Captain - Can you help?

  • Ok, I'm starting a new thread. LOL! Your insight is refreshing!!!

    I feel like I'm all over the place in regards to my feelings. I started a thread to try to get answers on my mother who has passed. I've got the issues with my marriage. And I've got the Cap that I'm interested in. It's true what they say about Scorpios.... we are intense, complicated, and deep!!! But, I have to work through all of this in order to come out on the other end a healthy, stable person.

    As far as feeling empathy towards other people. My feelings are so strong that I can't even walk into a room without feeling what others are feeling. You know what they say about first impressions.... that is so true for me. I can read people by just feeling their energy. I would say 99% of the time I usually end up correct about their inside personalities or their ulterior motives. It usually ends with an "I told you so", because my husband has the biggest heart and helps people in need every chance he gets. I try to deter him from people I feel bad vibes from, but he never listens until after they've proved their true intentions. LOL!

    In regards to my current situation, even though I don't feel any ripples from anyone other than my husband, I can anticipate the feelings of others. I have a hard time with hurting people close to me. Even though I may be doing something for myself, I still can anticipate the feelings of hurt if I leave my marriage. My husband would be devastated if I left. I don't know if this is him trying to control me or if he truly loves me and doesn't want to let go. A part of me wants to hurt him just as bad as he has hurt me (maybe that's the Scorpio revenge, LOL!), but I also have children who will be affected by my decision. So, I'm having a hard time trying to sort through everything I feel in order to get a clear picture.

    I know there is info on the web about dealing with empathy and how to work around it. I've never found anything useful for me. I don't know how to shut off that feeling so I can continue through life. I've become extremely shy around meeting new people and actually avoid social situations because I can feel other people's feelings towards me. My mysterious and secretive side has prevented me from being outgoing. But, now, I feel like I've suppressed my true fun side in efforts to hide from other people. Know what I mean???

    If you can give me any insight or advice, I would greatly appreciate it!! This goes along with my internal healing, so this is an obstacle that I need to overcome.


  • I am an empath mysefl and one thing I have had to sort out was my tendency to pick up another person's feelings of love or attraction to me and make the mistake of thinking they were MY feelings of love and attraction. So I have had to go through many relationships before I realised I wasn't actually in love myself but just returning what THEY were feeling. That feeling of "What on earth was I thinking?" is a typical empath's hindsight remark.

    Before you make any drastic decisions, make sure you are not doing this thing yourself. It's always a danger for empaths that they mix up all the feelings they are sensing.

  • Hi gotnotyme4play,

    Empath's have a hard road, I too pick up on others feelings and emotions, it's hard when you have to sort through everything and figure out what's yours and what's not. My husband affects me the worse, he seems to think it's just fine to use drugs socially, well it's not and I end up getting sick and feeling what ever he took. This he doesn't seem to care about because if he did he would stop doing it.

    Anyway, there is no right way or wrong way to block others feelings and emotions. Each Empath is different and will come up with their own way to block. Start trying new things sweetie and I know you will find something that will work for you.

    Your husband, boy sweetie, he's one that really knocked your self esteem down to nothing. You love him and that's why it's so hard for you to leave. I know that I don't like to hurt anyone either but there comes a point where you have to stand up for yourself and believe in yourself. He doesn't give you that chance, he is very controlling and don't think for a minute that the kids dont' pick up on that. Never stay in a marriage just for the kids because it end's up messing them up more than a divorce does. Think about it, when your upset and not at peace neither are your kids, same with him, kid's pick up on so much more than we give them credit for. It would be good for you if you could get away for just a weekend and sort out your feelings, make sure that you seperate your feelings from your husbands and your kids. You need to start meditating to clear some of the unwanted energy that you have collected from other.

    The best of luck to you, your in my thoughts and prayers.


  • You can use visualisation to help block you when you don't want to pick up people's feelings. Imagine yourself surrounded by protective white light - maybe a cocoon or a wall of light or whatever you like that feels best. It works to an extent in a small way, but I find I can't handle big crowds at all - it's just too overwhelming. Showers are good when you want to wash off any excess emotion that's clogging your aura. I can also block my psychic and empathic ability when I'm not 'working' but pulling down barriers in my mind and over my third eye.

  • Ok.... Thank you for replying. I've done some homework on being an empath. I really should have done this a long time ago because it explains a lot!! I truly explains why I hate being in social situations. I thought that was just me!!

    I apparently have a lot of work to do to figure out how to deal with being an empath and an intuitive. I tried in the past, but got frustrated with the info I found and decided to just not worry about it then. What a mistake!!! Captain... I know exactly what you are talking about with the empath hindsight.... "What the hell was I thinking?"..... I don't know how many times I've said that!!! Or.... "I told you so", that another one.

    I'll keep doing my research and help myself through this. Even with the small amount of work I've done today has helped. I managed to pull down a barrier to not feel other people's feelings.... not quite sure how I did it, but..... I'm still learning. LOL!!!

    Thank you again!

  • Good luck - being empathic can seem like a curse until you work out how to use it and to protect yourself.

  • Well, I'm not sure now if I actually learned to block anything out. I think I'm becoming numb as a way to protect myself from my husband and this is keeping me from feeling other people's feelings.

    The thing that will be the hardest part for me is to learn how to be in a social situation and not sense anything from other people. I always read other people's first impressions and that has been the hardest for me. I've become extremely shy and insecure and this has made me pull into my own little shell and avoid being in public. I actually thought that it was me.... I didn't know there was a word for it. I know what empathy means, I just thought I was overly sensitive.

    The fact that I know now that there is actually a word for the sensitivity I have will probably help me learn how to deal with it. You can't learn how to pull down your barrier in one day and be successful at it. Although you can hope. lol!

    The other thing I have to learn how to refine is my intuition. I actually quite listening to it awhile ago because I couldn't trust what I was feeling. I would feel the right answer, but if it wasn't the answer I wanted then I would create one based on my feelings. And that just ended in a disappointment for myself because I didn't accept the first answer. I always second guess myself, and this has resulted in me not trusting myself.

    I've always felt like I didn't know my place in this world. I've been searching my whole life. I'm a little irritated with myself for waiting this long to get serious about finding the answers. But, I think I'm finally on the right track and through healing and learning, I will find my place.

  • You can retreat into your shell and still be out in the world. Just do it in your mind. It's a hard thing to explain but I just shut down my mind so that I am not open to impressions. My family and friends often say to me "How did you not see such-and-such coming if you're so psychic?" They find it hard to understand that most of the time I have 'turned off' my psychic senses because i would go mad if I was picking up stuff all the time.

  • Captain - is there a place on the internet that you can learn how to "turn off" yourself? I've had a very weird change of events in my life and I need to learn how to do this. If it's not something I can find on the Internet, do you have any suggestions other than meditation? I've tried that and I can't shut my mind off long enough to pull the barrier down. Know what I mean? Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!

  • Psychic self-defense is all about being strong inside. If you want to improve your defenses, you first need to strengthen yourself in every way. Remove any negative thinking and focus on building your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It's about looking inside yourself for those negative patterns and ways of thinking that hold you back and make you more vulnerable to negativity from outside. It's identifying and eliminating your own personal barriers to self-respect and self-love. It's identifying and nurturing your positive patterns and ways of thinking.

    As these changes begin to become part of you, you will find yourself less anxious, more energetic, and more positive. You'll feel the relief that comes with freeing the intuitive side of your personality that has been repressed for so long. You'll have greater self-confidence, and you'll be capable of achieving more than you ever thought possible.

    Stress is a major reason people fail when they attempt to sharpen their psychic self-defense skills. Know that stress and anxiety produce failure and disappointment. You must find ways to reduce the stress in your life.

    Building psychic self-defense skills is a process, and it requires work and time. The challenges and frustrations along the way are lessons that help you make better progress as your skills continue to improve. Don't give up. Just keep on doing the best you can.

    It's an irony that worrying too much about psychic self-defense is actually what weakens you and allows for more negatiivity to enter. So just relax and grow stronger.

  • Lol Captain. I agree that it is an irony that my worrying about my psychic defense weakens me. I have found myself many times become very anxious about being in a social situation because I know that I will sense other people and it makes me withdraw. I thought that this was a defense, but I'm realizing that it is making me weak.

    I feel that I am a contradiction of sorts.

    I have the ability to sense the feelings of a person thousands of miles away if I concentrate on that one person. I used to second guess this, but I'm learned through validation that what I feel is real. But, I'm not experienced enough to fine tune these feelings.

    Also, my biggest challenge is going into public. Obviously, I have to do this every day, but I've learned to try to limit my public outings. This, in itself, has created a very low self-confidence. I'm struggling with reading people's physical vibes and sensing the person's genuine feelings. I've always been very accurate when it came to sensing the core feelings. What I mean by this is that I can tell if a person is geniune or has ulterior motives or feelings. I did that test to see what kind of intuitive I am... and the test keeps coming back 100% judge intuitive. I can't help but find this accurate. I have other 100% intuitive types, like precog, but the main one is always the judge.

    The problem I have is learning how to create that barrier in public. There are a lot of times that I can't prepare myself to go into public and not feel other people. My husband hates this about me because I've withdrawn to the point that I won't go out. He can't understand why I refuse to be around other people in the town that we live in. I just find it hard to be around these people when I already know what they are thinking.

  • Experience comes through doing. Instead of dreading being out in public, look forward to it as a way of learning how to put up psychic barriers. It's only by being out with people around you that you will find out what works for you or what doesn't. It's like learning how to swim - first step is emerging yourself in the water, then you learn how to save yourself. It's your own fear that is hurting you more than the effect of other people on your senses.

    All it is, is distracting yourself. Instead of focusing on all the emotions swirling around you from other people, focus on your own business and what you have to do wherever you are. Make a list of things to do if it helps you to concentrate. It's just about shifting your focus from others to yourself and your circle of friends and family. This is what people who do not use their psychic gifts are doing. They just don't open themselves to others but instead focus more on themselves. You just have to do it too.

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