Can everyone please start their own thread?

  • I can't speak for other readers but I get very confused when other people jump into a personal thread to ask for their own readings. I'm trying to focus my energies on the one person and suddenly other people jump in to 'muddy the waters'. It's like having a private one-on-one conversation and suddenly a whole lot of other voices start yelling at you. It's fine if I have started a general thread that I invite everyone to post in, but I will not be answering anyone who jumps into someone else's private thread.

    Can you please start your own thread instead of doing that? If you don't know how to start your own posting, go to the top right of the page where you can see the drop down menu called "Choose a forum". Either go to the View All the forums or choose one in particular. Then when you are directed to that forum, you will see on the top right a lightbulb and the words 'Create a new topic" which will allow you to create your own posting.

    Also if you just want to chat or compare notes, please do it in your own thread. Have consideration for the other members who need help, please.

  • I don't need a reading but I fully agree with the jumping in and muddying up things. I hope people understand and good luck with it all.

  • Thanks Flowsco, I am not trying to be mean here.

  • No need to apologize. People that needs attention sometimes forget that they are not the only one. On top of that they don't realize that giving advice or a reading takes energy and concentration and time from the ones that does in from the soul.

    Now go out and do good ...superhero 🙂

  • No need to apologize, Captain. I've actually started a thread for a reading for myself, and began it by asking others to start their own threads asking for their own readings instead of jumping into mine. I also think it keeps things a lot more organized and less confusing. And not to sound mean or anything (and I hope nobody is offended), but it also seems kind of rude to hijack someone else's thread.

  • Well said, as always, DEAR Angel!

    Hope all is well with you. 🙂

  • It also means I can give more concentration and focus to one person's needs - so I might get more information for them. When i am really tuned into someone, I get thrown off by anyone else 'intruding'.

  • Captain, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I do tarot readings, and I don't think I'd like it if I were in the middle of someone's reading and another person came up and asked me for a reading. I'm sure it would throw me off, too.

    Ragbag, if I could, I'd change my name to Dear Angel, lol...thanks, you're so sweet! And as for the rest of your post, I'll answer that on my thread, so as not to hijack this one...gotta set an example now that I've spoken up you know, lol... 😉

  • Welcome to the world of the the internet. I used to consider 'chatting' as highly evasive and intruding. Now that is 'nothing'.

    You have to understand the 'medium' you are working with....if it is through the internet, you will get 'accosted', if you wish to be treated differently, then you may wish to consider using a different 'medium' like one on one, person to person, or other ways of reducing the impact of other's energies. Otherwise, I suspect you will be inundated with hundreds of people's energies at it streams through the internet..

    just one humble person's opinion...

  • Anibear, I am not talking about the whole internet, just this site. It's about respect.

    To make it clear, a PRIVATE thread is one where people are asking for help from this site. They don't need other members butting in with their problems. It's just as easy to start up another thread for that. An OPEN thread is where someone INVITES everyone to post for readings or answering questions.

    That's all.

  • PS THis is an example of an OPEN thread where all members are invited to post their opinions.

  • Bump

  • Expect more criticism I did when stating my opinion but I totally agree with you.

  • I can see your point. Perhaps we could start including (Closed) or (Open) on threads to let others know if it's cool to jump in? Sometimes the person asking for the reading may have reason for it to remain a closed thread, as well. I know I have felt that way sometimes.

  • I agree, but I also beleieve that whenI you tell ur own story it helps the other person asking for advice. Sometimes your story let them see how they can slove theirs. Just my little 2 cents

  • I'm not saying that people can't tell their own stories - supporting someone else is good. It's when other people start putting their own questions in that it gets confusing for a reader.

    Example - I was trying to help one person find two missing rings when someone else jumped in to ask about THEIR two missing rings. Now I was getting all mixed messages because there were four rings being asked about. Can you see how issues become intermingled and confusing? This is why it's best to keep separate threads for questions. It makes the psychic messages clearer.

  • The Captain I got u loud and clear now. Thaks so much for clearing that up.

  • OK.

  • Hijacking of threads is not allowed on any other forum I have been on and i am appalled that it happens here. Intruding into a thread belonging to someone else to post your own problems is both selfish and insensitive.

  • I am sorry to say I am guilty of this myself, but this is the first forum I have ever visited, let alone chat in, so any advice you can give is accepted as otherwise I would not know the correct process. My question regarding this? Do we start a new thread every time we want to ask a qustion or do we use an old thread. This is confusing to me so please clarify. Thank you

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