How to fall out of love with a cancer man

  • IhaveCancer>>But more than anything, it's gaining the freedom and control over my life that is the most rewarding! And if I can do it, Im sure you can too!

    Sandran712>>You sound like a Jenny Craig testimony...LOL.

    I beg to differ..Not everyone is made the same.What may work for you may not work for someone else.I am under constant doctor's care.That's all that matters.

  • My point was that I was finally able to do something I wanted to but thought I could never do. If you dont want to drive, totally cool with me but I've realized when people tell themselves they cant do something they, well, tend not to do it. Self fulfilling prophecy.

    And I was very opposed to taking medication but my panic attacks were getting so bad I was going to lose my job, I had to do something. I was only on it 6 months and that was three years ago, been fine ever since.

    And while sunlight is a great natural anti-depressant, living in Minnesota as I do, sunshine can be hard to come by 6 months out of the year.

    Just trying to help a gal out.

  • IhaveCancer>>If you dont want to drive, totally cool with me but I've realized when people tell themselves they cant do something they, well, tend not to do it.

    Sandran712>>I did learn how to drive.I just had too many people telling me wrong techniques.And can't pass the test.It's not a matter that I don't want to drive..I do ok.I take medicine for seizures.I don't want/ need medicine for panic attacks.The less medicine and their side effects the better.I was already told my body is being robbed of vitamin D because of anticonvulsants

  • This post is deleted!

  • Bianca>>I am a stress eater and have to lose some weight, but the exercise always helps my anxiety

    Sandran712>>I do believe stress plays a part.My neurologist also told me that if you do not get much sleep.Stay up all night all the time.Will also make your nerves rattled and heightens anxiety.And caffeine will not help either.It was rough when my son was growing up.I would get sleep every 2 hours because of his seizures.

  • Hi just stopping by to say hello. I've never had any of the problems you guys are describing except i was afraid to drive for a few years after a major car accident. you all have ben through a lot.

    Not much has changed, I'm still carrying on long distance with my cancer guy. Will be seeing him end of the month and in May for sure, not sure about April. A few guys from highschool and one from jr high is stalking me. Speaking of stalkers,Sandran, has freaky rickybeen around?

  • Luazinha>>Sandran, has freaky rickybeen around?

    Sandran712>>Yes..His red car is now painted black.My mom says if I leave him alone he will go away.Hmmm! I never hardly listen to my mom.I never make eye contact with him.And it's going on 7 years now.It wouldn't be so freaky except that he just drives around and stares at me. and he follows me.He never talks to me.If he would talk to me.Maybe I wouldn't be so scared.All I can read is body language.He definitely has alot to hide.

  • bravo lawdawg, i read this thread to get some insight and maybe vent a little...but not to bash Cancer men....we all have to remember to take responsibility for our own actions and 'reactions'.. own your feelings and actions. Any relationship takes two people...if there isn't...then move on...why sit here pining over someone you can't make your own. People are not possessions, and if you truly love a man then be prepared to set him free. Love yourself first. Good luck to all of you.

  • How to fall out of love with a Cancer man? Don't ever talk to him. Period.

  • Lawdog.... maybe you can give me some insight about my Cancer guy... we have known each other for a year, we met online while I was in Texas...I moved to California where he is (san jose), I am in Sacramento...we have met and dated infrequently because he works full time and also has young boys 9 nd 11. He and his boys went to Hawaii and just in the last 5 days he started becoming distant and sarcastic... He is voicing his desire for me to be simple in my wys and manners as he is. In simple I mean he wants me to not wear makeup, which I wear very little tanning, I don't like to tan....he in short said he disdains the western culture bull s h i t... he had mentioned wanting things in his life simple so I was aware of his desires already and its not a big deal, I love him and he loves me too.... what I'm wondering is should I be worried that he is controlling and it will get worse or is he just grooming me to move to the next level...he said he wants to be sure REAL sure because his boys are young and he said he wants "perfection in consistency"... he has 2 failed marriages, 1 from drugs and infidelity which ruined a budding pro baseball career.... his 2nd failed because she was what he says "an ice queen".... his parents were married for 40 years before his dad passed and his mom never looked for another relationship after his guy says he wants this long happy relationship as its ideal to him.... so again, is my guy grooming me or is his controlling side emerging as he gets more serious about "us".... thanks for any input on this matter...its making me emotionally incapacitated..

  • thats a sad story.

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