Aries on aries, man and woman,

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  • Hi dana2, R U asking about Aries & Aries in a relationship? If so, I've seen it a few times and I always find it fun to see how they recognize the same good stuff in each other. Usually I have seen it that one is in March & the other in April. What I find amusing is Aries/Aries in a relationship is like watching 2 spinning tops, lol ! Aries is one of my favorites --- big time : ) Every single guy I liked turned out to be an Aries -- even married one ( divorced now) My Mom and a lot of girl friends too !

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  • I guess your right, he march and i april aries, He gave me all this honesy stuff in which consitant, but i think he's the type of man quite ok to be honest about his past but not his real

    I just6 felt i could be me with him, prhaps i showed a bit of vulunerbility two much, i was very catious and made him wait for my emails, but somewhere i lost that lol... i love him and hate him.. you know he's seeing someone new, and the guy told me getting to now me last year was best for last year or 4 him the last four, i doubted the latter.

    I think i being on my own for so long and to feel and get on so easy with a guy i seconded guess myself too much,

  • I was with an Aries once...but he was a pretty crappy Aries, LOL. His birthday was at the very beginning of April. Mine is at the end of March. But I didn't feel like I was with an Aries so I guess I wont be of very much help. He was loyal, super sweet, but not motivated, not brave, not stubborn and not impulsive. And he didnt have that...'Aries drive' in anything. Not in his career, not in learning, not in anything. Aries need a lot of stimulation...he didn't really need anything. So, if thats what Aries men are like, I can tell you right now to run away. You're going to get sick of him in like 2 months.

  • dana2 --- I saw your other post & came here to read-up. Its stinks to go throught these things sometimes --- to really think you want someone --- and then it doesn't work the way you would like it too.

    I don't know if this helps, but one thing I've seen a lot of Arien (sp.?) women do is that they do open up and leave themselves very vulnerable. Aries is such a friendly, chid-like sign so full of emotion and happy energy that inadvertantly they give more than they recieve! You did the right thing by trying to hold him off ---- then your beautiful spirit got in the way and you leapt! lol !

    After my marriage, to an Aries, of 20yrs ended, someone advised me to go and get that book Mars & Venus.... the one that has something like, in a relationship in the title. I thought it was a ridiculous idea, but I finally did it. It helped .... if you are an Aries who can sit still long enough , LOL! maybe it will help you too! : > )

  • Mariaria, thakns yoy've hit some points, i felt like i was being to he=ard in the sence i know i want to traval more, he not to bothered, although he was career minded, he'd rather stay at home mostly and cuddle on sofa, in which is ok but i like to get out, he did'nt really have any go, he asked do i like boared games.. well no lol. he does love motor sport in which i do but i was'nt really listening to me. and i think it was a need to be felt, but i kept thinking he not good enough..

    Laiel- I done a compatibility profile on both of us, we very similair.. your are quite rite it say i put my heart on my sleeve, i am loyal, just got to exited, i, some say hold somthing back, i will have to do that if i knew what it ment.

    If you dont mind me asking what was your arien like?

    I have a year book for day to day scope in it has like if a aries meet a sighn, so aries on aries is a lot of dominance we have to give and take.. i tried it ..

    Im off work today cause i was so sick and upset, but me being i cant hate him 4 ever..

    I will look for that book cheers.

  • I'm a march aries and I've dated aries men. They are sweet hearts, when they want to be. But do not marry one. Aries people are very, very, VERY BOSSY. I should!!! but they make great friends, very loyal and very funny and the majority of aries men are extremely bright and gifted in whatever field they decide to pursue. Just remember, like the aries female.. aries men are very sensitive, and very of luck to you all..

  • dana2 --- that book -- Mars & Venus in a relationship ( can't remember actual title) is about how men and women act, or should act ( re-act ) when dealing with each other. It gives thoughts on how to give and get what you want or need from a guy. Just thought it might help & it goes along with what ur saying from your horoscope too. : )

    My Aries Ex-husband is : talkative, sweet, affectionate, loyal, passionate, give you " the shirt off his back" , a mans' man, kind of guy. Our children, now 25 & up, adore him! He wasn't & still isn't, lol ! a great parent. Tough to be a "big kid " and be the discilpinarian. : ) And yes, he is Macho, but I've got no problem with that. I am a tough cookie myself, heehee, and seek out strong, honest, loving people as lovers/friends. I could never be with someone I could walk all over, ya know?

    : ) (my sign, aquarius)

    My mom is an Aries in march and my dad is an aquarius in feb. These signs have much in common, but it seems more about appreciating what each doesn't have --- like all relationships, no matter the sign! They, parents, are divorced too. Doesn't look too good put like that, does it? LOL ! Oh, there is always more than meets the eye! I've remarried a Pisces --- a sign that I thought wouldn't work & oh baby, it does!!

    I am still very good friends with my ex. He is a wonderful guy. He, April, has re-married a woman in March! One of the many couples I know that are Aries/Aries.

    Be well !

  • laie4, As i sentthe ordered the rose already i fely as i did when i saw the card, that i might aswell sent thet, my gut tells me to, so i pu in it theis.

    soulmates come ang go, to teach us lessons what we need to learn. you are my soul companion whom helped me grow. how can i hold that aganist you.

    what u think?

  • hi all this is star speaking im in love with an aries guy and dont have a problem with it as hes all a woman could wish for. yes very sensitive. but i am too in certain things we are both march arians. late march/ he is loyal very passionate n complimentary and not a smooth talker giving you the patter. quite the reverse his eyes say it all hes very quiet by nature and laid back but when he blows. boy does he blow. is like a spoilt child when got a cob on. yet you couldnt wish for a sweeter guy he makes me laugh good fun to be around n work is high priority to him. i woulnt swap him for the world. yes there are bad aries men around/ but give me aries every time as you do know where you stand with most of them. as so straight they re not very good at subterfuge. n id trust my man with my life. blessings to all star

  • his nameis'nt steven by theway?

  • dana2 ~ I hope steven appreciates very much what you have given him. It was a perfect card with everything you feel .... just let him go .... remember the post from page 1 --- he likes to chase, not be chased. You are too wonderful to sit around waiting for someone to return. Go out and have fun; a good man will come to you ! xxoo

  • oh god i see it now, i let him run throuh emails some txts , gosh i see, life is a lesson, but i will still send the card.

  • Right here goes, on monday, i very unexpectly recivied a valantine card from mr aries.

    Yes i know it was from him because only my main family know my postcode, i know i've talked to other men on online dating and i'd never give that out till i me, and he gave all his first , i waited till i met him..

    Why send a card? also as you know i sent a rose and a card.. since the weekend ive been getting annymous call, in the sece of one a day roughtl in same time period and my gut says it him, because i havent bothered to acknowledge the card and visa-versa.. yep the no=is not stored, shall i jusy blomin get it over and done with phone him say thanks, get on with my new date im meeting on monday?

  • Hi dana2!

    Got your message : )

    Someone else told you about the game of cat & mouse that Aries can play. This is what it sounds like to me. Go on the date with the new person !

    Don't say anything to Steven just yet. Make him come to u. Again, go on the date with the new person on Monday & Have fun!

  • Both my parents are Aries...


    Theyre both good people but its a toxic combo in my book

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