The Captain - What are you thoughts on this ?

  • G'day Captain ,

    I was told not long ago ,that someone was telling me that to get rid of an item they had either left me or gave me . I assume it is from someone who had as passed . I kind of have a feeling who this maybe , but actually 2 people seem to come to my mind -one person more then the other .Both are were so very dear to me and still are . I miss them so very much . Anyway , Would you be able to pick up anything on this and if so who that person is and the item .

    Thanking you In Advance and for your time- I greatly appreciate it !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • It's not so much that you should get rid of the item as to loosen your memory hold on the person involved. I feel it is a photograph that is keeping you locked in the past and clingin to what might have been. Move into the present and deal with what you have now. let the past be the past.

  • Hello Captian ,

    Thank you for your insight on that .All I can is my( Heart just jumped and sunk) when I read your reply .

    Take Care and God Bless You ..


  • Hey Captain ,

    I hope your Angels deliver the messages your are looking for .


  • Thanks Dove, are you feeling better?

  • Not really ....simply because I have a very strong feeling that this photo has nothing to do with the 2 people that I was inquiring about . Unless it has to do with a photo that was inside the back of one of those articles, that I discovered one day while cleaning it . , and that photo is of a person I do not know . Maybe taken or a charcoal sketch in the late 18 or early 1900's .I may as well mention what that photo was in the back of , it was in back of a sketch of 3 dogs , which was done by a very popular lady artist and at one time belonged to my Grandmother .

    It could also be a point and case of me thinking that I have moved on with the passing of these two people and in fact I really haven't . Who knows ...

    Sometimes I get the feeling that the Forum really isn't a place I need to be , and that It is really none of my business to know any or all of the stuff I that inquire about . I have so much mind chatter , it's get debilitating and all I can do some days is just sit and think . I really need to get a life , whatever that may be- Which was what my intention was in the beginning . I guess the ole saying stands to be true sometimes huh ( be careful what you wish for you may just get it ) in more ways then one . I just want to be content and happy with my life and I don't know how to get there. :O(

    Anyway , I wish you a great day my Friend ...!

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • I think you need to put the past behind you and move on. Everyone needs to realise they are different people to the ones they were before. Today is a new day with all new opportunities. Bless everyone from your past and let them go. You will all meet again. Put your energy into your own life now. Yes, perhaps you have gotten all you need from this forum.

  • PS It's not material items that need to be gotten rid of, but our thoughts and sentimental memories that keep us clinging to the past. Those who have passed over are moving on in their own form of existence there and so must we on the earth plane.

  • Hello Captain ,

    I just want to thank you for all your time and services . I truly appreciate it . Your are so very Blessed to have such God given abilities .

    Have a good day and week to come .


    Take Care and God Bless You Always ^A^


  • You're very welcome.

  • Hello Captian ,

    How are you and how are things going today? Captain , If you don't mind me asking ...when did your first come to the realization that you had the gift of being Psychic ? Were you very young or was this something that come to you in recent years?

    Take Care and God Bless you ^A^


  • Hello Captain ,

    How are things going today ? Captain , lately I been having visions of things . I have experienced this before a few years ago and it has started up again . It doesn't bother me and they just seem to come on , when I am not thinking of anything in peticular. Sometimes my eyes are close when it happens and sometimes not . Some things are in color and some shades of gray .Do you experience visions as well and if so , how do you figure them out, or do you go on your thoughts and feels ?

    Also ,if I was to pursue and work on my abilities , would it be received well by my family members. Actually , there are a few family members that jokingly say to I am a witch lol other words Psychic . They usually say .oh there she goes again being weird and how could you know that ! So ,I am thinking , It wouldn't surprise some ,If I did want to reach my full potential in all of this .



  • ^A^

  • G'day Captain ,

    How are you and how are things going today ? That was a Great Valentines Party that you put on btw . It was a blast ..I actually had some real time laughs while reading all the post . It was too funny !:O) What a great idea that was :O)

    Well , I have had many reading from you over the last while on various subjects and all have been greatly appreciate .But what I haven't requested to this point is a over all reading.. So I thought I would take this opportunity to do so . If you don't mind . No rush on it ,just when you have a free moment to do so .:O). I have decided that this will be the last time I ask for a overall reading for a while . I do hope it will be a one in my favor .:O)

    My question is this , What do you see for me in regards to my life in General ?

    Again thank you for time , Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You

    Doves46 ....^A^

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