Soul mate reading please

  • I am looking for any one who can help me conect with my soul mate or futer husban . I know I need work and am workn on it. What do I need to work on ? Does anyone have insight? And do bubba or cortny have do with the futer or are they they past . Do I know my soul mate or will I meet them. Plus I have the chance to go to the psychic Nancey Bradley but it's expencive. Will I finds what i'm looking for or should I wait? Please

  • What do I need to work on ? Facing conflicts and struggling for yourself.

    Does anyone have insight? Be playful and remain in the present, the here and now.

    bubba has to do with the futer and cortny is past.

    You know your soul mate.

    You will neither find what you're looking for nor should you wait.

    the experience of your immortality, of your eternity, of your wholeness, of your oneness with existence is always possible. It only needs some triggering experience.

  • I am realy trying to work on myself I have come so far at least the people who know me say so ,and that we never stop workn. Most we will never Know! I have work my whole life letting go of hurt from child years. I hang some times with a guy name Taz but we are beter friends. I try to learn what I needed from bubba and I relationship and move on and learn . I have a monkey mind that runs . I met Cortney and did what a girl should never do I slept with him on the first date. I KNOW bad!!!! So I never talked to him again it hurt but I moved on but now I met his brother will is it to remind me I was bad. Do u have a letter to the first or last name. Please and thank you

  • Do u have a letter to the first or last name: X.

    Whatsoever you do, early riser or not, in the end everybody is killed. This is absolutely true about the ego -- you cannot win. Whatsoever you do, be it virtuous or good, if this virtue and goodness is based on the ego, you cannot win, you have the very seed of defeat in you. You can serve people, become a great servant of the society, but if the ego is the base, you cannot win. You may do millions of good things, but if the ego is there, poison is there. It will poison everything you do. Be poor, be rich; be religious, be irreligious; theist, atheist; moral, immoral; criminal, a saint -- it doesn´t matter. You can´t win if the ego is there, because the ego is the seed of failure. And if the ego is not there you cannot be defeated. Your victory is absolute.

  • ? Sorry I'm confused

  • Sometimes you are young, sometimes you are old. Sometimes clouds take one form, then another, and yet another. But have you ever thought that inside you are one? The one who had seen childhood is the same one who saw youth. The one who saw youth is the same one who saw old age. You are the observer. The one who stands back and sees is exactly the same. When you sleep at night your observer watches dreams. When there are no dreams, only deep sleep, dreamless sleep -- then your observer watches dreamless sleep, what a good deep sleep...! This is why sometimes when you wake up in the morning you say what a deep sleep you had. Who observed it? If you were totally asleep, no seer left inside of you, then who saw it? Who knew? Who found out? Who is saying it? Getting up in the morning who says last night I slept very deeply? If you were sound asleep then who is the one who knows? Certainly someone remains awake inside of you, in some corner a lamp goes on burning and seeing that sleep is deep, very restful, very delightful, very peaceful, without a wave of dreaming, no tension, no thought! Someone goes on seeing. In the morning the seer says last night sleep was very deep. If the night was full of dreams then you say in the morning, "I spent the night dreaming, who knows how many bad dreams I had." Certainly the seer was not lost in dreams. Certainly the seer did not become a dream. The seer remained standing apart.

  • I actuly don't realy dream and most of the ones I have are night tare from stuff long ago. But I do talk to my spirt guides . I don't realy have or have ever had good dreams and I get help with that. So I try. So I'm just trying to focas on the good because I've lived in the bad long enought. Ps is that the first letter if so first or last name

  • It is the second letter of the first name.

    But always remember: your life should be a journey to positive achievement, to achievement of the immense, the infinite.

  • I beleve I am trying to do that . I try to stay positive and remeber positive thought get a poitive life! I have a life time of work and learning! I always loved that just lost some faith along the way but I'm workn on that to there is so much. But this man is one of them to . I just hope I have mature enought by then in my past I would have run any body away.

  • And I don't know an x I've though about it but my friends call me x

  • So don´t be worried. Just try to live this moment as sincerely, as totally as possible, without being disturbed by the past or by the future. Undistracted, go deep into it, and that´s enough. It IS awareness.

  • I will try thank u!!!!!!

  • Is there a name?

  • Is there a name? You do not want to give up. You are under a delusion. I give you an A.

    And I can give it to you only when you are ready to receive it.

  • Ok. I can be delutional and a dreamer my sun and moon r in Pisces and it fits. I am working on grownding my self. U r probly right I would probobly run them ask but I will probly ask again soon because it runs through my mind and I fallow that . So thank u for ur time. The hard thing is that I leave this with less anwsers and more questions. Bless u for ever and always. Echo!!

  • A person who is continuously thinking whether there is any risk or not becomes so self-conscious that he never lives. He becomes rigid and dull and stupid—mediocre: forget all about risks. Life is a risk. The day you were born, one thing became certain: that you are going to die. Now what more risk can there be?

  • That all I use to do was take risk. To many! I'm showing my self ( self control) something I knew nothing about!

  • But I do , just not as much and I try to think!

  • Sometimes ur awnsers sound like a rittle not an anwsers no afince.

  • You are right, because the real answer has to arise in you.

    That totality can be realized only when you have become so tremendously aware that your awareness is not disturbed by it. Ordinarily we need distinctions to keep things clear-cut: this man is bad, avoid him; this man is good, follow him; this man is good, imitate him; this man is bad, don´t come in contact with him, don´t become friendly to him, there is danger. This is poison and this is nectar; drink the nectar and avoid the poison.

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