Requesting a reading from Blmoon~

  • Again and Again and Again, Thank you!!

    none of these are good, I will get more

    Maier & Maier PLLC

    1000 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314 22314 Linda Freimark

    Fairfax, VA 22030 22030

    Kenneth P. Mergenthal

    404 Princess Anne St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 22401

    The Law Office of David E Jones

    O'Neill Robert J. Law Offices

    128 E Main St, Front Royal, VA 22630 22630

    Dunlap, Grubb & WeaverLitigation, Trademark, Patent, Bankruptcy & Wills

    Maier & Maier PLLC

    1000 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314 22314

    Howard Morrison, Ross & Whelan

    31 Garrett St, Warrenton, VA 20186 20186

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  • Hi Bluemoon. As I was reading this thread I could not help feeling like the post from Mish77 sounded just like my son Jeremy. dob 2/16/77. He is also very unhappy. Does not like his job but at least he has one and just cannot seem to move past his failed marriage. Do you see happier times ahead for him? Will he find a new love sometime soon. It really hurts to see him in such pain everyday. I hope you can give me some insight on him.

    Thanks Cathylee

  • Blmoon, if you are still doing readings I would love one. My life has been upside down for a few years now and I have had to start over. Marriage after 30 years ended and left me heartbroken and devastated in many ways. The divorce drained me until I had to decide to just walk away for my own sake and am now dealing with trying to survive and start my life over. I would appreciate anything you could tell me about my health, finances, career, job, relocation and relationships, any insight would be greatly appreceiated. My birthdate is 2/26/61. I do have a romantic interest and his birthdate is 6/10/64. Anything you can give me about him or if there will be someone else.

  • Dear Bluemoon,

    If you wouldn't mind giving me a reading, my birthday is 7/24/60. I was wondering what you could tell me about my relationship w/my husband, 3/4/55. Is he being honest about everything, including money that he has? Thank you for your time.

  • Hello Blmoon,

    I would appreciate a reading please, What do you see for me please? Thanking you in anticipation. 😄

  • Blmoon... your insight is astounding! You did My wife (Starshine13) as well and nailed them both right on the money! Especially hers.. I had to look out the window to see if you were watching you knew so much!!! She has had several job plans, all good, but only ONE is her "life".... it won't make us rich... but our needs are much less than most folks... her personality this way you also hit 100%! And the "stacked deck"?? yep, that's me.. I don't like " Big Risks" and only bet on sure things.... Thanks, you've given us both good news....

    If I could pick your mind for one more thing... the business venture i'm going into.. it too is new. The friend doing it had a bad split from a " business partner" who screwed him, but he's back up and running again. The old "partner" is trying to compete...... do you see Jeff's business coming out on top and becoming what we envision it can/will be???

  • Thanks Blmoon 🙂

  • Blmoon.....Wow. I'm almost speechless..... All I can say is, that was fantastic! THANK YOU!!!!

  • For all you folks who got a winner yesterday thanks for the thanks--it was a good day--I had lots of energy and all airways open! Thank you for all the thank you's and send a thank you prayer as well to the spirit who spoke up for you from the the other side. Sorry I can't answer individual posts today as I am totaly fog headed wiped out and must recharge. And Hankster I was right about you! You cracked me up--you are a gifted communicater--you'd make an excellent "up front man" for any buisness you chose. Communication skills are priceless. The down side--You attract envy in the workplace---always some insecure little weasel has to to be throwing darts at your back! I'll consider all questions when I'm recharged.

  • Hi there - I have been reading for several years now and have never joined the Forum, but have read many threads. I need some help now and thought I would start here. I have recently broken up (not my wish) and because I have never really understood why we broke up, I have asked for 'closure' from him. This will happen tomorrow (2/5/10). What I really want is to explain why we are a good match and if there is any way he would reconsider, rather than get closure. It is very complicated to explain the why's and wherefore's of why he brok up with me, but it is not directly attibutable to one event. He is a Cancer 6/13/65 and I am a Scorpio 11/17/57. If Blmoon or someone else, is available to answer me, I would be very grateful to at least get some insight on what I should say to him, if anything, in this regard. Thank you so much.

  • Hello there Blmoon! I was hoping to receive a reading from you kind soul! I am curious about a current love interest. There was a psychic that told me if i broke up with my current flame, that a fire sign, followed by an earth sign, would be in my love life. I was broken up for a bit, but decided to stay. No fire or earth were interested..oddly enough, i seemed to attract air and water. I know there could be alot of reasons as to why things did not pan out the way they were "supposed" there is free will. Currently i am involved with a Pisces man,(which i have been involved with for 5yrs...indecisive yrs..) But there is a scorpion man who has "made moves." I fear to get involved for many reasons..if i knew he was "the one" or close to the one, atleast, lol, then i would go for it..What do you see? Is it a good move to move forward with this scorpion man, and leave my pisces man behind? Or would i be making a big mistake? Don't know if either one is in it for depth and intimacy..Thank you very much for listening and for you time and talents...MUCH appreciated! Just in case, my bday is may 13th, 1987.

  • Hello Blmoon, it was good to hear how you are. You were absolutely brilliant yesterday, you must be very drained. You helped a lot of people feel so much better. I hope that you are feeling stronger soon. You take care of yourself and rest. Not to worry, as I always say ,about us, we'll find our answers from somewhere. Life does have a way of working out somehow!

    Peace, love and happy days to you. 😄

  • greetings blmoon!

    could you give me a reading of my ex-boyfriend DOB is may 20 1967and my DOB is november 12 1968.Will he come back to me after what weve been through last year? we both cheated on each other but i stiil love him that much...and i want him back soon...please help me

  • My pleasure!! Glad to put a little humor into your life! LOL!! Wife says the same thing about me... hmm, back to the window!!

  • Hi Blmoon - Friday came and went and it was as goodl as could be expected under the circumstances with our visit. Could you tell me if there is any type of future with us? Is there anything I can do?

  • Dear BlueMoon,

    U have been most helpful to me in the past and thanks to your wisdom and something u said to me about the past, I have been moving forward. I am under a different screenname. I was not always the most sound in decision making in the past, and as a result, some of my actions will affect my son. I am not sure of the paternity of who his father is, if it is the man on the birth certificate, or the man who has been the love of my life for over a decade. I am far from proud of my actions and it was a very complicated sticky messy situation at the time . Do I need to have the test done? Or is the name of the birth certificate the correct father. The man on the birth certificate was spirtitually, mentally, and physically abusive and was with someone else when I made my unsound decision. I was broken, and not in a frame of mind to make wise choices and as a result my heart breaks for this child. And i dont want to put the other man who is not on the certificate through this for nothing bc it will hurt him, and i hurt him through my own immature ways during that period enough. He is a special kind of person, who is soul sick in a similar manner that I had been. I need to know how to explain one or the other to him. And there is other circumstances that I am not comfortable mentioning that will play out in all of this. My child is striking home with this issue, for I have my own biological father issue that I have been starting to face myself. My own biological father and I share a date. His death date, ended up being my own anniversary date in a special way, so I know he looks over me. He also suffered in his life. I hope you get this, for I know u can help give me peace of mind. I hate posting all this publicly like this for I am not that type of person. I am more humble these days. Thank you for all u do, and I hope to hear back from u.

  • if u need a dob, it is april fifteenth, two thousand and seven. thank u again.

  • Blmoon - can you see anythig for me? I would really appreciate the help and insight. thak you so much, I know you must very busy.

    Hi Blmoon - Friday came and went and it was as goodl as could be expected under the circumstances with our visit. Could you tell me if there is any type of future with us? Is there anything I can do?

  • mymomhat

    I've been away for awhile so sorry for not answering sooner. I was beginning to have dreams that didn't belong to me! So needed to have some space for awhile plus there is a computer virus floating around and it's aggressive and annoying. I'm trying to connect but not getting too clear a picture--my first impression is the child is fathered by the name on birth certificate. BUT this could be because it's been a fact for you. I pick up too much desperate intense emotion. Mostly guilt and fear--it's overwhelming. First you must forgive yourself immediatly and be kinder as you were very trapped and needy at the time and regardless your child was meant to be and is meant to be a healing force in your life and you are right to pick up that pattern of repeat history. When I ask spirit your question the answer comes back that you know already not out of fear but in your heart. I keep hearing let sleeping dogs lay for now. Spirit says your child resembles his family members. I'm getting this issue is not about the paternity as much as it is about you and your issues with guilt and regret and self loathing and any time happiness creeps in and you go in a positive direction you panic inside and dig up guilt ridden and fearful thoughts--you tend to get anxiouse feelings that something bad is around the corner and is your fault. You don't feel you deserve to be safe. If you would like me to connect again on this question I will try again if you could please first calm yourself into a place were you can believe that no matter what your child was no accident and the future is less complicated than you imagine--pray first for guidence and think of happy memories about the first days of your son's birth---think of as many happy moments as possible about him and if there were any magical moments you've had together were you had a spiritual intuition about his presence in his life and Then I can pick up more on the child as right now you are the biggest energy I pick up along with the abusive man as well. Spirit is telling me this is not the time for paternity tests. This is a time for you to heal and learn kindness and forgiveness for yourself as it is the foundation for all things that come into your life. I know it's hard to see right now but instead of a bad desicion please think of that time as the beginning of a healing spirit coming into your life. Sometimes the best opportunities come in big scary packages. This is part of the test to help set you free. I wil pray on this and check in later. Blessings.

  • hi Bloom,

    could you tell me what you see for me, please? My dob is 9 May 1973

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