Granddaughter sees things

  • My granddaughter who is 2 keeps seeing things. I sense that there is something here that I myself do not see. I rarely see spirits or the like around me. But I feel them usually strongly and I do hear things and often smell them too. Anyway, the kid obviously has the gift. Lately she has commented repeatedly that she sees a monster, even going to the extreme of hiding from it. I said to her one day no, it's not a monster, maybe it's Pop Pop. Her response was a determined " No it's not Pop Pop". Can anyone tell me what or who is troubling her and why? Any suggestions on how to ease this childs fears when I can't see what it is she is afraid of? Do I need to do something to protect her from this visitor?

  • Dear RCdreamer,

    You are not alone when it comes to kids seeing things, hearing, smelling and the like. All three of my kids posess the same talents/gifts. And throughout the years they have come to terms with that idea and I have done my best to help them out with it and try to understand what it is they "see" and "hear" and the things that go bump in the nite. My advise is ask your grandaughter if what she is seeing is scary, mean , etc.. and if it is you can always cleanse your house using the smoke of sage and holy water and asking the spirit/ghost to leave the house and go back to the light and to croos over to the other side. You can also light a white candle in your living room and say a prayer as well if you do not want to got through the saging thing. Just ask for peace to decend upon the house and everyone in the house and for all who enter. Let me know if that works.

  • Thanks for responding to my inquiry. Mind you she is only 2 and although her verbal skills are cute they are not exactly eloquent. I've asked her "what do you see?" Her response is to back up, shake her head, repeat "monster, monster" and on occasion go and hide, she crouches down really low as if it cannot see her low to the ground.

    So since I have many gifts myself but not sight at the moment I would assume to her the object is high, tall or large. Obviously it doesn't resemble the pictures she has seen of my deceased father called Pop Pop. I try to reassure her that I will protect her and it's ok. But both she & the cat are disturbed by this visitor.

    I would ask if others reading this might have a feeling or otherwise about who or what is bothering her? I'd like to know what it is exactly that I'm dealing with here. All comments welcomed.

    I'll give the white candle a try. For my knowledge where do you get the sage?

  • You can use either ground sage that can be found in the herb/spice isle at your local market or bundled sage that can be bought online or at a local pagan/wiccan shop (if any). You would burn the ground sage on charcoal disks that can also be purchased at a local pagan/wiccan shop and the bundled sage can be burned as is, just make sure that there is a fireproof bowl/container that is used because it can get hot and there is a lot of ash. Either method is effective. And being that your granddaughter is only 2, I know that it can be difficult for her to verbalize what she seeing, but that is the best that you can do is try to reinforce that she will be ok and that you there for her becuase she is so small. But I have learned over the years that children often posess that gift of sight because they are so innocent and have not been corrupted by the ways of this world. It truly is a gift to see the world or the other world through the eyes of child.

  • Thanks for the tips. I'll keep watching whatever she is watching and hope I can help her in some way, if only to feel safe.

  • You are very welcome RC, and I do hope that it helps and that you can offer the protection and solace that your granddaughter is needing when she becomes frightened. As she grows up and learns more and starts asking questions you can always explain to her that this is a gift and it is something that she needs not to be afaid of. She may one day be the next Sylvia Browne, who knows. For now try out the candles and sage and see if that helps. Blessed Be.

  • RCdreamer

    next time she says it's a monster tell her to tell him to go away. Say it in a matter of fact way so she feels the power of it but don't dwell on it because these unwanted visiters thrive on fear. You can't change her ability to see--most children are closer to the Spirit world and grow out of it but she is is pyschic so will have to deal with this. The sage is good but she needs to learn how to have boundries and just tell it to go away. It's possible this spirit really enjoys his ivisible presence--kind of a don't bother me and I won't bother you (like it's his house too) but your grandaughter sees him and he doesn't like it so he is like a stubborn child staring her down thinking you quite spying on me! Suddenly he can't wander freely about as he has for years.

  • Hey thanks, will tell her about "go away". It will teach her to be more assertive as well. I appreciate the input. I was pretty sure she had the "gift" too even as an infant it's just coming to light now. I just don't want her to be afraid. If you have any other insights on our visitor please let me know.

  • Can anyone describe who or what is bothering her? Kind of might help me to know what I'm dealing with here.

  • The Spirit in question is male--a hermit who is attached to your home space because it is welcoming but also unintrusive. He is harmless but grumpy when bothered and is childish about ownership. He wasn't a mean person in life but just didn't connect well with others--he likes things simple and he likes things his way--again very imature but don't tell him that! Mostly spirit calls him the "hermit". He scowls at your grandaughter when she reveals his presence--his attitude is "you move" this is my space now and hates it when he has to leave the room--your grandaughter could be the very energy to help send him on his way or he will learn to stay out of her's!

  • Wow Blmoon, Thank you. I kind of felt like she was seeing a funky face rather than a beast but at two a mean face looks like a monster I guess. Poor kid. I'll be more watchful, don't want him to mess with her but not sure she is quite ready to tell him to cross or get out of her way.

    I know this might sound like a weird question, but is it possible he followed us here from a previous home? If not, do you get the sense any "thing" did?

  • Hi, I don't have a lot of experience with frightening spirits. The sage mentioned before reminds me of incense used in the church. Incense is symbolic of prayer that is offered to God. So, if you want to burn sage, incense or a candle, my advice would be to offer a prayer. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His Mercy endures forever--is one I would use. Taken from Psalm 118. Water is good for a Baptism of the Spirit. You can sprinkle it around the house and bless it in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Just some ideas. I think it's good that you acknowledge that she's actually seeing something. This may be something that follows her throughout life. The kid's I see on the network shows don't always enjoy being visited by spirits. I would be interested if you try this and works. Thanks.

  • Dalia, thanks for the added recommendations. I don't want to put the household in upheaval but will definitely consider the treatments as added protection for us all. Pretty much our whole family has been blessed with these "gifts" in some fashion or another. Over the years I was the sister who'd listen intently and the aunt who didn't think you were nuts, the mom who tried to make it easier and now the grandmother who just wants this little one to be safe in what has become sort of natural to us. I know in my youth something frightened me so much that I prayed for my "gifts" to be taken away, I lost my "sight" after that or maybe I just blocked it out as a defense mechanism. Anyway, I will do my best to make things easier to manage and understand for my granddaughter. Thanks to the insight of those here, I don't feel so blind to what is going on around me. I've been very aware of the presence myself but can't put an image to the feelings. Although I am hoping, sort of , to one day be able to do just that again. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I am curious though if anyone else picks up any thing or any one who may have followed us to this home? Call it a personal curiosity if you will.

  • Alison DuBois, the Arizona medium that the show Medium is based on , has a book out called Don't Kiss them Goodbye. In this book she specifically instructs on how to help chldren understand their special skills and gifts. It should be a good resource for you. Good LUck!

  • Sherylbear I never knew that show was based on a real person. Good to know I'll have to see if I can get that book at my local library. Certainly sounds worth a read. I appreciate your reply.

  • Dalia, My granddaughter definitely does not like being visited by this particular visitor. I know that others have been around as she has pointed them out in photos and knew them by name. Pretty cool to know my parents have been looking out for her. I always hoped to know my mother was with me but don't usually have that luxury myself. I recognize my fathers presence as it usually brings along his cigarette aroma. The little one has seen my father for sure, she knows who her Pop is without a doubt, even though his death preceded her by 9 years. I'll let you know how we make out with the cleansing.

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  • Thank you for the note, it is also available on Amazon!

  • since the hermit dislikes attention to himself and you want to help your grandaughter you may try adressing him yourself. Just acknowledge his presence and without fear you can say outloud who ever you are this is my house now and you may not upset my grandaughter! Be firm. You said you have already sensed his presence---if you only noticed that after moving to the house then he came with the house and does not want to leave. Next time you sense a prsence in a room say look either behave yourself and stop upsetting my grandaughter or you have to leave! Tell him it is not her fault she can see him and she is just a child. You need to adress him like a child. You must not be fearful but firm and protective. If he had meant any harm you would have had warnings before this from him. You can also pray at night to your Guirdian Angel to please talk to his Guardian Angel to help him move on. You are not powerless in this situation. It is your house right now and you do have the right to demand he leave.

  • Blmoon thanks. You are right. I was so focused on how she was reacting that I guess I failed to react myself. Guess I really need to do that. I have noticed there have been a few times in the last few days I sensed him around and I would look over my shoulder or in his direction even though I cannot see him and the feeling passed. So maybe he doesn't like my being aware of him. The other night I felt as if he were standing right in front of me as I was sitting on the couch, my legs got cold as ice while the room itself remained fairly comfortable. Perhaps we are testing each other.

    I get the impression he has an elongated face sort of turned down eyes and a bit of a scowl like expression. I kind of want to say he's balding. I'm no psychic, don't claim to be one. But I know that as a child I too could see and as a teen somethings scared the crap out of me and I pushed it away. Sometimes I wonder if the impressions I get are a mental visual of what I cannot see otherwise. Am I remotely close to what you sense?

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