My so called close scorpio friend is flirting with my leo man

  • my so called friend is a scorpio she flirts with everyone including friends boysfriends she is also very unfaithful with her boyfriend who is a libra, she gets very jealous and competetive my leo man doesnt pay attention butt.. i really want her to back off with out seeming dramatic. How do i win his attenion more than hers???

  • if its helps im a capricorn LOL

  • She seems like a bad friend who is full of herself. Probably she wont understand the critisism. Probably she will feel very hurt if you do tell her how you feel. And genuinely hurt, probably even.

    If you have a friend who do not understand why she should stop flirting with your boyfriend, then please learn how to choose friends - and how to unchoose friends.

    It would be good to stop calling her, even if she is fun being with. It would be good to stop confiding to her, even if she does listen and give you good advices. If she calls you or contacts you, you could say: No, it does not fit my choice of life. And I have chosen a life with a boyfriend. My boyfriend. And I see you flirting with him unshamelessly. I can not have close contact with a girl that constantly makes moves towards my boyfriend. And you dont even see the problem with it.

    If she then says:"But I am not making moves towards him, I am not even interested in him. I am just communicating like that, you know how I am. And you should trust your boyfriend more than that, there is nothing between us." Then you ask: Hmmm....Are you capable of stopping to communicate with my boyfriend like that? If she then says yes, then no more drama about it.

    Although if she continues to behave like that, and she probably dont know any other way to communicate with boys - then let go of her as a close friend. Please respect yourself and choose away friends who do not know how to stop flirting with your boyfriend.

    When you let go of that kind of behaviour towards your boyfriend, then after a while new types of friendships will come to you. Girls who do not flirt will then come into your life and become your new friends.

    I know this is probably more difficult than it is explaned here. You can ofcourse approach it another way. You know, if she is a good friend, then she will stop doing what she is doing, and at least she will then forgive you for rejecting her after all of this. At least she must, for her own sake and others, she needs to quit behaving like she has been doing. Even if she is a good friend otherwise. Other friends may come to you when you give space for it. She is taking space in your life that other friends would want to fill.

    Probably your boyfriend will appreciate that you choose better friends for yourself, too. At least he will benefit from it if you choose to let go of this flirty one. It must be distracting or disturbing for him to be approached to like it is expected from him to flirt, when even his girlfriend is there holding his hand. It must be a bit annoying for him, even though he does take it calmly. I am glad he takes it so nicely. That is probably because he understands that you do not treat men like your friend treats men. He also probably understand that she is not such a good friend of yours. I am just guessing.

    I know people, where the man ended the relationship with the woman because she had a flirty and perverted friend. The man said to his girlfriend: Why is one of your closest friends a perverted girl who flirts with anyone? Are you like this aswell (behind my back)?

  • Ok, katiesssss, I'm going to take a stab at this since I'm a Scorpio woman. I'll have to draw from my past experiences, but I think I know what you are talking about. LOL!

    Let me try to give you an insight into what your friend is doing..... Most Scorpio women are very loyal and true to people that are closest to them. There must be a trust issue with you and her. If she has any pride at all, she would stay away from your bf. But, if she doesn't feel that your friendship is going to last forever, it wouldn't be surprising if she manipulates everyone to get what she wants. The fact that she is unhappy with her current bf may be a sign that she is willing to do what she needs to to fulfill her desires.

    Also, I think we ooze seductiveness and sexuality. We flirt easily and usually don't have to say much, other than give a look, to show our mysterious sexual side. We seem to have a certain magnetism to other people. When we are open to new relations, it can be obvious. But, when we are taken, then we seem to shut off (or close the door) to accepting or initiating any flirting or advances from others.

    It is somewhat true what is said about Scorpios in that we can be cruel. We can use people as stepping stones and then get rid of them after we have reached our desired outcome. That's pretty harsh to say (especially about people in my own sign), but in some regards it is true. It is very hard to let people get close to us, so we easily find other people's strengths and weaknesses and use them to our advantage. She also must not feel much loyalty to you as a friend.

    That being said... she sees your boyfriend as a challenge. He is obviously taken, but has shown her that he is open to her flirting. The fact that he plays along with her only spurs her along to keep flirting with him. The desired result isn't a relationship with him, it is to just get him into bed (if she is willing to go that far) and nothing else. Maybe she is trying to prove that she can conquer him, so to speak.

    I know that I can feel when people are closed off or open to sexual advances... I'm not sure if that is true for her, but it sounds like she is.

    I know with that with some Leo men, if you play into their ego stroking or give them a sign of the possibility of something more, they will be more open to your advances. I know a married Leo man that is happy with his marriage, for the most part, but continues to pursue women to fulfill his sexual needs because his wife doesn't fulfill him in that area. I don't know much about Leo men, but I know that compliments and ego stroking go a long way. He probably also needs to see that you have a head on your shoulders and that you can think for yourself. I don't think that he would appreciate too much jeolousy and possessiveness, though. However, on the other hand, he might feel good knowing that you would be willing to defend your place with him.

    My advice, as hard as it may sound, would be to limit your friendship with the Scorpio friend. She obviously has her own issues and doesn't feel like your friendship will stand the test of time. No matter how much fun she may be to be around, she will always be on the prowl until she is happy in her own relationship. As far as your boyfriend, I would try to limit the times you and him are around your friend. Also, as far as keeping his attention on you, I would try to figure out his wants and desires and play into them.

    I hope this helps!!

  • Katie

    you know how he likes his woman. just keep doing what he likes you to do and be that woman he wants. not all leos can be easily seduced. I am married 9 yrs never fall for seduction. Almost Yes, but nothing happened, I ran out LOL If your Leo feels comfortable and trusts you, he won't fall easily.

    don't whine or complain about your friend flirting. he will be upset and he will go for your friend LOL he likes being admired, this is how he sees your friend's flirting and he knows she knows he is your bf, so that boosts his pride more. but if you stay loyal to him and he feels he can trust you ( no reason to be jealous at you and other men ) he will stay. you said he doesn't pay attention, because he is all for you. But if you play with his emotions and pride, he will switch side. You know how he is if that big cat is angry 🙂 Why don't you try a bit of sensuality, when you are alone with him? You said he likes you dress natural, but that doesn't mean you can't act a bit daring to him.

    Hubby was like that before. Easily jealous. The good thing is I am shy, so I rarely speak to anyone when he is not around. I rarely go out either, but now and then if he answers the phone and nobody on the other side, he would say it's my boyfriend. At first this was funny, I laughed at it. But sometimes it gets to me and I will last out LOL when he is jealous he really gets in the way of conversation. He will literally sneak in between and become sarcastic at me. I find this funny now, but back then I used to lash out. I mean, come on. Jealousy to some degree is OK, but more than that I don't appreciate it. I am my own person, I have dreams and goals to achieve. What if the very people that can make these dreams come true, are men? Do I have to push that dream away? No fre aking way !

  • Leo men have totally different personalities than Leo woman. All the Leo men that I've know, including family members, love the attention and the game. I would never be anyone different than who I am just to please a man. Your a wonderful, beautiful woman inside and out and don't ever let anyone tell you different. I would approach him and tell him that you don't like what you have been seeing and that he needs to make a choice. Tell him to put the shoe on the other foot and then tell you what he would do. I bet he wouldn't be as patient as you've been. As far as your friend goes, gotnotyme4play pretty much hit the nail on the head, for a scorpion women to behave as she is tells me that she is not happy at all and only see's what she wants to in your boyfriend. When a scorpion woman is really in love she will never turn on her mate, she will back him to the end even if he's wrong.

    Hang in there Katie, things will get better no matter which way this thing goes. And she's not your friend honey.

    Love and Blessings


  • thankyou all so much for ur comment alisa922 u are so right i do have a lot of pride but i will try and be cool head about it and take leo scorpions advice. gotnotyme4play i have other scorpio friends and they are lovely but i will keep the distance and yeah thehangedwomen she doesnt really know how else to communicate i guess she is massive flirt but i dont need to see it infront of me

  • my venus is in capricorn and his in gemini im surpirsed how we fell for eachother lol

  • what is your rising and his?

    I can't tell if you don't give birth time and location

    mine is in scorp and hubby's in gemini

    which is another 6 and 8 relationship 🙂

    I know how you feel. hubby said the same about living with me LOL hard, he said hahah

    he is Cap through and through, his Sun conjunct Saturn while he is already ruled by Saturn

    but he also admits that I free him

    he is always cautious, while I jump into things

    I learn from him to be cautious with decisions including money and career

    he learns from me to be bold and free

    it takes time, Katie. you will get to know him better the more time you spend with him

    don't be afraid to tell off your friend, if you feel like it.

    she does have to know her boundaries anyway.

  • actually, now that you mention it

    hubby used to fall for Gemini women LOL

    see? no wonder you are attracted to each other

    there is something about air signs that attracts earth signs like you

    they are flighty, easily changing, free flowing and intelligent

    they have a way with words and expression

  • is the rising sign represent his self idenity? im trying to understand astrology lol

    my rising sign is in pisces his is scorpio

    my moon is in gemini his is Aquarius

    my mars is in taurus his in aries

    his mercury is leo mine is in sags

    my venus is in capricorn his gemini

    you and ur husband seems like such a perfect match like us capricorn we take things so seriously but u leos relax us so much u have no idea im sure he appreciates it so much

    who cares about the gemini women he fell for youu though lol

    i have cooled off with my friend situation but if she does it again i will pull her a side

  • "i have cooled off with my friend situation but if she does it again i will pull her a side"

    Very nice 🙂 You manage to use cool headed approach and not drawn by jealousy, so you deal with her without putting pressure on your Leo. most women in jealousy will lash out on the men too 🙂 but if you lash out on your Leo, for letting your friend flirt with him, he will be upset. because all he does is enjoying the attention, his heart is still yours. I know it's hard to understand 🙂 if we do enjoy someone flirting with us, we do enjoy the attention, but not necessarily the person itself. I can see how you (or hubby) misunderstand this, because you don't thrive on attention. But this makes you more stable, because even if nobody pays attention to you, it doesn't matter. Him, on the other hand, doesn't like being ignored especially by you.

    rising rules how the world sees you, the face you show the world

    moon rules your personality

    sun rules the real you, who you are inside

    this is your Leo:

    One thing is certain, people see you as intense! Either they are magnetically attracted to you, or instantly repelled by your mysterious quality. You may appear to others as somewhat mystical, or secretive and difficult to get to know. There is a tremendous power to someone with this rising sign and others recognize it immediately.

    This power presents an exciting level of danger when it comes to love, sex and relationships. No other rising sign is at more of a risk to use sex as a weapon or become all consumed by love and passion. Scorpio rising is an expert at obsession!

    For a Scorpio rising, love is forever. Sex is a transcendental experience and there is enormous potential for sexual gratification with this sign. However, if this sign is betrayed, the sting could be torturous.

    When in love, Leo's love of fun is only outdone by the romantic in them. They are faithful lovers with a passion that may seem too hot to handle!

    Leos sometimes cling to bad relationships because their egos will not allow them to admit they may have made a mistake. Also, being forever optimistic, it is impossible for a Leo to see any problem as insurmountable.

    His Aqua moon allows him to be less sentimental than most Leos and more of detachment. They do show emotions, but always try not to let emotions bias their judgement. They are highly sociable, the more the merrier. It may be hard to make him commit, but when he does, he is devoted to it. Aqua moon increases his independent and possessive/jealous nature. This moon also directs his energy to mental endeavors than material possessions.

    Compatibility wise:

    SUN : Capricorn is Leo's 6th and Leo is Capricorn's 8th

    this means you are always willing to do your Leo a favor. because he is your 8th. means you are physically/ sexually attracted to him.

    RISING : Pisces is Scorp's 5. He adores you, like a spell he can't explain why. being with you feels magical and true to him. it's overwhelming. Scorp is Pisces's 9. Your relationship is filled with pleasantness. You are strongly attracted to him. When you are with him, time goes by unnoticed. This relationship takes you off the ground, beyond the physical and emotional, to deeper understanding about yourself and both of you.

    I hope this helps. Gotta go do my ritual.

    if you want, we can keep in touch by email. if not, that's fine. I'll try follow your thread.

  • yeah, over the years I have come to lessening my possessiveness LOL

    his moon is in Gemini, he always chatty, likes to gossip and exchannge stories.

    people like to be around him and once, his ex's mother came up to him.

    he told me about it and I lashed out LOL

    then I realized, yeah after I calmed down, that it was her mother, not his ex 🙂

    he did say it was her mother, but - see what possessiveness made me do?

    I assumed, not thinking it first 🙂

    I felt bad LOL sending him sleeping on the sofa for none of his fault

    he told me to tell you that life with a Leo is hard LOL

  • aww you poor thing but yeah i undertsand what you mean though you reacted to quickily before knowing what was really happening haha your poor husband was send to sleep on the sofa, lol im sure it can be hard living with a leo but we cant live with out them 🙂 yeah im guessing with his rising sign in gemini he would be really chatty a lot of geminis i know they can't stand still or stop talking lol but it must be very entertaining.

    im pretty sure you told me once your rising sign was scorpio you and my boy friend must be a like in a way. My kitty does have a shy and sensative side which i love and im sure you do too

    and yes i took ur advice with the cool head approuch and it has worked when she jumps in to flirt hes too buisy talking to me haha

    so im guessing if the rising signs match there is a deeper connection its a shame our venus doesnt match though 😞 with gemini and capricorn

    but thankyou with what you have told me its been very helpful and interesting 🙂

  • your venus is in Cap and his mars is in Aries

    Aries is Cap's 4th and Cap is Aries 10th. This relationship resembles parent-child relationship.

    You feel the need to support him and take care of him, which he will accept. But at times you get too extreme, over protective at him and he feels you are trying to control him and he will retaliate. On the other hand, he is willing to take care of you, on a price that you will do as he says.

    In terms of compatibility, mars-venus, sun and rising are good enough to describe your situation. In your case, this explains how you clash. Try not to go to the extreme. You love him, he knows that and he loves you too. It is enough for him that you are there by his side, not provoking his jealousy and be there when he needs help or needs someone to listen to his troubles. If you do want to help further, just give advices and let him decide. This way he won't feel you are trying to control him. But on the other hand, you are not completely muted and dominated because you voice your opinion and have a sound judgement.

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