Aquarius seeking other aquarius friends

  • I only asked about the cusps as two of the girls at work have their b-day on the 16th and one says she in on the cusps . so is she wrong ? or do you know what date the cusps is ? cause i'm not sure .

  • Hello llindeloo, the cusp is feb.18.

  • Thanks for that, I knew she was wrong

  • I am 100% aquarius, 'using your descriptives', and I love myself. Would this qualify as someone under your terms, who might be able respond to you. Please let me know because I became interested after reading the first sentence of your message. It's pretty wild to open up a forum and have someone you've never made contact with describe you so perfectly and completely!! Most people who know me couldn't have described me as well. Let's chat....

  • Hello NotAlwazBad welcome im glad you responded to my thread I love being aquarius and I want to meet lots of aquarius friends from all over I think we have one of the best traits and I want to correspond with people that have similar traits as mine.I only have a few aquarius family members and I like to know that other people are similar to me.What aquarius traits do you have.eccentric,rebellious, likes to be orignal and stand out.When is your birthday?

  • Hello to all you wonderful aquarians! OMG, i can't believe what I am seeing in all of your threads. It is like reading my own biography without having to do any of the work. Soooo much I can relate to. Right now, I am striving to stay out of a huge depression so I am extremely grateful I stumbled onto this thread. I know there are alot of you out there who can relate because you've been so accurate/honest in all your other traits.

    About me? I am 100% aquarian!!!! Unique, very eccentric, OCD, hyper...thoughts running a mile a minute, humanitarian, giving, caring, creatively talented, intelligent, totally in to science, and........ well you know the kind!!!! My birthday is 2/13/59 and this year I spent it at home alone, watching a movie while eating icecream. It sucked!!! Pardon the french, please. Anyway, just wanted to say 'hey' to all you fellow aquarians. Happy and excited I found this thread. Hopefully it will be beneficial to each and everyone of us. Happy Belated Birthday to all who's special day has passed and Happy Birthday to all who's special day is comming up. I welcome any and all questons and comments, that is, if any of you are interested. LOL Aquarious way of saying...please write to me LOL I am totally new to chating online. I have been weary about using computers much, ex had ours password protected and came up with all kinds of excuses why I didn't need to learn process of using one. Found out during divorce it was to make sure I didn't find all his sick porn sights and other interesting topics as well. "BooWho" "Poor Me". Made it through. Not dwelling on past, just giving a little background info. Well, this is getting pretty lengthy. Love to all!!

  • Hey, anyone out there?? how bout you "trueaquarias". You know, I started to answer your earlier question of was I rebellious....started to say yes BUT, then thought came to me that I don't know if its a rebellious trait or if it's that we are just so much different than most. What do you think? I am definately eccentric, original and stand out from others. I probably stand out too much. I am always getting in to trouble at work because of it. Or should I say, used to get in trouble at work. I recently lost my job and it is terrible. I feel like I live in a world of uncertainty right now. I am definately oversensitive!! That's one thing about myself I would like to change.

    I cry too easily, when sad, when happy, at a song, or pictures. I used to only cry when I was

    sad or someone was hateful to me but not anymore. In 2002, I lost my father and in 2007, I lost my mother. It has literally just about kiklled me. I was soooo close to both of them. I took care of both til each passed away. (yes i'm a caregiver) It has been a disaster, I miss them both terribly. They were both extremely intelligent and I feel I don't have anyone with whom I can rely for the extremely important decisions in life. I have no man in my life and don't go any where to

    meet any. I don't have to have a man to feel complete but geewhiz, I would like someone to hold me once in awhile. Had a fb a while back, which was fun and nice but, he decided to get a girlfriend. He wants to meet up again but I don't know if I trust him now. I am not going to play second to anyone plus I've been the one that's been cheated on and don't think I could willingly do that to someone. Goodness, once I started it just all came flowing out. Didn't mean to bore you all to death!! Take care all......

  • Hello.. Notalwaysbad, It sounds to me like you have had a lot to deal with, and I am sure all of your losses have made it difficult to truly find a place where you can be happy. Yes I hear your pain and I can sense that a lot of that pain was caused by your believing in others, we believe strongly cause we think " I WOULD,NT DO THAT TO ANYONE , so it is always very shocking and upsetting to discover that the person you love and cherish is not on the same page, I,m sure you know what I mean., of course I am speaking of your ex he was not honest with you and it sounds like he was controlling. Now to get to some of our traits I find I can put on a smile and everyone thinks I am doing well but when I am alone there is a lot crying and a lot of thinking and sometimes I want to get that crying out so I listen to those songs that bring back the memories and I cry it out for a while maybe that is a part of me that is eccentric, or I decide to do a painting or I write a poem and I express myself and my feelings there. I also took care of my parents when they where very ill , I also lost a wonderful sister through breast cancer and I spent a lot time with her., I am spiritual in my thinking and I know they are all in a much better place.I have posted here a couple of times now and like you I am happy to find a KINSHIP with all our Aquarius friends. P.S. you are not boring.......... Leonida

  • Trueaquarius, Happy Birthday I just read your mouse story and unfortunately for me I think I hear an other one Now I have been meditating lately ..because I am lonely ..but this not the company I was anticipating LOL an other night of waiting for the traps to go off What a beautiful sound it is when your waiting for it .... if you now what i mean,. I am going to leave with a poem I wrote I think it describes me somewhat , hope you like.......... Leonida

    I,m like a butterfly fluttering in the breeze,

    Touching the essence of the perfumed air

    Surrounded by the flowers of my dreams.

    I could be Papilion, I could be Mariposo

    I,m not Monarch,

    I,m just really me.

    I,m fluttering away coming and going doing as I please.

    When nighttime falls it,s best you see,

    Cause in the darkness It,s all intensified

    And clear to me that the light

    Can,t change reality of all the expectations,

    I could not see

  • Hello everyone....I've been really busy at work and haven't chatted in a while. Welcome to all the new Aquarians on the thread and Happy Birthday to all those born on the cusp.

    Been reading all the posts and was just wondering if all aquarians have trouble finding love....I dated an Aquarian fro 8yrs his b/day 16/ was really rocky on/off (more off than on) as he was very possessive and obsessive and eventually abusive. I broke it off a year ago and have not seen him since but he called me on my birthday this year 28/01 and wants to try again........I know I will be making a huge mistake going back and am trying to be strong and not give's so difficult when you are alone.....I still have not seen him and I hope not to give in again as I was very unhappy.

    Lindieloo, I read your post about your boyfriend and I'm sorry about that.....I totally relate as I'm Indian as well but I live in South Africa and my family is pressuring me to marry but being the stubborn Aquarian....I refuse to do it unless it feels right and makes me happy.

    Leonida, like you I also smile and pretend that everythings fine and cry in that an aquarian trait?

  • leonida, thank you for your response. You, a true aquarian, are very perseptive and intelligent. May I ask what you do for a living? It was nice of you to share your delightful poem. I have always thought butterflies to be such beautiful creatures. I am confident your poem is revealing and affirms your true inner being. I totally relate to your mention of the pain caused by others b/c of the inexplicable manner by which we live and love....."I wouldn't do that to anyone". It comes so naturally to us but you would think we would learn to stop putting our hands on that lite burner. We are intelligent human beings, how do we get duped so often??

    Gamby, pardon me for saying so but "WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING" ????? I know from experience it's difficult to be alone day in and day out but you are worth more as a person than to be someones punching bag and/or sponge absorbing every hypercritical derogatory remark. Please refrain from even speaking to that man so he can't pull u back in. Besides, you do have some new acquaintances that TRUELY understand you.

    I am really psych'd about this thread. It took me years to come to terms with my aquarius antics and traits. Or should I say, come to terms with the fact that I am great the way I am......It is okay to be different, crazy, strange. AND I DON'T HAVE TO BE LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE!!!!

  • NotAlwayzBad, no need for pardons....I really needed to hear that. I think the loneliness made me contemplate going back but I'm determined not too. I read your post and you've been through a lot and yet still so positive. I'm trying to be positive as well.

    Like you I have also taken care of my family ever since I left school and sometimes it's just nice to have someone take care of you for a change. I lost my grandfather in march last year.....I was holding his hand when he took his last breath.....we were very close and 2 months later I had to put my pet dog Gambit to's been hectic and I'm hoping this year will be better.

    I'm also enjoying this thread..............people don't really understand me but I'm comfortable with being the way, it's great meeting yoy.

  • Hello to all my aquarian aquaintances~

    It is truely a pleasure to meet so many like minded people! I too am a aquarian born Feb.1,1981 and I have a mother who is a aquarian too, many others in the family. I have always been told by my father and other that I am one of a kind, unique. I am a very caring person, never looking for a hand out or help, always helping friends and other alike, creative in many diff. way's: painting,sewing,dressing,designer,etc. I have a love of animals and children, but also a stern, get the job done personality. I have always been the out going, but never thought no one understood me, but like Gamby have always been comfortable with it. I have always been a humanitarian fighting for justice and new causes for the world. Always taking a find combtooth through everything and every one, lol. But, when it boils down to the end of the day, I am just simply me, unique in every way that God made me, also being the fact I am the middle child and have two brothers.~-+ Devine+~~~ 😉

  • Good evening everyone, I just had a thought about some of our traits , I find that whenever I am in a situation where a relationship could happen I GIVE IT MY ALL, then I quickly become insecure pullback and become very cautious, you see in the beginning I am blinded by my feelings, and of course I am having fun. I started dating a man 9 months ago that I once dated for 6yrs ---- 35 yrs ago. He was a person I loved very much and yet I knew I could not continue our relationship as it was very toxic,. and here I am again with him and I can see that he is still the same. He never married tells me I should not have left him and moved away as I did back then. So why do I feel this strong connection to him ?????? He says he will love me till he dies, but he won,t change., He is a taurus THE BULL He is brilliant, a musician ,composer , very rich , very cheap, funny but I am always wanting to pull back. Does this story make any sense perhaps I am afraid of loosing my solitude that at times I absolutely need and he is so needy. any insight would be appreciated. My sister told me this should be a beautiful love story and yet she sees how sad he has made me, OK I am all over the place again, emotions are running high and that is the part that truly makes me go and paint or write a poem so maybe I will send one along to this site that describes him . I,m the butterfly ................ Leonida

  • Hi, everyone I,m back, I wrote this about him in August 2009 You see my impression was that although he cares about me he also cares a great deal about his money and he hates change and of course he is not a happy person, and he often drinks more than he should.

    A mile a minute his mind is going, isn,t life funny,

    With a smile on his face he thinks,

    I bet everyone wants my love.

    Well the jokes on them, with a mirage of hope

    Cause I just don,t really care,

    The only thing that matters is that it is still there,

    Protected like babies in a womb

    I laugh at life and flirt with death.

    With animals and insects,

    Birds and trees surrounding me

    I pacify my love for nature ,Beer in hand

    No troubles here.

    I left them all in the deadness of mind

    And re-invented myself,

    To laugh at life and flirt with death.

    Yes he reads all my poetry and he tells me he loves all my impressions of him that I write........ and all the other feelings that I put on paper about life and peoples. He even inspires me at times. Hope I don,t sound toooo wacky .......... Leonida

  • Hello Divine....good to meet you. Reading the threads its amazing how we aquarians share the same traits.....I am also creative and usually drawn to the unusual. My mum is a Gemini and I have 3 very close friends Aquarian, Gemini & Capricorn........but I have lots of friends (every sign in the Zodiac) and I'm happy being different.

    Leonida, I wish I could help but the man you are talking about sounds exactly like my ex who I haven't seen in more than a year and now he's back saying he's changed. I was also unhappy but I have decided that I don't want to go back there......I deserve so much more and so do you.

    I think you should put it on paper.......write down the pros and cons of being in a relationship with him and if it will make you happy....then make your decision.

  • Leonida,

    First, I love your poem! You know your description of the man you are in a relationship sounds just like my father! I had an aquaintance who has been sober for a long time tell me once:" that a person has to love them self, before they could even expect to receive it back. I don't know how true that is, but I know you can’t feel disdain or contempt or unworthiness for your Self and expect Universe to deliver the goods. Universe can only match your vibration. I have learned this all too well! I don't know if this will help as I am sure you already know this. Sometimes, it's hard when the heart wants to jump head first, and the brain rectify all the option's why not to! Listen, to your guide, you will find the answer!

    Best of Luck, May the Universe Bless You~~~~~~ Devine~~~~~~~~~

  • Gamby~

    Pleasure to meet you as well! Well, it is obvious that we two share many things alike, especially that your mom is an Aquarian. I am married to a capricorn, and both of our children are Capricorns as well. I have many friends alike arranging from every sign in the Zodiac. That being said is one of the better things about us Aquarians!

    Look forward to talking at you soon!


  • Hello DevineEvenescence, I know what you are saying and of course that is exactly why I am feeing I MUST BE CAUTIOUS, you see devine my heart is there but my brain is telling me keep it at a low level, I am a very youthful 67 and he is a very youthful 64 but we are not , kids and we are in the winter of our lives and it is very difficult to start a relationship with the unknown in the best of times. We both had not dated any one for over 7yrs., so what I am trying to do at least for now is encourage him and enlighten him on what I will accept and what I won,t. He has told me if he makes changes it will be because he did it NOT BECAUSE I TOLD HIM TO, I have told him time is running out ITS WINTER and there are a couple more gentle foxes I could consider ,after all now that I have started going out again I can see some prospects., and thank you for your comment on my poem, and all your comments are so true and I will every now & then let you all know how I am doing . maybe more poetry will come along Blessings to all......... Leonida

  • Hello to everyone. I am a Capricorn BUT my Ascendant, Mercury and Venus are in Aquarius. Do I qualify? I hope so.

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