" Forum" so many topics and threads with no responses

  • Hello all,

    I am fairly new to the forum. I did not realize some of the threads are private, nor the effect on the readers. I have noticed that some new threads are started with no responses, even when directed to active readers, or a plea for help with an issue. I realize it is your choice who you respond to but many have similar problems and concerns and may feel while you are active, you could also assist them.

    I am sorry if I have caused any of you any problems if I interrupted a private thread. It would be helpful if that were denoted in some way.

    You all do agreat job and it is appreciated by the many people you help with yur kindness

    Be blessed:)


  • Thank you stclaire:)

  • I just started something along these lines. Wish I had waited a few more moments! Thats the impulsive leo kicking into high gear! LOL :-))

  • You all haven't done anything wrong!!!!

    In my opinion anyway, don't know if it matters but that's my 2 cents

    we are all doing the best we can no one is IN CHARGE here,

    we all jump in and take or add as we are guided to geeze!!!

  • Thanks raqbaq and Goldenhill You are both great. We are all learning. You are both kind caring souls

    Be blessed always:)

  • Cyw39, you are welcome : )

  • Good Afternoon All,

    Cyw39, you have brought up a good point!

    I remember when I first joined, I posted a few times and didn't get any reply. I was kind of dissapointed and frustrated because I had belonged to other forums in the past, and there was such a sense of welcome extended to new members, and my experience here was so different.

    I ended up posting something in the "New Members" section, about my feelings. My thread was called "No Love for New Members". I received several kind and insightful responses to my question. They put things in perspective for me, and then I felt kind of silly for creating the post in the first place. You might want to read through that thread, and you can find it by clicking on my avatar, and looking at the topics I've started, and clicking on that particular one.

    In regards to the "private" threads, I have to agree that there is no way to know that a thread is intended to be "private", and it would be unfair to receive any negative feedback for posting or contributing to one of those threads.

    My suggestion for anyone wanting to have a private thread, as Cyw said, is to indicate in the Title of the thread that it is meant to be private, or to indicate it in the first post.

    More food for thought....

    Ultimately, this IS a PUBLIC forum, and my feeling is that if you want to have private communication with someone, you should exchange emails or IM's, and take your communication off site. It doesn't make sense for anyone to expect "privacy" on a public forum and then be upset that the didn't get it.

    Love and Blessings to all,


  • Sacogirl, thankyou!!!!!

    I am feeling insecure about jumping on threads now

    : (. I agree wholeheartedly with what you hav thankyou and thankyou again!!!!!

  • I think that any thread asking for help should be considered a PRIVATE thread and should not have other members jumping into it to ask for their own help. An OPEN thread is one where posters INVITE everyone to post or ask questions.

  • Hello All,

    I am so new to this just a few minutes ago less than 10mins .

    could someone at some point in time just explain how this

    works in simple terms, to me please i will come back to check in a day or 2,

    thank you for your help

  • Hi Goldenhill, You are very welcome, and it's a pleasure to "meet" you! I have noticed you around the forum, frequently, but don't think we've had the pleasure of speaking to one another directly! You are a very active and insightful member here, and your contribution is very much appreciated by me, as I imagine it is, by many others!

    I don't think ANYONE should feel insecure about posting on threads...that's just plain silly...this is a PUBLIC forum, after all, but I DO understand why people might have been caused to feel that way, and I think it's a shame when that happens, even if it's infrequently.

    The one thing I LOVE about this forum and the reason I come here everyday, is that 98% of the members here... especially the regular, everyday forum users, are SO, supportive of one another, compassionate, empathic, understanding, loving, and filled with light. It is like a family of sorts, and for some who don't have an actual family, this forum may be a replacement. I do have a family, but we are estranged at the moment, and I often feel very alone, as I have very few friends as well. While this forum doesn't replace what I am lacking, it does add something meaningful to my life, and it gives me a place to GO, a place where I feel safe and accepted, and it gives me a sense of purpose to be able to help others or lend my support to others when I can.

    Sorry to ramble, but I just wanted to put my two cents in, once again, and let everyone know why this forum is so important to myself and others, and why it hurts when people feel rejected or not accepted, whether it was intended or not.

    Goldenhill... I say...POST ON!! And don't for a second feel bad about it or second guess yourself! If anyone expects to have a "private" thread in this forum, and their expectation is dissapointed when someone jumps in on their thread, then it is their problem, not the person who joined in, because this is a PUBLIC FORUM.

    Peace and Love,


  • Captain, I value and respect the service you offer, you hav given me some much needed advice/ insight and I am truly grateful,

    You may hav a point, but how are newco

    ers to know this!!! If this means so much to you and others how about when you jump o. To assist others that you invite them an start thread Thad has "private " header

    I think it is wrong to snap at/ scold others

    to me it changes the energy and purpose of this forum

    as 2 people hav stated interaction should take place via private email etc

    this us not proper media for many private threads

  • Dezzylo, how this works?

    Instructions? There are none!!!!

    You just jump on where you feel guided, and if by chance it has a Negative vib

    don't give up!!!! You are Welcome here, and there are many many awesome people

    who are willing to help you, and perhaps many who you will be Called to assist.

    Just hop on Wherever you like, This is a Public Forum

    best to you and many blessings your way !!!!

  • Hi Captain,

    I too, understand what you are saying, but I don't always think it's as simple as that.

    My feeling is that this forum is growing, and it may be necessary to have a little more structure implemented by the powers that be. This forum may have reached the point where some basic rules, guidelines, policies, etc., need to be posted for all to see, and perhaps a board moderator to oversee things in general, only jumping in for extreme violations or such. This could go along with adding, some other features such as Private messaging, a delete and edit button for posts, etc.

    In the meantime, if a poster has a question or is seeking help, and doesn't want anyone to jump in with their own question, then maybe it would be possible in that situation to have the poster add something in the title line, such as "private".

    I would just like everyone to feel comfortable here, and as Goldenhill pointed out, it may be especially confusing for new people, who don't know what the climate here is like, and who don't have any rules or guidelines to go by.

    Aiming for Peace,


  • Dearest Sacogirl, I am honored to meet you,

    hav seen many of your posts, and enjoy readin what you've had to say and of course what you hav said in last post, I appreciate your support and every word you posted rings of truth for me

    I agree with all my heart, I too hav rec'd much here , however in Nov/dec there hav been a few threads I decided not to go near, I don't Like to see others get scolded, nor do I like to get scolded,hav many times considered whether to stay on or leave forum

    thank you again!

    Much love and light to you!

  • I am not speaking for everyone here - just myself - and I will not be answering anyone who jumps into someone else's thread anymore for the reasons I have stated. What anyone else cares to do is their own business.

    I'm not sure where the idea came from that everyone should jump in everywhere - I would have thought it was obvious that if someone started a thread asking for help they wouldn't want other members interrupting. I know some of this comes from people not knowing how to start their own thread, so above I explained how to do it.

    I know it's a public forum but does that mean we cannot respect each other'?

    I am neither scolding nor snapping at anyone, just stating.

  • Goldenhill, thank you for your support. Your responses are similar to what I was thinking. You have been helpful to me here as well, and I wish you the best always:)

    Sacogirl, I appreciate yur comments and I have seen you on many threads also. Being new here I did not know about your thread. Thank you for your comments and support.

    Captain, you have given insight to many here including me; I thought the forums were all public. I find that many people asking for help have similar problems and ask for help where they see a similar situation.

    Now that I know, I will only post where I don't feel there is no conflict or negativity.

    Generally, the forum has been kind and supportive, and I pray this will continue.

    Many Blessings

  • If you don't know how to start your own posting, go to the top right of the page where you can see the drop down menu called "Choose a forum". Either go to the View All the forums or choose one in particular. Then when you are directed to that forum, you will see on the top right a lightbulb and the words 'Create a new topic" which will allow you to create your own posting.

  • It's just that when people jump into a thread, they do so without knowing if I was actually finished speaking with the original poster, whose further enquiries then may get lost amongst so many other newer posters.

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