A deep connection with a stranger

  • I met our parish's new priest and during the welcoming dinner, I couldnt help but notice his energy was so intense and I also caught him take glimpses of me as well. I was among so many people but at some point, our eyes made contact. It was literally for a split second but it felt so deep and I never felt such eye contact or connection not even with any of my relationships. Its so hard to describe this eye contact but it was truly intense and it felt as if his pupil and my pupil were locked. It was so fast and yet deep. For some reason, I couldnt get it out of my mind. This is the first time I ever felt something so deep. Did anyone have such an experience? can anyone share an explanation?

  • an explanation: you both are afraid of intimacy. So your whole energy goes in relating at a distance. The nearer you both would come, the lower this energy would be.

    And this is part of your growth that you should go away and you should commit mistakes, because only then by and by will you become aware, alert. And with your own awareness, mistakes will start dropping. You will come home.

  • thanks for the reply HW

  • If you can only succeed in throwing off all external suggestions, then spiritual knowledge is not far away.

  • I had a similar experience back in early spring. As I was cooling off pasta at work, I felt a gaze upon me, so I turned to look and locked eyes with the woman I've been swooning over for, at the time, the last few months. It was only for a brief, yet magnetic, few seconds. I was surprised that she didn't look away once I looked up as she's a fairly shy person but there is a very deep connection and attraction between us that's undeniable.

  • I can relate Azaza.. It definetely felt magnetic!

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