Rules For Dummies (ME!) !!

  • Some (most!) will probably say I have too much time on my hands!

    Guess I'm just working my way through another journey! Can anyone relate?

    Anyway, forum challenged virgin that I am,LOL, I had hoped to maybe start a thread for anyone with experience in these matters to show (er Tell) us Newbies, in plain speak, how we oughta act!

    No really, nobody get all 'hot' under the collar or anything I just mean I know we have the wonderful "Forum Rules & Regulations" thing, but I mean something just simple that may seem like old hat to most, but for us virgins (speaking only 4 me here!) we just wouldnt think of it and might cause confusion or problems with a reading,request etc...

    I know I am guilty so maybe this is only an apology and vent and request for me but I implore all (99.9%) who know way more than I, to share what we (I) can do to make a better experience for us all. For example: I bumped the other night thinking I was helping, then I noticed the same person had already requested the same thing from the same person over&over&over. I know that person I had 'bumped' it to felt like reaching out & murdering me! I would have. My apologies Captain.

    Yes, I am serious and Yes I am for real. And if you think I just need to shut the he** double hockey sticks up...say so! But I hope it can be a helpful,give and take and fun along the way!

    Live Laugh Learn 🙂

  • Ragbag, I am sad sorry and dissappoimted to see that you are upset or saddened, as a membr of this forum , I do not know the rules if decorum, I am a newbie since Nov I jumped on other readers threads and read as u was eager to start practicing no one jumped all over me as time went on I learned, be gentle with yourself, It Is Not Your Problem!!!! I still jump on and offer Unsolicited insight/advice LOl

    chances are the one aggravated may hav overstepped someones

    thread themselves, relax enjoy there are so many others here to support you and those who reprimanded!!!

    Best to you

  • ((((((((You Are Not A Dummy!!!')))))

  • Thank You,Goldenhill. You are so kind. I really didnt mean it serious like. Only in fun.

    I have an off the wall sense of humor that more often than not gets me in trouble! LOL

    It's ALL good! You are a sweetheart! (((((((((hugs)))))))) :-))

  • Oh, no. : (

    I should mind my own business, sorry to overstep!

    It sure seemed serious and real Hm???

    O kayyyyyyy

  • HEY...I always wanted to be an actress on Saturday Night LIve!!!

    We only live once...I use to follow the Emily Post way of living,writing, existing..etc.ect.ect. That is the way I was raised.

    I escaped DEATH Three times. So I am at the stage in my life where I say SUCCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MY MOTO is.. Drum Roll PLEASE... If you can not Stand the Steam, Then Get OUT of the Bathroom!!

  • Are you referring to me???

  • As you said we should all feel welcome and free here! I only meant, when I first posted here, it was my VERY first at anything like this. And I really do want to know, good and bad. I mean, I just dont come across well in type! Now if you and me were sitting here eyeball to eyeball, we could probably talk till tomorrow and discover we have lots in common. This is just brand new to me and I'm like a kid with a new toy! Thanks Goldenhill. I hope I havent offended you.

  • Hope you continue to hav fun.

    I just see it is an impossible feat to lay down rules as ,newcomers hop on all the time, they don't know that's not Their thread, oh well, am off and runnin

    bye now

  • Geeeeeze this is really going off the cliff!

  • What is your concern?

  • NO,NO,NO,NO, Goldenhill.. I am telling you and everyone to RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we say it AGAIN!! RELAX!!! Take a DEEP breath! RELAX!!!

    Emily Post has no place on this Tarot Forum. When you need HELP, you need HELP! Would you be Passive if your house was on FIRE!!!

    Life IS SHORT!!! It is Better to LOVE Than NOT to LOVE At All!!! etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.

    I Feel,If YOU have an Issue, a problem,....Whatever needs to be Addressed, THEN put it on this FORUM.

    That is WHY: The Captain ( Whom I have USED a lot, by the way) Blmoon, Brighid CHaumbard, Serious7, NannetteC, SapphireDiamound, CharmedWitchBente, Hans-Wolfgang, Ahliyah, and the other LOVELY Psychics here on this Forum, ARE HERE FOR. They are here to share their GIFTS.

    I respect their gifts. I think that it is a beautiful thing that they ARE SHARING THEIR GIFTS for FREE!!! I found out that I am an Empath; however, I can only read when an individual is close to me.

    They have helped me A LOT!!! If I was to win the lottery, ALL of the readers here on this forum would get a portion of it!!!

    YOU have a right to ask for HELP!!!

  • I am relaxed , I am calm I am peaceful

    I may hav misunderstood this thread. I thought it was for real,Am gonna go find out what e

    ily post is about

    until next time


  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    I was only looking for a lighthearted approach to all this.

    Having a little fun & learning as I go.

    Asked admin to remove it. Sorry for hard feelings, ruffled feathers, whatever. Its just my warped sense of humor. 🙂

  • I'm off to start my own thread Lol

  • Hi RagBag, GoldenHill and Pilot007, I feel as though you are all my good riends now after "seeing" you around on the forums. Personally, I think the best thing to keep in mind when communicating in written form is that a lot of meaning can get lost in the black and white of type. Someone may type something in a jokey or sacastic way and that sarcasm may be lost on the reader because they can't hear your tone of voice, laugh or see your smile and they take it personally when no harm was actually intended. Also, we are all posting from different countries and many here are writing in a second language. Some things may be misinterpreted and/or cultural infrences etc may be lost on another. If you keep that in mind and remember that most here are just looking for a positive place to meet then it should all be just fine. Hope everyone is having a good night. Well, it's night for me where I am. See you again soon! x

  • Ragbag.....I reread your post. I also got your vibes as well. You DO have humor. You like to kick up sand just for the sake, of kicking up sand LOLLOL If I end up onSaturday Night Live, I will have to invite Goldenhill as my sidekick. She is the unsuspecting BAIT!!!!

  • Oops. Sorry RagBag. just saw that you wanted to kill the thread. And here I am posting again! sorry about that. lol! Things move too fast here for me to keep up. See you all on another thread! x

  • LOL I am trying to behave and chill here!

    Certainly glad somebody gets it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROFLMAO :-))

  • Gosh you gals, ouch. : (

    Stoneyeye thanks. That piece resonates with me,...

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