Requesting a reading from Blmoon~

  • Hi, Blmoon I was interested in getting a reading from you. I would like to know if my situation is going to change with regard to lifestyle. I am pretty much stuck in a rut, and I feel like I need a change. I do suffer from anxiety and panic, but I have started a new program on how to manage it. Can you tell me what you see for me with this battle? I would really appreciate the insight you have. Thank you.

  • I see a turtle but not sure what that means. I see a little girl--sad little girl--fearful and no comfort--this little girl is lonely and grows up on her own. At first lots of tears and isolation but then as the little girl gets older she learns survival ways to quiet the pain. Things that busy the mind--make distractions--she redirects the pain. Some of these distractions help her survive as a child but has a price later on. There is a major interuption in who this child was born and now who she is--she is not her authentic self. Spirit keeps using the word child yet this person is not a child but is stuck there. She knows it--freshly and still needs validation--this is hard--standing alone as she has only one reference for standing alone and that is so unbelievably painful that she could almost die--heart racing--no air--suffacation. Sometimes as a child the pain around her so intense she would learn to not breathe--without a thought process attached--her body just did what it had to do to feel less. She feels too much even in the best of situations and people close to her have seriouse depressions and fears. Who is going to take care of her--the fear increases and the child learns to disapear--breathe very slow---closer to death and closer to where the Angels live. This child is an old soul--has chosen a very chasllenging life meant to bring to her the enlightenment that comes with a life didicated to "service". She has much compassion and sees to the soul of others. Spirit says this is your crossroads to the second half of your journey. You servived and now must let go of those very habits that kept you here. BECAUSE now you must be awake in your life and able to HEAR and trust your own hearing so you may be of service and be who you where born to be before childhood interupted. Going numb--being too busy or the oppisit being so exhausted you can't feel all these ways cut you off from spirit and you do not get your guidance or have insight to offers others. This is a process and will not happen over night. Don't get too caught up in day to day changes--some days you will be strong in your journy and some days that scared little girl will appear. Be ever so gentle with yourself and the little girl will trust someone will take care of her--YOU! And it will get better. I see that you are borderline on the brain chemistry scale--meaning it's fifty fifty you can do this without meds with life changes--you will have to be very disciplined about it. Diet--very important--you binge on carbs for the sedation effect--BUT then the crash can bring on a panic attack. Salt is hard on you--you have water issues--holding too much which really makes you feel irritable--you also at times go the other extreme--dehydration--makes you very lethargic--immune system gets low. You are so sensitive that red meat makes you feel heavy and slow. You have a high need for vitamins and minerals. You are attracted to these books already and will continue. I think you are on the right path but have an issue with the natural down time of all things--you hate the "lul". Like how moon tied people feel when there is no moon. You hate the down cycle of things. Just doing nothing and waiting for the new moon to appear makes you ressless to the point of forsing things. You can't. Spirit says you must love yourself perfect just for being alive--you don't have to do anything but be who you are this moment to be worthy of Gods perfect love. Right now learn to accept and apreciate your down times as necessary parts of life. You also are on a journey of being more selfsufficiant so validation will start coming more silently within rather than directly from others as you retrain your ear to hear. It will feel loney but the reward will be that you will have more magic in your life! Lastly Spirit says after the rut comes the whirlwind so rest up!

  • Dear Bimoon

    I would also like to request a reading.

    I am so unhappy at the moment and so lonely. I am nearly 33 years old and compared to my peers I am not where I want to be in my life. I am unmarried not having had a single relationship, and I am unemployed despite having worked extremely hard in my life, I have been trying so hard to get somewhere, to find someone to share my life with, but no matter what I do I seem to hit a brick wall and all my efforts seem to be in vain.

    Could you please give me some advice, guidance, anything really just to keep me going because I have hit rock bottom.


  • That was a good reading, wasn't it! I thank you Blmoon for reading all of that. I didn't expect to get such a long reading but I enjoyed it. It's pretty much how I'm feeling. I do get a lot of urges to want to eat better and exercise. I get my glider today, so I'm happy about that. I am also looking into blood electrification. I hear it helps kill viruses in the blood and keep it more healthier. Misha, I feel for you. I feel like I should be married already and doing something more. I wish you the best and that something comes along for you.

  • Misha77

    Sometimes rock bottom is the leaping off point to change. You did have a relationship in your life but it was called work! You have an identity crises. It's hard to find relationships and perfect jobs when you are not solid with who you are. As lonely as you are part of you does decide that it's easier to not connect with people as you feel awkward with others--you have a habit of thinking "what did they mean" you overanilize situations and not always in your favour. You feel detached from others and different--you honestly don't feel people like you. Somewhere in your childhood there was a lot of unspoken tension around you and you felt it but it was not validated so you internalized that something is wrong feeling as coming from you when it was not. You learned to turn off that part of you that reads where people are coming from because you thought it can't be trusted. Also someone from your childhood had a big personality that took over everything and you also feel compelled to be drawn to that energy only to feel yourself regress to being a silent follower and you lose yoursef with these people. This down time is meant for you to empower yourself as a whole person. You have to find yourself before anything else can come to you. This is a lonely place and it is ok to grieve for bit over what was lost--you have to name it before you can heal it. Allow yourself some constructive crying time--tears are not bad and they release chemicals that are good for you. You have to acknowledge that early loss of yourself--your inner child must heal or you will keep repeating situations in life that force you to feel that same pain. The big question is who are you.? What gives your inner child joy? Keeping a journal is a start in helping you express feelings without editing or sensoring--let it be as silly as it wants but start your mornings with three pages of anything that comes to mind--even if it's nothing important. Give yourself permission to disagree with others and feel safe with that. Avoid being the pleeser. Don't work so hard at finding friends--be yoursef and you will attract people like you--I don't think you've found your "others" yet. We all have others we think of as our kind--like a family outside of family. This is missing for you. You need to practice asking yourself more--is this what I really want? Don't surround yourself with things unless you absolutely love them. Use your down time to redecorate(if you are broke just move stuff around)--throw out things you have no feelings for--let go of anything that has a bad memory attached. Make two lists--what I hate and what I love list. Really give it thought. If you can remember go back to your childhood and write down what you loved most and revisit that. I keep seeing animals. Did you have a bond with nature? What were you really good at. What do you hate? What makes you feel cranky? The point is you are getting reaquainted with your authentic self. You need to have playtime--despite all the adult responsability that says otherwise it will help attract positive things your way. Avoid comparing yourself to others or giving yourself goals that do not fit who you are--you must feed your spirit to change your life. If you accept this time as a opening for change rather than a failure place you will get past this and you will attract the right people and a job will come along. When depression sets in--work on jigsaw puzzle! Colour or paint like a free spirited child--go ouside and make a peace garden. Go to the library and read more. If it's late and you're feeling lonely go to one of those late night book store chains--the energy is so bright there and you will meet people there and they let you read all you want for free. Find a Spiritualist church in your area and go there. If you can be your own best friend just a few months longer I see you jumping for joy as June turns into July. July will bring a younger male into your life--very funny--playful type that makes you laugh. He is a teaser but it's goodhearted and he forces others to lighten up. He has a connection to animals and you two hit it off on this subject. He will be good for you because he disperses that awkwardness that hangs you up. He is very up front and says what's on his mind and this helps you too. You really do have much to look forward too! Do the work with your healing now and the rest will come to you.

  • Thank you Bimoon so much. I actually had tears in my eyes because you really got to the heart of the problem with me. You are so right when you say that I don't know who i am and i have lost myself. I have been feeling disconnected to myself for years now and have forgotten what makes me smile, laugh or anything anymore. All i feel is emotional pain and its ruining my life. I just don't know how or where to start but I will take your advice and take one step at a time and try and rediscover what it is i like and want to do. Its hard though, after having spent the majority of life just being a puppet trying to please everyone I almost feel guilty for taking the time out for myself to laugh, smile or do anything. I have literally gagged, chained, blindfolded and censored myself since I was probably a child that I really don't know how to unchain myself from this misery I'm inflicting on myself. I have tried everything, from hypnosis to counselling, and I still seem to just end back at square one. I am really so vulnerable that I am afraid to let anyone get close to me, and have become pretty much a complete loner. All I guess i'm asking is where do i start? and how do i recover myself where I feel like the real me and not someone else's puppet to do as they please with me?

  • Your despair is just part of the grief process still happening. Your new journey of awakening is already started. The truth has set you free and you really do have some magical adventure to look forward to as people and events come into your life to help you define yourself. The sadness right now is not hopeless it's more grief--keep you r eyes on the prize. You came into this life with a purpose. Spirit promises it will be realised. Trust. The answers you seek come one day at a time. Don't overwhelm the process with ALL to do. Small changes everyday make the difference. One day at a time.

  • Blmoon, If you are not too busy I would like a reading in regard to career and romance; for the year 2010. LORD knows that the year 2009 has been quite a journey for me!

    ps. I do feel a lot better now. I do not worry about my exboyfriend as much.

    My D.O.B. 04-21-73 Thank You In Advance 🙂

  • DOB 02/03/58...... I've made a big move and taken a gamble on a career shift. Is it going to be as good a move as I anticipate it to be???

  • Hankster58

    something about you makes me smile--like you are a very entertaining jokester! A saying comes to mind--sometimes we find out what we really want by getting something we don't. I think you will get a lot out of this move but not exactly what you imagined. I do feel it was the right move. You were dying of stagnation so much so that you started thinking "anythings better than this!" I see a big clock behind you ticking--the ticking driving you a bit crazy. Time is important now--there is an urgency you have been trying to channel but at the same time you prefer a stacked deck. A part of you misses a youthful attitude you once embraced. You are very nostalgic lately and it's not like you to dwell on the past. You ask your yourself JEEZUZ am I one of those cliche's having some textbook midlife crisis! But really you are just right on with your journey and change is exactly the plan right now and not all you expected will be true but then there will be positive surprises you had not expected. Think of this move as just one leg of a longer journey and resist any failure talk in your head. I see this new job will bring a close friendship--you will meet someone who you really connect with--like you come from the same planet. You will also encounter a "sourpuss" who will just try your patience. You don't get people who can't lighten up. I see a financial gain dangled in front of you towards the end of the year--it will be uncertain and kinda drive you nuts thinking yes no yes but when the time comes remember to breathe a lot and PATIENCE--don't choke because by February next year money looks good.

  • Hello, I was hoping you would be interested in helping me with your thoughts.... The reading you did for my husband was quite impressive! My date of birth is 02/13/1964. I have a few different possible job avenues to explore, all self employment, and I'm just a bit confused on which way to go. Do you have any impressions?

  • Your confusion comes not entirely from you it is also an issue of "timing" There are realities out of your control right now. It's somewhat universal. Your problem sometimes is not of lacking but actually you are multitalented and really can do well at many things. In fact boredom and lack of challange is your greatest fear and so you can choke on committment because you do know yourself and sometimes the same ol same ol can stop the machine and no amount of money will get you motivated and happy in the kind of satisfaction you need in a job. Meaning on a bad day you you end up looking like a failure for lack of interest when really it is who you are. You thrive on growth and building. On the one hand it is stressful but on the other hand very satisfying to build from the ground up. Right now is a tough time for start up buisness--it's a tight economy and really this a better time for the idea stage--the creative time. It comes down to money right now. Can you afford to really give your passion full reighn or will you be held back by the current market? When I try to zoom in on a suggested direction Spirit says it's not visible because you are not decided in your motivations. What do you really want from this job? These are the question you must answer honestly. Each direction addresses different needs. Are you afraid to really follow the least practical? If it's purely financial then you will be disapointed as it jwould stifle you--your success comes from the genuine passion you have for the task at hand. There is a creative element to your success that needs full reighn without the money thing interupting that flow you get going for fresh ideas. Spirit says the word INOVATION--thats your potential. Follow your bliss.

  • Blmoon,

    could I have a reading too. I am really impressed by what you have done for the others. I too am at rock bottom and do not know which way to go. I lost my job of 21 years last march and nothing has come thorugh yet. I have been checking on line, empoyment office, state list, federal list and asking everybody I run into if they know of something. We lost our house after living in it for many years and I think our truck is next. My husband amd I have been together 11 years and he lost his business also so any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. My birthday is 05/08/60 and his 10/28/59. Hang in there everybody things have to turn around some day. Good luck to you all and God Bless.

  • Dear Bimoon,

    Could I also have a relationship reading. I am impressed with the readings you have done for others. My date of Birth is December 5, 1969. What is the future of my relationship with Aniket (DOB : September 5, 1978) ? Thanking you in advance for your time and effort.

  • Pilot007

    I've delayed my response awhile as you are a tough one. Sometimes you don't hear well--not your fault but a glitch in the communication department. Wires get crossed--words get misunderstood--even the mood your in measures what you hear. Spirit shows me a dog chasing his own tail next to an empty food bowl--well at least it takes his mind off of the empty bowl But it also makes him even hungrier! I also see a Gypsie in your childhood that went against the grain of your needs. How does any of this play into 2010? Your year will be determined by the same issues that have always tugged at you. You can get bogged down by old wounds. Consistancy is an issue. You are capable and smart but can really be your own worst enemy. On the positive side you are seeing the pattern. Sometimes when we really give the tree a shake--a lot of revealing things fall out and that's where your coming from--life has really been shaking your tree and you are seeing what you are made of. In the love department Spirit says you need a FRIEND not a lover. This a year to really connect with a friend that understands how you communicate --holds up a mirror in a loving constructive way. I see this person coming your way by July (if you are not too busy chasing your tail). Money will remain tight but it will feel like you are getting luckier--like things coming to you--free tickets--sudden discounts--like your thinking wow I'm lucky lately. You will feel like strangers are more helpful so in that sense 2010 is bringing an energy shift that really is in proportion to your ability to relax and let go and laugh more.

  • Thanks Blmoon for your response. You are so insightful, it amazes me how a human being like yourself can be so gifted.

    YES, I have to admit, I am my own worst enemy.

  • OH I forgot! You mentioned that there was a "Gypsie in my childhood that went against my Grain"

    I am reading between the lines here...and from what I get, that would explain why weird situations have happened in my life?

    Blmoon When you are not tired and well rested, COULD you PLEASE elaborate further?

    Such as WHO was this person?

    WHY did this person do this to me?

    WHO did this person know or how was this person connected to me?

    Lastly, WHAT can I do to resolve this?

    I think that your insight on this would really help me to further "shake my tree of life."

    Thanks In Advance,

  • Blmoon -- You are nothing short of amazing! I see you helping people here without holding back and helping so many. I thank you for the times that you have helped me. I just wanted really to say that you are amazing, and a big thank you! 🙂

  • Hi Blmoon,

    I am amazed by your readings. If you have some time, may I request to have one too. Please look into my current work situation. I wanted to explore other jobs and consider enrolling in short-term courses. Should I still stay with my current employer or are there other opportunities waiting for me outside or do you see me working outside the country? Please share insights you have in mind too regarding my small business which I have already ended. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I have a sick pet, do you see what is going on with her?

    1. Who would be a good patent attorney ? I submited a list on my post with The Captain.

    2. I am looking for my father: I need to know if the person I listed is him. Larry Ross.

    3. I want to move my disabled mom in with me, so I need a one level home should I go ahead and get an apartment now of will a home with comparable price come available soon I have to get out of here!

    Thank you very much!

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