Can someone do a love reading for me?Captain?

  • Hello im looking for a free love reading im really confused at this time?Captain if you have time could you do a love reading for me? My birthdate is Feb.16,1973 and his is May 11,1977. Im having feelings of lies and decepetion can you please help?

  • Trueaquarius, it's actually not too bad for the short term. But you could be right about the lies and deception. It might be better as a friendship.

    This relationship may well be built around social image and career. Both of you carry a great deal of insecurity, which you often seek to alleviate through professional success and upward mobility. Childhood voices telling you that you are inadequate or no good can only be stifled by a thundering ovation from the world, applauding your ambitious exploits. The relationship can also serve as an anodyne to distress or pain caused by your negativity and your friend's worry. It can prove theraputic in helping both of you work out your insecurities in other ways other than through ambition.

    You can learn social skills through an understanding and stimulating friendship with your friend who is gifted in this area and will be gratified by being able to pass on these talents to others. The relationship itself may prove a sympathetic haven in times of need and distress. Through dealing constructively with the problems of others, as unoffical advisers or counselors, you both can raise your own levels of confidence and self-esteem.

    A love affair may feature deeply empathic feelings. Both of you know what it is to be hurt, often having been so in childhood, and you can exhibit great sympathy to each other in sensitive psychological areas. You TA may find yourself rather irritated by your friend's optimistic attitudes and he may be annoyed by your pessimism, but such polarities will soften over time as a middle ground is established. Indeed, learning to listen and compromise are important in this relationship, which has the potential for new levels of trust, fostering love, affection, and ultimately passion. Marriage however does not usually provide the stability such arrangements need. Your friend has little time for personal relationships and may give up an intimate relationship in favour of worldly action. He is also a very lusty man who must learn to rein in his passions or he will fall into a minefield of sexual unfaithfulness that will lead to his undoing.

  • hello captain thank you so much, for taking the time to do the reading for me..

  • Hello im looking for a free love reading also as im really confused? Captain if you have time could you do a love reading for me? My birthdate is 26th nov 1985 and my partner or ex is 17th july 1984. he keeps changing his mind on how he feels or want i was wondering if you could give me some help?

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