I am scared to death

  • I live with my mother, although I am 43 and I have a 6 yr old, my 28 yr old niece lives with us as well. My mother helps me alot with my daughter while I am at work, ( like making sure she gets on and off the school bus etc.) Recently, I had a dream that my mom had passed away, and to this day that dream haunts me, my eyes are tearing up as I type this. I realize she is getting older but I never really looked at my mom as an old woman. Can someone please tell me what this dream means. Thank you.

  • I feel this is only a fear dream, although of course no one lives forever. But your mother feels quite robust to me, especially with her great inner strength. I feel you do depend on her a bit much and need to start doing more on your own because, as your dream reminded you, she won't always be around to support you. I think this dream was a bit of a wakeup call for you. Why not do something nice for her today?

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