Granddaughter sees things

  • Hey Blmoon, just a quick update. The other night our little friend had my granddaughter running to hide shouting "monster monster". I looked in the direction from where I felt his presence and said "You, Behave yourself or you'll have to leave. Don't you scare her, she is just a child. Do you hear me? Behave!" It felt good to be forceful. She hasn't been running from him the last couple days so maybe he backed off. I'll watch for another flare up but appreciate the advice to advise him myself. Thanks.

  • RCdreamer

    you are a sensitive and it runs through many females in your family and you do pick up on energy changes, you do not see spirits because you decided not to and it is what most children eventualy do--turn it off. I am psychic but learned to not see too much with the exception of flashing lights or split second orbs-- very quik but enough to know they are there but I learned as a child to turn off that switch because it is scary for a child and creepy as well even to an adult. I always have night lights on throughout the house as if I am in total darkness I do see full aparitions and find it uncomfortable. Your grandaughter may be more comfortable with colourful but low nightlights in every room. The hermit does not like you noticing him! He will retreat and wish he had never shown himself--he may get a little angery in a childish way and through a harmless tantrum--maybe nock something over or try to intimidate you but as long as you remain firm and repeat your threat he will sulk away as the bottom line is he hates confrontation and wants to be left alone.

  • Hey Blmoon, Again thanks for the comments and advice. I'm like you I don't like total darkness. We've always had slightly higher energy bills than most because we tend to fall asleep to a tv on sleep timer and typically have a night light on in most every room. It's funny you mentioned that, I think I spoke with you about the fire we suffered some time ago in all the chaos of going through that the one thing I truly prayed for other than thanks we all got out safely was please lord don't leave me in the dark. Crazy huh? I can understand exactly what you mean about kids turning it off. My daughter has done that as a child she often spoke of what she saw now she wants nothing to do with it. She will occasionally come to me about a dream that disturbs her or a "feeling" but she really doesn't like to talk about it.

    I sensed our buddy trying to impress upon me that he was in charge so to speak. I will do my best not to let it bother me. The other day a knick knack sort of flew off the shelf above my computer and it hit me. My daughter saw it and said that's not good. It was an angel statue my nephew gave me when he was younger. There were a couple of times tonight my little one got spooked and I just reassured her it's ok, I'm here to protect you. As long as I can do that we'll be ok.

    I always love hearing your take on things. Thanks again.

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