I think that we could all use a funny joke to heal now

  • Hi! Yes we are all intelligent and are there for each other in every way, but, what about the laughter! I hope you don't mind Libraslair, but you are truly a gifted lady in the healing arts of healing, with laughter that has brought me back to the rest of you, as well as a very smart lady! This is my tribute to you! So let us all share our most intimate jokes and have a good time! Lola to you all! So, who would like to start, I'm waiting.

  • HEY.....2009 has been an Arduous Emotional Journey for me. I have decided that 2010 will be a "Live and Let Die" Kind Of year!!

    I need a GOOD laugh!!

    Get It..."Live and Let Die" 007....James Bond ...Goldenhill get my Jokey Joke!

  • I've told mine already! Maybe you caught it. It was titled,"Rules for Dummies(Me!)"!

    Lola Back atcha! :-)) NEXT..................

  • I think that Libraslair is the Queen of healing humor and with a no nonsense style but I will give this a try from what I can remember. This string walked into a bar and asked for a beer, the bartender asked "are you a string?" He replied yes, what of it !" The bartender said " We don't serve strings in this here bar! " So the string went outside and gathered up all of his friends and tied themselves into a big knot and frayed the ends, then went back into the bar. They then proceeded to ask for a beer and the bartender asked them " Are you a string? They replied " Frayed knot! Ha! Its an oldie but a goodie! Lola! pilot007 I wish for you a beautiful time of love and laughter and a healing that comes from all of us crazy girls and guys!

  • Hi raqbaq, Sweety I havn't seen your response yet, please post again, xoxoxo

  • Good Joke luv2laf!!

    WELL...I personally only need to Men in My life... . Jack Daniels and Harry Winston!! LOL

  • I left Jack and Harry still wants some! Lola xoxo

  • LOL ..OKAY...luv2laf I take it that you are the Love them and Leave them type..WINK, WINK.

    POOR Harry and Jack, LOL!!

  • That is a silly response on my part but that is what this is all about. Lola means love to you all. Elizabeth.

  • I knew of this couple who lived on a farm and reported being abducted.The morning after this happened the couple was sitting at their breakfast nook and comparing notes. The woman explained that these aliens had a talent for making their sexual parts bigger by tugging on their ears and thereby satisfying her. The husband said "Damn, she was pulling on my ear all night! Lola!

  • That is Funny!! Luv2laf, really funny!!

  • Oh thank you, you are fun to share with, have a great night, ooooooxooooo

  • My joke is a kid joke, but always tickles me:

    What do you call cheese that's not yours?

    Nacho cheese!

    tee hee!

  • have an endless supply of cheater jokes...(having just found out my soulmate was cheating on me from the getgo...) what does it mean when a cheater is in your bed, calling out your name and gasping for breath? You didn't hold the pillow down long enough...for all those who have been cheated "upon" I have more!! And surprisingly I'm not bitter, just love a good joke! And who better than for the brunt of the joke-the cheater! deirdre

  • Hi deidre10, I would have held the pillow on him long enough for him to fart feathers! Please excuse my absurd sense of humer. xoxoxo. And mtrimier, I think that your joke is funny too! Lola every one.

  • I don't know why they would blanc out passed wind, it is not that bad of a word. The way they blocked out that word made it sound awful!

  • Lols, love the jokes!! 😄

  • I hope I don't get cut off from telling this silly joke, So here it goes. This woman walked into a bar, she asked the bartender for a Canadian beer ,she drank the beer very quickly and passed out, the bartender and the bum sitting at the bar saw an opportunity and quickly took advantage of it, later the lady woke up and walked out like nothing happened! The next day she came back and there were 50 guys sitting at the bar, she asked for a Canadian beer,,drank it and then passed out, and you can guess what happened, the day after that, this beautiful lady walked in and the bartender asked "would you like a canadian beer, " and she replied" no thanks that canadian makes my thing hurt! " Gotta love me! xoxoxoxo Lola to you all.

  • I saw another kid joke I liked yesterday on my oatmeal packet:

    "What kind of meat do astronauts like on their sandwhiches?


    (^_^) tee hee!

  • This isn't a joke, it really happened in T

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