. But i'm afraid to let go of him because he really cares about me and right now I need someone like that. I'm scared i may not meet anyone like him again.

    Please can you shed some light on this situation and advise me?

    Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon.


  • Bimoon, Good Morning, So nice to see you on. Just letting you know that all my dreams are comming true! Have a wonderful day and let that light shine!!

  • Dear Blmoon

    I would really appreciate it if you had any guidance to give me please since i am at such an important turning point in my life.

    I know you are awfully busy but i would be most grateful.

    Many thanks

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