Aquarius seeking other aquarius friends

  • I meant to say NIGHT ok a mistake is allowed when your in distress don,t you think. Oh my goodness I had one trap still set 3 is my LUCKY NUMBER. It,s over poor little thing now I feel bad well I can now finally go to bed . Good Night All & thank you for listening.

  • OH NO. This is my biggest phobia as well I hate the little bliters Luckly enough I have never had one in my house ,but at my place of work we have a cat and one morning the cat carried a little field mouse into the building . Well ME I was on the table instantly when I saw it as it was still alive. All the other girls were laughing at me saying ''how can you be frightened of a little mouse?"

    I don't know what it is , I think it's their tails they are so long . I just can't stand them .

  • Llindieloo, most people would have reacted the same way. Most people I know are afraid of a mice or mouse. That not an unusal reaction. Happy VALENTINES day to everyone 🙂

  • worthy1248. You might be right .But on that day I was the only one to freek out , all the other girls were trying to catch it incase the cat got it again and kill it

  • hello, aquarians 🙂 i found it so interesting to read everyone's descriptions of their aquarian traits in this thread; it's funny how we have some but not others, and how i think that probably accounts for our sign being the most unpredictable & eccentric in the zodiac! i am definitely more of the cool & detached aqua, i like to watch situations unfold rather than jump right into the fray! i'm a writer, so i use that trait to be objective in my work. i think i'm unusually airy; my birth chart shows my sun, venus, mercury and chiron in aquarius, my mars in libra and my moon in gemini, lol! i'm friendly, but make very few deep attachments and friendships. but when i do... watch out, lol! i'm a taurus rising, so i have fixed earth with fixed air. makes me stubborn, but loyal to the bitter end. and it makes detaching and saying goodbye very hard for me! i'm divorced with two children; a 13-year old gemini son, and a 9-year old cancer daughter. we love the beach, and i love to work out, cook and spend time with friends listening to live music. i hope you all have a cool, happy valentine's day!

  • Llindieloo I went on the site Fantasy World and read about Gemini and Aqua it was so very interesting and a lot of it was true about both signs. I was trying to sign up and make a comment but was unable to, so I just read the comments that where already posted. The Gemini posting was like OMG. They say that Aqua are better friends the lovers, I just totally dissagree. I think when we Love we love hard. We are very careful who we give our love too. Don't you agree.

  • worthy1248. Isen't it a cool site , explains everything , Like you I thought Aqua's were compatible with Gemini's but I've never been with one so I don't know, Maby next time eh ? I do agree with you, as I've said before when I love i give it 100% and will do anything for that person. As I did with my X cancer no matter what he asked me to do for him I did it .Paid for his University fees and Visa to stay in this country and then he just dumps me like that , no closure nothing . Ahh well , a lesson to be learned I suppose . I am usually a very careful person but he really sucked me in with all his, I love you ,cant live without you , I will never leave you , you are my life ...Bla Bla Bla .....So no man in my life at the moment which I miss espically the company part of it Who knows MR right might be out there somewhere !

  • How long was you with your X-friend? That was one of the signs that you where not compatible with. Gemini you too have to be careful with because they can be so unsure of themselves and I had to learn that. It has been a battle at time learning this guy. They are very sensitive and they try not to show. He in return has really taught me some things. I have also learned to give them that space that they HAVE to have, and not to take their behavior personal. At the end of the day for me it's about love and are you willing to take a chance? I am not one to keep starting over or seeing what else is out there. But, I can truely say I love my Gemini 🙂

  • I was with him for 17 mths altogether , He went back to India in july and while there his parents arranged a marriage for him , If you like you can read my story " Have I lost my cancer b/f for good " its all there, if you have time that is ?

  • joywriter , welcome to you too ,and have a Happy Valentines Day .

  • Good Morning to My Fellow Aquarians. I'm wishing all of you a very Blessed Day. Hope to meet up and join in a topic of discussion. Til then...take care!

  • hi everyone! Happy V-day!

    Llindi: painting is done, just arrived home. all my bodyparts are hurting and im exhausted. im gonna hit the shower now and try to enjoy whats left from the day (which is only some hours before i fall asleep).

  • Well the worst part is over , just the big move now . Happy V-day to you too . and have a nice long sleep. x

  • Hello all my aquarian friends, Happy Valentines day!!!!Sorry I haven't wrote for awhile been reading your posts and they all made me smile and I could relate to all,First of all I want to welcome the new aquarian friends since I last wrote,worthy 1248 I am exactly like you,Im eccentric,rebellious,and will speak my mind especially if someone is trying to hurt my loved ones.I am HONEST and I expect others to be HONEST.I .laughed when I read Leonidas thread because that is definately me I am extremely scared of mice I have a similar experience when I was a kid I opened a drawer in my kithchen( at my childhood house and they were doing construction on our street building new houses which brought feild mice) anyway as I opened the drawer out jumped a mouse I freaked out I hate mice since.I remember untill they caught it I wouldn't stay home by myself I would ask my little brother's friends if they could come and try to catch it.As for not being told what to do,I CAN"T STAND BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO,ESPECIALLY AT WORK WHEN YOU KNOW HOW TO DO YOUR JOB,I guess it is my rebellious nature but I don't like authority or power trippers who love to have power at jobs and abuse their power.I can't stand those types of people who love to abuse their power and try to control you at your job that just makes me become more rebellious.sorry this thread was so long.

  • Oh I will definately check out the web site fantasy world, As for men of astrological signs I have had most compatability with gemini,and libra is the one that seems the most compatible with.I had a past relationship with aquarius we got along great also.I had been married to a taurus who im a 100% different we constantly would argue he was just so materialistic and put himself first.And I always put him and my daughters first,He was not romantic and just so plain he didn't like to stand out or be different he didn't appreciate my eccentric trait complete opposites. As for libras my grandpa was a libra and I use to admire how he always spoke his mind and was honest he would never let anyone talk bad about his loved ones especially my grandma he would be the protector he loved my grandma so much.And libras seem to match my qualities, their are a few famous libras that I like both muisicians and celebrities,I didn't know they were libras when I found out I was like that explains why I happend to like them, actually their is one male famous libra I especially adore he is what I would look for in a love partner.He reminds me of how my grandpa was when he was young. I have liked him since he first made his way to the music scene 12years ago.I respect all fellow air signs the male air signs seem to have talent to communicate in one way or another,if it is writing lovesongs,or love letters they express their true feelings with passion. As well as us Aquarian females we have a talent to communicate and express ourselves as well.

  • No it was not to long., We are just head strong people. Do you find yourseld not really being able to get along with other females or is it jsut me. I don't follow people I am definitly my own person. I work with this picese person at work and she require a lot of attention and I am not that person to get that from, She's seems like lately she's starting to really talk about people. I can hurt her feelings so bad, I am that one person that she reallly does not bother. That person and I use to be really close, things has really changed btw use and I don't know why. I do know that Piceses can be really jealous people. She has not always been that person and I don't know what happened. She is also a people person and make friends with everyone that she into contact with. To me that is a sign of being insecure. Just needed to get that out. Thanks..........

  • Hello worthy 1248, I get along with both male and females,especially air sign females I also don't like the fake kind of people who are followers.I don't like when people are fake and they come across as a phony car salesman they have this tell you what you want to hear or like a sales personality, not genuine just fake a charmer" FAKE". Kind of like a pick-up artist a chameleon type their personality changes with different people. I also don't care for females who are materialistic and will use men for money that is something I don't respect.I also don't like when people talk and gossip behind others backs and then are hyprocrites to their face that makes me upset as well .I like real people male and female that are true to themselves and have values and morals and are honest..I hope I make sense im writing this fast. What year were you born worthy 1248? My birthday is 2/16/73.

  • trueaquarius. Ohh Happy b-day for Tuesday. are you on the cusps? I also like honesty I have this saying on my profile " I like people who are honest with me and not just tell me what I want to hear " I find this alot with the girls I work with . They suck up to you and you know its all false then theye'll go and tell someone else what you've just said even if it's confidential. If some one tell me something in confidence I will never tell a sole . I now know who I can trust and who I can't , worked with these girl's for 11 years now and i guess I know them pretty well If I want something to get around I know exactly who to tell and for sure it wont be long before everyone knows about it .

  • My b'day is 1/23/63.

  • Hi llindieloo, thank you, No not on the cusps definatley 100% Aquarius.I to would never betray someones confidence, if someone tells me something I would never repeat it.I would never betray anyone.I know how it is to work around people who gossip and betray one another i know better than to partake in their gossip, I would never trust them with anythng t trust them to be untrusting fake and to do what they do best GOSSIP. I have no tolerance those type of people.

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