Can everyone please start their own thread?

  • Often people do start a thread of their own. And it gets ignored. So, they think, well fair enough, I'm new, I have to join in first. And they land up posting their question on someone else's thread. That's their fault is it?

  • So you think it's all right to butt into someone else's thread for your own purposes? You can always post again if you are missed the first time. Readers here do this for free because they care and they may not always have the time to notice and answer every request.

  • Sporty, use an old thread if it is one of yours - otherwise start a new thread.

  • You know people, it's actually free to start a new thread. 😉

  • No, I don't think it's ok to 'butt in'. Then again, I don't think it's ok to ignore people either and brush it away by saying 'you can always post again'. People who haven't used forums before will approach them in a similar way to real life. So they will feel hurt and dismissed when their posts are ignored. In addition they will assume that threads are dynamic as real life conversations are.

  • I suppose both of you are right. I did quite a few of reading here myself, nothing like highpriestess3 is doing, but it always happened that if I did one then more posters will post request on the same thread. I always had to return to the threads to see if there is anyone I missed because I don't want to ignore any request. I've been on all kinds of forums since 1998 so pretty much I know how it feels to be new and ignored and I don't want to ignore a request especially if it's made specifically to me.

    But then again it's time consuming to check back and forth, since if it's an old thread, it won't show up on my list of participated threads anymore, unless someone keeps bumping them. Now I'm getting busier offline I don't have time to check anymore, it's too many threads I'm on page 45 already. If they post the request on threads I started, I would definitely see it and I will do my best to reply to them.

  • Witchone, we all have lives and cannot always be here to answer all the questions. People aren't IGNORED - we just sometimes don't see the posts because we are not available all the time. The number of people posting questions far outnumbers the readers so it happens that some posters might get missed out. It is not intentional which is why I say they should post again if their first enquiry gets missed.

  • Hi Captain,

    My apologies. The word ignored is too emotive. Also, in the way I used it, I suggested it was a deliberate action by yourself and other readers which is not what I believe. I think what I was trying to say was maybe sometimes people FEEL ignored, which is a totally different thing. Also some people are new to the internet, or to the way this particular forum is run and so don't quite know the right way to proceed. I still say though, that sometimes conversations just 'evolve' and it's hard to judge when you are new to a site, what is natural evolution on a thread as opposed to thread jacking!

    All that aside, you have given me some very helpful insights so I shall now start a million new threads asking for your help. 😉

    Bright blessings and thank you for your patience.

  • Thank you Leoscorpian. Part of the problem maybe is the way this site is set up (that said, I think there are lots of great things about it). I frequently post on another forum which is laid out very differently. Plus one can chose to be notified by email if someone has responded. It's a forum which covers far more pragamatic things. Often people are asking for practical advice (say about legal things) and I am able to answer. When I answer something, I do often then get other questions from other users and I can see how it would be exhausting if I had to keep checking and re-checking. As I say, it's made easier because I get an email that says someone has responded to a comment I've made so it's easy to check if it's something that I need to answer.

  • I don't believe I've jumped in on any of your private posts Captain, but I want to take some time out to apologize. When I was just getting into tarot I interrupted a tarot reading at a local coffee shop and asked for one when the reading was over. I realize now how rude that was. I just wanna say that sometimes people, especially people who are new to exploring the metaphysical sides of themselves and the world, don't understand the extent of their interruption. I had assumed my interruption was harmless... some others think that too.

  • I interrupted a tarot reading in process and asked for my own when the reader was done with the girl ahead of me **... just to make myself clear.

  • witchone

    yes some forums are designed like that, and people can choose whether they want to be notified or not. I don't have much time to go online anymore, maybe a post or two these days. I'm not doing any more readings so I don't have to look at discussions, I started or not.

    Things have picked up in my personal life it's getting harder to sort out time to be here.

    anyway glad to have met you and some other wonderful people here

    I hope this year brings great news into your lives !

    Bye now and take care

  • Leoscorpion, I'm sorry if you aren't going to be around so much 'cos I think you have a lot of wisdom. However, I'm really, really, happy to hear things have 'picked up in your personal life'. As Jean Dominique Martin said, some people come into your life for a reason, some for a season, some for a lifetime. I am learning not to worry which but to enjoy all.

    Bright blessings.


  • witchone

    I am far from wise, but you are right, a wise shaman once said life is an adventure.

    enjoy the ride and make the best of every turn. worry and fear are not necessary.

    I have come upon more extra work that I need to pay off my debts this year.

    so I have to complete these projects.

    My time here is short but it serves its purpose well, because I met a few wonderful people I wouldn't have met otherwise.

    If you trust me with your email address, I will keep you in my contact list.

    If not, it is fine. I still pop in now and then. hope to see you more on the forum.

  • Hey Leo, that must be a good thing if you have found a way to resolve a problem. I'm still considering myself a newbie here despite first posting about five months ago (I think). Mostly because I found myself getting very angry. Realised it was something going on in my head so took myself off to give me a serious talking to! Thing is, because of that, I'm still not really sure how things work round here. I'd happily give you my email addy but I'm not sure if we can post whole email addresses? If not, mine is my name on this site, Hope that makes sense!

  • my first post was september I think

    keep posting, you'll find out some things and get used to it

    yeah I get your email address 🙂

    thanks !

  • Oh, LeoScorpion, I was thinking about energy today, how some people's can seem to make me feel so dark and moody if I let myself drift off a bit, or choose to be involved here but not yours! Modest as you are, your a light in the fog, whenever your on, its like I feel a little balance kick in, and a warmth, like your sending everyone fair, positive energy. I don't always have the words down to describe what I feel, but I really get all of that whenever your on. I think your right, that they are both right! Captain just wants too help, and do a good job, I can see how focus would be key in caring enough too take someone's reading to that level of really tuning in too be able too help them, thats a good heart and good manners! Mabe its just me, but I sometimes have a hard time navigating around on here, or catching a response, never know what thread its going to be on someone elses or thier own, gets kindev tricky, easy too miss without going back through it all, I guess that goes with how the forums are set up? I always just think to myself, well if I didn't get a response to something, mabe thats allright for now, I try too trust in the good that goes on here instead of thinking no one wants too deal with my question, but then again mabe they don't, and thats ok! I like too beielve everyone finds the right person too help when its needed. Do the readers have a thread on here that is just for others too ask of them specifically? I hadn't noticed, seems a lot more requests thrown out there? So with such a large forum, and so many requests, and advice from non readers too, I wonder how that could all come together for better cause and effect?

  • bluecat

    I never really ask anyone how I affect them so it's good to know I affect you positively

    I can see both points of view really,

    each forum has different setting, different problem caused by it

    so there is always room for improvement

    there are more people needing help than those who can help

    this is common, nothing wrong with withdrawing now and then

    plus we all have our own plans and mine happens to pay off debts so I have to accept extra work even if it means I can't be here much

    some people are desperate, some are like you - waiting patiently

    I'm sure someone will be available to help

    some readers start their own threads

    you can type their names on the search box, it will show you their threads if they start any

  • Captain I do hope I am not responsible for anything like that but I suspect I may be, I am very new to using forums and tend to treat them as a social life for myself,and a place to chat this is probably selfish on my part but I do like having someone to "talk to", which I don't have in "real life"

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • I am not telling everyone off, just letting people know that mixed threads in a psychic reading can confuse the vibes and make it more difficult to tell one person's answer from another. That's why it's better to have individual threads.

    I have no objection to people jumping in with support or comfort for others. It's just that the vibes get muddied when there are two or more people asking about their own concerns.

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