Care to help interpret my first reading?

  • Notre- All cards are upright position because I'm just beginning and want to get comfortable with the cards before working with reversals

    Question/Situation -

    Person is stuck in a geographical location they're tired of, just recently lost job, only has a little money and is considering moving back to his previous geographical location. There are risks and sacrafices involved in the move-back, but more opportunities and the person professes the need for a "fresh start" Should he just go?


    1 Empress

    2 The World

    3 8 of Wands

    4 5 of Swords

    5 3 of Wands

    6 Page Of Pent

    7 10 of Swords

    8 Hanged Man

    9 The Fool

    10 Page Of Wands

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