Can everyone please start their own thread?

  • Hey TheCaptain im with u on that all the way. Ive seen this even on threads that was not about any getting readings but just a normal talk about whichever. i mean why do those that do it think it will get them?

    Ive jumped in threads asking for reads BUT the threads were where someone offered to read, all one had to do was post n stand on line. Ive never as far as i recalled butted on on a thread.

    One friend of mine kindly asked me to post new thread more bc the thread was neg n black.

    I for one often look at the topics with no replies n latest topics and when i feel moved compelled to reply i do so.

    To those that look for readings, best thing ya can do is post a new thread asking for one, n if ya know whom u want to do it u place the readers name in ya topic subject line. Then ya wait to see if we see it or n if the one u asked see it.

    Sooner or later a reader will see it n reply. if too much time goes by bump it up or repost.


    ps is it rude of me to hint my latest post regard reliablities?

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