Requesting a reading from Blmoon~

  • Hi Blmoon...

    Hope you are well...I had sent a request for a reading on a separate thread, am not sure if you have the time to help on the issues I'd mentioned re my son, my career and my love interest born 15/09/70.

    Please let me know when is a good time for you.


  • Blmoon could you please help me. My question is on page 2.

    I really need to know about this Gypsy in my childhood please.

  • moonalisa

    We share the same birthdate--but many years apart! Spirit shows me a girl alone on a wooden chair in the middle of an empty room. A loner yet hungry for others--a conundrum this girl. A hermit. Homebody YET so hungry for others. Falls in love from a distance--pines--long suffering in silence. Inside her head too often. Craves touch--was underfed emotionalyy early on---has cravings--deep deep cravings. Lately feels extra on her own--spirit has been pushing to be self reliant--big sign "SELFRELIANCE". This girl lives through love interests--can loose herself easily when in love gives too much--has a healthy temper but sits on it --afraid to rock boat when in love--attracts bigger than life men---aggresive out there with their energy. Where she is inward he is out there. She must be aware always of loosing herself to a man. Her power is strong but sleeping too long Spirit says time for awakening and strendthening your identity and purpose. The men in your life right now should be the good friend the mentor or good father influance more than love interest. Someone older and more of a teacher you should seek. And I see a playful younger man--childlike happiness--gentle and very funny. A bit G ay but good for you. Pulls you out of your shell and it's easy to be real with him because you don't have that craving for him. What I see most for you currently is not getting a lot of psychic answers. You will be figuring things out more for yourself.

  • pilot

    sorry you've been pondering the gypsy all this time! When the image comes up it usually means any of the following: most likely female more than male, someone who could tell a whopper with a straight face---a wanderer--no real attachment to home--free spirit--crafty when it comes to money--a wheeler dealer--someone who doesn't coddle others--easily detached and keeps a bag packed. Someone who is happy to get others to do the dirty work. I don't remember in what context it was in your reading I'd have to reread it but in general it describes an easily detached person who prefers to be away from home as much as possible.

  • You are so kind to have given me the reading. Thank you so much. Yes, I sometimes feel lonely,maybe too often, despite being surrounded by people who love me. I've always been longing for something. Thank you Blmoon once again. All the best for you!

  • Blmoon, if you could PLEASE look further into this I would really appreciate it.

    Did this Gypsy know one of my parents?

    Why did this gypsy do this to me?

    I am at a quandry...I have to know: Why, How, When, Where...etc.

    Also, how may I go by lifting this "curse"??

  • Blmoon

    I Recently Gotten Sick And Situations Forced Me To Stay In A Bad Situation That Ive Been Trying To Break Out Of But Cant Build Enough Will Power To Rite Now

    Can I Request A Reading Thanx For Ur Time

  • hello blmoon, if you are not to bogged down i would ask if you could see what is happening with my relationship(at the moment it feels like a limbo state of being)if you see something about this i would lov to hear about it! thanks for taking your time for me, xxx

  • Blmoon,

    Would like a reading if you would about my life,love,finances, etc. Was in a relationship for over a year and then we split.He said he needed to think things through. I still love him dearly and was wondering if he will ever come back to me or will we just go our seperate ways. I feel as though I am incomplete now that he is no longer with me. It has been 3 months since we have been apart. Just wish I was happy again like I was when I was with him. Feel so lonely now.What does the future look like for me ? Will things get better? My date of birth is 10-22-69 and if you need his it is 11-02-71..Don't know what to do..Just very sad and lonely.

  • Blmoon,

    I am really tempted to ask you for a reading. I know how much efforts it take for you so I wouldn't mind if you can't.

    I am on a lingering situation with someone for more than a year. I am married (unhappy relationship since the start), which brought me where I am. i believe the situation I am in is very complicated to ask for a resolution at the moment.

    While I try to pull back, I see him pushing me for some responds. Nothing is happening because none of us dare to trouble waters, but its getting more intense as time goes by. I wish I could just drop it all together but I can't. I am loosing so much energy and time, and I am scared of my obsession on him. I even am feeling chest trouble when thinking of him or seeing him.

    I wonder to get some insight from you on this.

    I greatly appreciate your help,


  • Dear Bluemoon,

    Thank you so much for replying. If you could try to reconnect on the issue again as you offered, I would ever be so grateful. I will do my end of the bargain and follow your suggestions that you have posted. I don't see any resemblence to the birth certificate father or his family. I see resemblence to the other man, and people say that he looks like the other man and could definitely pass for his child. And my son automatically went to him and seem to bond with him immediately, that it shocked me bc he normally is not like that with anyone. But, As for my heart, I haven't wanted to believe what it tells bc I have misguided myself under delusions in the past. Thank you again for assisting me, and sorry that you picked on the chaos of my emotions. Hopefully when you reconnect it will go better. The things you have described about me could not be more correct. I will wait patiently( i know I need practice with it, it seems to be inherited) and keep checking back here as you said. I truly am grateful.

  • Hi blmoon. I hate to nag you my friend, I was on page 4 of this forum. I am feeling the pressure of this Scorpio man, and still am not quite sure of his true intentions. Therefore it is very difficult for me to move forward and to make a decision. Your help would be truly appreciated! If you need the time just let me know, and I will wait. Thank you for your time!

  • Also, you are giving so much of yourself to others, is there anything that I can give to you?

  • thechariot7

    there is a big divide between a fish and scorpio. Neither of these men will be easy but will bring out different lessons. The fish will seem more peaceful and gentle on the outside but the fish will also bring out your impatient side--the slippery fish is hard to hold onto and will seem very attentive for the moment but can be very detached once out of sight. The scorpio is much more your equal but not for the meek--a loyal sign but a handful if you are not up for being strong--you could end up running back and forth between the two because they each balance the other. The scorpio can be harsh and brutely honest and expect you to buck up--feeling the sting you could run to the fish for soft comfort. Eventualy the fish will frustrate you with his wishy washy ways and you will again feel the pull of the scorpio who at least can take a talking to without running off. So, what is it you want? Fireworks or frustration. The fish is a harder catch and prefers space and freedom and hates messy confrontation. He will be caring and sweet when available but lives in the moment. The scorpio if he is truelly interested will be his own man but will stay close. Passion will be the lesson with him--how to temper your temper but together you two can make a powerful partnership. You enjoy being weak with the fish but you can not play that with the scorpio--he will be there for the big stuff but expect you to be a big girl and not bother him with too much drama. If the scorpio is truelly into you he will not share so once you committ you must let the fish go--if you give the scorpio man reason to distrust you it will be hard to repair. Neither of these relationships will be easy---they are teaching you about your needs. Sometimes the scorpio may seem like too much work but in the end he pushes you to grow. There will be more arguments and change with him. The fish is kind of hohum safe. Spirit says you must know yourself honestly to decide. Sometimes what you want and what you need are two different things. I'm wondering if you are just settling right now out of loneliness because usually if the connection's there with a scorpio there is no wondering or thinking about it. I would spend a little more time with the scorpio and let the fish go for awhile and you'll know if it's real.

  • Pilot

    you misunderstand the gypsie is not a person who cursed you--the gypsie represents a parent figure--one of your parents was detached in a quiet way--no real open abuse but you were emotionaly starved for more and at times felt invisible as a child--you were very loyal to your parents and do not see any harm but if you could look closer at them you would be able to understand your self better and why you tend to feel like somethings still missing even when you should be happy. I sense we are talking about your mother--you are still protective of her and suffer great guilt to question her love. She loves you but if you look deep you two have different ideas about what love is and you have a hard time asking for what you need from a partner. Sometimes we do not dig this deep until we are mothers of grown children so if you can't grasp this do not dwell on it but keep an open mind for healing. You worry too much!

  • Thanks Blmoon, I am so glad that you cleared that up from me. Yes, my mom and I do have different ideas as to what love is. I am going to sit back and reflect a bit.

    Thank You so much for taking the time to answer my post.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Was just checking back with you to see if you had posted anything for me since my last post. Thank you taking the time to do this

  • Dear Bimoon,

    Could I also have a relationship reading. I am impressed with the readings you have done for others. My date of Birth is December 5, 1969. What is the future of my relationship with Aniket (DOB : September 5, 1978) ? I had originally posted on Page 2 of this thread, I have not received any reply, so I am posting my request again. Thanking you in advance for your time and effort. I would really appreciate your insight into my situation. Monisha

  • Blmoon - Still looking for some insight between myself Nov 17 1957 and the man I would love to be involved with again (and was previously) - July 13 1965. Also, if possible can you tell me anything about a job I have recently interviewed for. It was a long process and I am waiting to see what they will do. If I get an offer, do you see me accepting it? Thank you so much

  • Thank you blmoon. I appreciate the guidance..the silence was broken between me and the scorpio man..i had a feeling for the longest time that something wasn't right. He confessed to me that the other women he is living with, (which has a boyfriend who ALSO lives with them,) is in love with him, and vise versa, but she cant decide who she wants. I gave him my point of view on it all, kind of let him have it..I feel a bit disappointed. I still don't know if its worth it..he seems to contradict himself with things. Anywho, thank you for your help, you let me know ahead of time, AND validated what i've been dealing with here.

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