I think that we could all use a funny joke to heal now

  • This isn't a joke, it happened in 1963. My Grandfather worked for the C.N.R. railroad and this is his story. I heard this story in 1974. In Capreol Ontario, the imigrant workers from all over landed work spiking rails. These workers were at least a mile long, they worked in the hot summer with sledge hammers pounding the steel spikes one after another with no relief. One curious woker noticed a box car opened a little and investigated, to his surprise the car was loaded with whiskey and pharmaceuticals. He started yelling chocolates and pop in his language because he could not read english or speak it. The workers all gathered and emptied the box car passing all of the boxes of so called chocolates and so called pop down the line. They all secretly indulged, until the next day! My Grandfather was going to work the next morning and drove past at least a mile of men all pounding the spikes and dropping their pants, so he drove up to them and asked why everyone was working sick? The man in charge said that they were all caught stealing the whiskey and ex-lax and that for their punishment they had to work.. Lola xoxo

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