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  • I have a daughter that was born July 14, 1981 who was very hard to rasie with her additudes and persality issues. She has been diganosed as bipolar and having it as 1 of 6 personality issues. She seams to be doing ok most of the time, once in a while she will freak out at everyone around her. She has 3 natural children and 2 step children. Let alone dealing with this she has a son that has these issues worse than her. He freaks out all the time and talks about killing himself with a knife or will run out to the road.He also has problems going number 2 and wears a diaper. He gets in trouble for this all the time and gets picked on at school for this and the doctors have helped a little, but not enough with this. His birthday is Oct 30th, 2003. I am really curious as to why they are this way and if there is anything else I can do for them or help them with that I haven't already done. Why is it that I was chosen to help them and teach them? I have an aunt that is 58 that has mental issues that I help too. I feel as if my daughter will get through life with many times freaking out and calming down. I am mostly worried about my grandson as he scares me and I love him dearly. Will he have issues like this all his life and do I have a reason to be conderned about him? I appreciate anyone taking the time to chat with me about this. Thank you and God Bless

  • Dear Sporty48,

    I have been in the medical field for 20 years. Sometimes mental illness runs in families just like physical problems...diabetes, etc.

    Do you come from a small town? You might need more extensive testing that can be done in a large city.

    When you talk about your grandson that needing to use diapers and yet he is school age... am I right? I wonder how the education system is letting him go to school in this condition

    I think further testing to check out his neuro pathways should be done. Has the physicians prescribe medication for the behavior? It concerns me that he is out of control using this type of language...killing himself.

    It sounds like he should be in special education. Does he have an IEP? Why is he always in trouble?

    What is his IQ? Does he have development delay problems?

    If I were you I would look into this matter of your grandson before it gets out of control. It sounds like he is a loose cannon ready to explode.


  • I am sure you are correct about it running in families as she has it from both sides of the families, I already explained about my side and her dads side had two or three people committed to a mental institution which included her grandma, so she has a double wanmmy. We live in a medium town of city and county being appro. 60,000 people. They were referred to Dorn Beckers children hospital. Yes they were told to give him over the counter medicine such as medimucial and emema's to try and get him to go regularly as the x-rays showed his area was 3/4 fill of number 2. which they said was bad. He can go standing up but cannot go sitting down without the relaxers. It seams to me as if he cannot get his stomach muscles to work right, which is what I have with regards to irrital bowl syndrom. Yes you are right, he is in kindergarten, and the school said they would work with him anyway they can to help him get through this and they have. I too think he should be in special education, my daughter had limited use of this program in her grade shcool days and I think it did help her. Can the parents request this for him? What is an IEP? He is always in trouble and grounded for problems he gets into at school, not going number 2, not telling the truth about having a diaper full, talking back, not doing what he is told to do, fighting with his siblings, you name it as the list goes on. How can they get his IQ tested or get tested for the development delay problems? He was referred for counseling and my daughter took him only 1 time with me and they talked to her and me for 50 minutes and only spent 10 minutes with him. Which I thought was backwards, but than I also thought that maybe that was normail and they would spend more time with him after that. However, she took him another time by herself and the same thing happend. they made her feel like it was all her fault so she gave up and quit taking him. The pediatric clinic where Angela takes him has not done much for her regarding him, but did the refferal for the children's hospital, so where else should she take him for the help he needs? They said he is too young to get behaviorial meds and too young to determine if he is bipolar or other behavioral issues regarding personality. He really is a loose cannon ready to explode but I am afraid for him and whoever is with him might end up getting hurt, so what can I do to get him the right help he needs, mom will usually listen to me if I suggest anything. Thank you Rooster!

  • Dear Sporty48,

    It is time you take the bull by the horns.

    First take your grandson to a specialist...GI specialist ( gastro-intestinal ). Set up a medical plan

    Second take your grandson to a psychiatrist or psychologist to determine any psychosis, mental delay, or mental deficiencies. Set up a plan for home life, school, and any social interactions.

    A system know as reward token.

    Third an IEP known as individual educational program. This is set up for his school/education environment. These guidelines are specifically set up for your grandson.

    Fourth usually counseling for the parent is more time because the parent is setting the ground rules.

    Fifth counseling can not fix everything in one session. It will be a multiple of sessions. You must keep at it. You or your daughter must keep a diary or log. This will help the professional taking care of your grandson.

    Sixth prescribe medications can be given at an early age as long as it is monitored by a reputable medical profession.

    Seventh keep inquiring about his a good consumer.

    Lots of Hugs,


  • Great advice that I will use. Thank you so much! I will let you know what happens.

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