" Forum" so many topics and threads with no responses

  • Well, "I" certainly hope you'll stick around!

  • Dear Captain, this all makes sense if it is specif a thread with header Captain or ones you hav started I don't jump on giving readings

    but there are others started by those desperate for help and if perhaps you are 1 or 2 person to advise this person does this mean you are putting claim as primary advisor and or

    may be newbies who just don't know proper decorum, I know I jumped in on others threads

    and then realized oops : (

    I don't hav much more to say, I continue to respect the work that you do,

    and hope that forum continues to be open for all those needing assistance

  • I'm not saying it's wrong to jump into someone's thread to give them your advice - no, not at all. It's when people jump in to turn the thread's direction away from the original poster's question towards themselves and their problems that I object to.

  • My last 2 cents.....As well you should (thats1) & So do I (2) 🙂

  • Oh yes, I encourage everyone to commiserate and support the thread starter - you can even tell your story if it will help the other person. Just don't try and steal their limelight by asking for help yourself in the other person's thread.

  • Captain , your fair and just looking out for the good of all here, by asking us not to direct the need being addressed back to someone else. i see that as concern for the poster in need , not as a scolding, i think maybe some took this request out of context. i have seen that happen when writing in text on the net, sometimes things get misconstrued. , thanks for all you give to us here Captain,

  • Captain, ok, now I see your point!!!! Wholeheartedly ,Thankyou for splainin

    I was Just tryin to explain, when I started I responded to one in need of guidance and many others jumped in, with own needs fir me it worked out on that thread may be divine providence for that thread, I respect your view may not agree

    100% but I do respect your view and your work and hope that you are open to my hoppin on your threads for guidance FROM you,

    thank you for not givin up here and clarifying

    I do really appreciate it, it means alot to me. : )

  • Hello everyone,

    I appreciate your comments and explainations. I see your many points. I am not a reader, but I now understand how you may be affected. This was not meant to offend or upset anyone. I wanted to say sorry to anyone I may have barged in on and I wanted to know the proper decorum. This was to help others to know when a thread that was private. I do hope everyone will continue to help, guide and support each other.

    Thank you all 🙂

  • Cyw39, yes, I hope we can all continue to maintain the Spirit of helping and unity

    on threads with sense of warm welcoming to all who need guidance and support

  • Repecting others when they are despretately seeking help Is what this Forum is also about.

    Would you suddenly jump in and change the conversation when you witness one friend in tears being consoled by another with what you had for lunch??? Is it Okay for you to put your needs above that person? Would any of us be so rude in every day life? Simple decency is called for. Ask yourself: What is the thread about???

    Shouldn't YOU as the newcomer to any thread --- Read! It is painful for me to see someone who's lost a home, a loved one, or any of those truly life altering situations receiving excellant advice and Then witness someone jump into that thread asking about their Love Life. We All think Our Pain is The Most Imporatnt --- Look around.

    I too was new a few months ago. I am not computer savvy. I watched and learned. When I did post - the post was hijacked. It was painful; I could have said something to shut down the chatter and chose not to. I came to really learn and Knew unquestionably I find it here. You will too.

    Some of these threads become very large and people never read the 1st post -- the one that started it all. Time after time people have asked others to simply Read. Wonderful gifted people end up Not helping anymore because of this.

    I know you were shot down --- I read it. This thread isn't really the issue --- you wanted that question answered and that should be the topic of your thread. Please don't keep trying to justify --- Do that thread. Your answer will also come and in the meantime, may love, light and peace enter your heart.

  • Also I would like to add that we readers do not get answers for everyone all the time. We answer posts when our guides or intuition give us something to pass on. There might be a good reason why a questioner gets nothing from us - maybe they already know the answer or are supposed to get in touch with their own intuition to solve the problem. Some people depend far too much on others to help them and need to learn to be strong guides for themselves.

    Plus there are way more questioners than readers here so it's hard to get around to them all. We all have other lives to live.

  • thank you for your consideration, i do understand. and cap i understand to , i feel a bit bad i posted two threads of celtic , no response but i understand time of others is needed too for them, thank you tho for arind and being thoughtfull. i hope to help as much as i can

  • Lola means love and I wish that for you all, I really appreciate when someone chimes in on a seemingly private conversation. I have found strength and comfort from even a couple of words from someone who takes the time. I have also started some silly sights when I was in a crazy mood and still felt welcome because someone either felt like having fun too or did not want me to make a fool of myself alone, either way we are all in this wonderful chicken coop together.xoxoxo

  • Repeat again: I am not against people supporting other people in threads - just when they jump in to talk about their own problems, thus drawing the attention away from the original poster who might not have gotten the answer he/she was seeking yet. It's just so easy to start up your own thread.

  • I do agree with you Captain. As a tarot reader, I wish there was more privacy. I am edgy when it comes to giving out personal information, and it limits the reading. While I have not answered most posts that don't specifically ask me for a reading or what a reading means, I would like to find the energy to respond. It just becomes exhausting however and I don't do as good a job. I have heard that psychics get an energy boost, is this true? I wouldn't think so.

  • Quite the opposite - we can be drained from reading too much and picking up negativity from others. We have to protect ourselves with white light.

  • Dear Captain and Laie

    You do a great job on the forums, but as readers it is only too easy to upset someone who is feeing emotionally fragile. I have to agee with Sacogirl in that as this is a 'public' forum, it is easy to barge into the wrong room by mistake, but I think a public-private system would defeat the purpose - and the success - of this particular stage.

  • I am not suggesting there should be a private/public forum. I myself find it difficult to sort out all the vibes when a whole lot of people jump inot the same thread. For the sake of clarity of the reading, I just ask everyone to start their own thread when requesting help, otherwise the answers might get all jumbled up. For example, I was trying to help someone who had lost two rings, then someone else jumped in to ask for help for finding their own two rings and I was getting confused by the two different issues. The vibes got all mixed up.

    I am not against people jumping in to help with their own advice for a situation. I just think if people have a problem they should have their own thread and not use someone else's because of the confusion it can cause.

  • Dear Captain

    Point taken. Those of us who are not psychic do not always appreciate how much your energy is depleted doing a reading.....and you do them in mutiples, so I am completely awestruck by just how much you do.do to help others. Peace and love. .

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