How to fall out of love with a cancer man

  • Hi all - as some of you've seen me around here on a few topics...commenting on my cancerian male friend.

    Well to make a really long story it goes....

    I work with a cancer male...we've become really REALLY close over the past months. I've fallen for him quite hard...enough where I tend to act like a little school girl...forget how to walk (pathetic, I know). Well, lets just say the feelings aren't mutual...we have been intimate but on his terms...nothing real...we've never spoken about our kisses. However, we spend most of the day talking, laughing making jokes at one another...i feel very close to him. I can't say that i remember ever feeling this way.

    Let's just say I have to fall out of love with him...but, it's hard as we know...cancer males AKA Mr. Personality...they have such a hold on us...WHY????? What is it with Cancer men?????

    Anyways...anyone have any insight as in to how to walk away from love and worst a cancer man? I never thought i'd feel this way towards hiim AT ALL..this makes it all the more difficult..especially we work together so I can't cut him completely off. I just don't wanna have the emotions I have anymore...

    Thanks 🙂

  • hey you're an aqua and born in 1982? me too. and i am fighting to fall out of love with a cancer man... no ideas though... i try to keep myself away from him and not think of him at all.... working together though makes it impossible for you... out of topic but still to my first question, just curious... what day is your birthday? 🙂 wish you a lot of strenght anyways. you"ll need it.

  • hah !!..thats a good thread..i guess we all need to to fall out of love with a cancer man..

    Hey Katie gal..if you get a chance stop by my thread..i post something funny about him..which i noticed this morning..would like to know what you think of it..


  • my b-day is 01/29/82..

    thank you so much for your's really a crazy situation i've wound up in...

  • hi! and you're welcome. 🙂 happy birthday btw. 🙂 (a bit too late but still)

    and until no one comes here to this topic who could give you advice, i suggest you to go over to other cancer related topics... there are a lot of advice all around.. 🙂

  • Pretend you are mad at him but don't say why. When he walks in the room, you walk out. No kisses or hugs or good mornings. Either he'll come crawling or he'll make it easy to say so long...

  • Lawdawg:

    What ur sign?

  • saranee...thank you for the greeting...when is your b-day? - nicely put! if only it was that easy 🙂 (must be a cancerian)...ha ha ha

  • katie1982...when is ur b-day...and thanks for the happy b-day greeting..

  • my birthday is due in one week. LOL on the 9th of Feb. 🙂 and youre welcome for the wish, we aquas should keep together... morover aquas who go for cancers. ahahhahaha we're doomed. 🙂

  • LOL - well I hope you have a very happy b-day 🙂

    We're so doomed with our cancerian's...what is it with aqua woman and cancer men?

  • Hmm , good questions. I would have to agree with Lawdawg. He is right on. I'm a Cancer and I would have to say you Aquarian women confuse me to all hell but, great to be a pal with. More or less he's probably not sure what you want and is just keeping it casual and leaving options open, but he will never say it unless you have the cahones to bring it up and even then you might push him away. There's your answer. Be truthful about how you feel and he'll understand except your chancing what you really want because you like him alot. Flirt with other guys around him and ingnore him and he'll wonder why and he'll keep coming for you. If not chance the honesty thing and he'll say see ya! You have alot of options. Or you could stay casual and let it be as it is and not let your heart play such a big role for the time being. Us Cancers either rush into things very Quickly, or play it real calm and slow. There is no in-between. 🙂 Good Luck!

  • If you need more info , surely read alot of the Cancer posts as it was said already. I've written quite a few myself and there is alot of info there! Alot! 🙂

  • One more thing , keep in mind that Cancers rule intuition so most of the time we already know how you feel about us. It's a feeling without words even spoken , so try to put yourself there, kind of like humanizing. ( being in someone elses shoes) We know , we just might not express it right out front. It's better for others to be front with us so we know our antennaes were right! Get my drift??

  • Aquagirl:

    Today is my B'day.. lol


    One more thing , keep in mind that Cancers rule intuition so most of the time we already know how you feel about us..

    very true..thats why i fell for him..and now look at me..oh well

  • Yes I am a proud Cancerian. I was born the 7th month on the 7th day at 7:00pm and I am the 7th son of a 7th son and I weighted 7 lb and 7 oz. What I know is that a cancers hates the fact that he may have unintentionally hurt someone. He basically softhearted to a fault. What hardens cancers is the need to protect their wounded or mushy hearts. Think about the crab. Hard shell with a lot of mushy good tasting meat inside. Without the shell they would not last a minute at sea.

    Meet a mean, jealous, or hurtful cancer and he is reflecting what was done to him just like the moon reflects the brillant light of the sun. If during his life he bathed in the warmth of the sun with no major heartaches or mental blows, he will be a loving devoted family man that his family will hover around and love him until the day he dies. But if fate gave him cruelty, or heartache he will spread that pain around without regard woman or child.

    So it's simple. He kissed her so he likes her. But since she likes him, there is no challenge in pursuing her. She has to make it interesting. Cancers like to save dansels in distress or brokenhearted maidens. He want's a game, give him a game.


  •! are you the cancerian i'm speaking

    funny thing about unintentionally hurting someone...he made a comment to me the other day, after i thought about it i called him on it. it was something i misunderstood...but, he apologized in such a sincere manner.

    since we've already kissed...i thought the game was over...he knows i like him (right). or, should i pull back a little and see what happens then? I mean, i put my whole heart into this and got way too deep for someone who just wants a friendship and possible random hook-up.

    oh well...this is horrible

    thank you too waterman...i'm just afraid of rejection eventhough...and sense of awkwardness.

    HAPPY B-DAY - Saranee

  • I am a Gemini and i am involved/separated with a Cancer. I am trying to make sense of it all, and I'm at the end of my rope! We have some planetary similarities but apparently this isn't enough of a bond to hold us at some sort of neutral level. Astrology set aside, I love this man deeply and even though we are currently separated I can't even fathom the notion of meeting someone else to get him out of my head! Our last time together was good until one night he asked me to wait in the background while he chatted up another woman. I was not happy about this and told him so! I'm taking this as a sign that he likes or is involved with this woman. He has always maintained that he has been loyal and that she is only a good friend, but I have never seen or met this friend. I am going on my intuition on this and letting him go. He phones and leaves nasty messages on my voicemail, which makes me wonder why he does this?! I am at a point where I don't want to get involved with another man and this is killing me!!

  • You may want the game to be over aquaqrrl as a cancer emotions run deep. Many a water sign has drown in it's deep waters. While aqua mean water for you it means water bearer it's a different thing to swin in the deep waters of emotions. You are attracted to his sense of humor and his sincere easy-going nature but it is a trap for you. You will never understand what makes him tick. You will unsuccessfully try to change him for his own good. You will try to stop him for using his feeling emotional responses to life and to think his way through his problems. He will want you to give up your free sprited demeanor and conform to the social norms of the times. In the end as Briceb can attest, the cancer will run for the hills to find freedom again...

  • Aquagirl. Happy belated Birthday to you . (((( hugs ))))

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