Laie4 only

  • Sorry you misunderstood my post. I quess I am down and out. but still smiling:)

    Be Blessed

  • Thank you! I take a long time to post because I don't type. By the time I posted everything was settled and I am upset with myself for doing this.

    You had been already chatting with Hans back & forth for a couple of days. Then you jumped onto someone elses post for more. When you were asked to go else where you started a new thread about Not understanding and being new. This upset me for the reasons I have explained.

    I have trouble with people not owning up and being responsible for what they have created. The person who shut you down and asked you to go else where continued to kindly explain to you why. She is a valued memeber here as I am sure you are aware. She never called you on it even as everyone turned on her.

    My lesson here is to slow down before jumping to someone elses defense. I am working on it.

    I still hope you find your answers.

    Thank you again for posting this for me to see. I appreciate being able to tell you I feel upset with what I did.

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