People coming through

  • I am just curious if anyone can tell me, when i have readings when im a present with the reader, or church i seem to get a young girl come through, but we are at a loss to who she may be. Is there a way to shed some light?

  • You think, you have to clarify all things at the same time pressurizing therefore yourself and others.

    You are guided by high ideals and still you are thinking that the problems surrounding you and within yourself are merely material.

    Of course the world of subjectivity cannot have an objective validity—it is so obvious. The very asking is wrong. The inner cannot come and manifest itself as the outer.

  • Thank you Hans, I wouldnt say i was overly concerned with material things but im taking this as maybe the girl is a manisfetation of myself and the inner child trying to get out. But was purley asking out of curiosity.

  • Yes, the girl is a manifestation of yourself.

    Be interested in being free. Your interest should not be to become a great orator about freedom -- because everybody is in chains of different kinds, and enslaved by religions, by politicians, by society.

  • well thank you, that has helped me understand a lot, and im am beginning to feel a lot of freedom at the moment not so much in time but in weight off my sholders. Love and light Sylvie x

  • Thank you Sylvie,

    say a sacred yes to life and all that is contained in life. And to live with this yes needs courage! To live with this yes means that you are ready to dissolve into the ocean. But the moment the dewdrop drops into the ocean it also becomes the ocean. Go beyond no; try to reach to the ultimate yes. That is prayer and that is true religion.

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