Aquarius woman cancer man.. can someone help?

  • so I've recently started dating this guy. He is 21 and I'm 19. I was the first one to approach him after finding out from a friend of 8 years that he thought me and another friend were hot. Well she wasn't interested and I went for it. I approached him by sitting in the back seat of the his car while his friend drove to the store and he sat beside me. I told him that I heard he thought I was cute and why didn't he tell me. It seemed like he was shy about it and I just went in for the kiss. We were kissing and he was laying his head in my lap while I comforted him. At this time I was seeing a Gemini man which we've been together for 3 years, first love. I didn't want to take the prior abuse he had done to me, leaving bruises on my arms ect and went for the sweet affectionate cancer. As soon as I had broken up with my boyfriend the next day he asked me out. He said he never met a girl like me before, that I wasn't like other girls. That I was still pretty cute, but open to doing guy things as well and not playing games and being clingy. It all went so fast by day 2 we had sex, met his family and introduced to all his friends. Is it typical for cancer guys to move so quickly. The second day after we had sex he told me "guess what, i love you" which surprised me. He calls me beautiful and cute all the time. He gets moody when I don't answer his calls.. and sometimes I withdrawal when hurt. He has good amount of girls that he talks to. Alot in which i think he likes the attention of knowing more than one girl likes him and all that. I just hope he doesn't cheat or not jealous nor possessive. He's very open guy and I keep thoughts to myself.' I just feel it's kind of hard to talk to him sometimes because w ere so different...

    His is Gemini rising, Sun in cancer and moon in cancer.

    Mine is Libra rising, moon in cancer and sun in aquarius.

    Any tips on cancer guys i should be aware of, and if you think this is an okay match?

  • hey you should read my thread "why it is difficult to date a cancer" maybe you will find some usefull information there before you get too involve with him. I am an aqua..and i was dating a cancer for little while...

    Good luck !! 🙂

  • gunshot>>it typical for cancer guys to move so quickly.

    Sandran712>>maybe when he's horny...LOL...relationship wise no..We move more slowly..

    gunshot>>...He has good amount of girls that he talks to

    Sandran712>>Here again..some of this is Gemini trait.A Cancer is more cautious meeting women..Well more cautious meeting anyone for that matter..

    gunshot>>I just hope he doesn't cheat or not jealous nor possessive. He's very open guy

    Sandran712>>Some of his traits are Gemini.As for being an open guy..That is concerning in the sense of moving fast.Some Cancer's are not so freely trusting.anyone.This is definitely a chart placement.Not all Cancers act the same way.I am Cancer Sun~ Pisces Moon~Cancer Rising.My pisces moon gives me my psychic abilities.I have alot of water in my chart/planets.

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