Aquarius seeking other aquarius friends

  • Hello everyone

    This is such a lovely thread.....never knew there were so many Aquarians on this site. My birthday was on the 28 Jan and like everyone else here I'm also eccentric.

    Like Lindieloo & Katie I am also emotional & sensitive but I don't cry in front of others....I don't know if weird but I tend to hurt easily and bottle it up until I can let it out alone....

    Well, anyway I am also very bubbly as well and love to make friends.

    PS: Happy Birthday Katie!!!


  • Gamby. Welcome and happy belated b-day to you . Like you i hurt very easily , bottle it up . I also worry what others think of me , silly isen't it . If i sense someone dosen't like me I wonder why as i have done nothing, for them to think otherwise , I sence this, either they ignore me or completely blank me when I'm talking . Maby they feel I'm a threat or something , and this upset me. Have any of you ever experienced this ?

  • Lindieloo, I feel the same way but I guess it's because aquarians are such friendly poeple that if someone does not like us we tend to wonder what we've done to them.....I've learnt that not everyone is instantly friendly out there and it could be that they are intimidated by our eccentric nature or not the friendly sort.

  • Gamby: welcome and thanks for the wishes. a happy birthday to you too. like to all aquas in this forum. 🙂

    yes, i bottle up the hurts too. very bad cause once they explode. LOL and then its not pleasant for anyone who is around.

    and llindieloo, thanks again for the wishes, still shaken and confused with the surprise of this morning, kind of drags me back on the track... damn man... LOL

  • Although my Sun is in Capricorn if my Ascendant, Mercury and Venus are in Aquarius am I considered Aquarius too?

  • casper: i dont know so much about astrology, but im learning a lot these days. if you have three aquarius in your chart you may realize a lot of aquarius traits in yourself. so welcome, im sure you have some common traits with us. 🙂 i am an aqua (sun) but for example venus in Capricorn (though dont know anything about the sign capricorn) and rising and moon in virgo. so im not in everything a typical aqua. 🙂

  • Casper ,I'm no expert either, what date is your b-day ? Leoscorpion is very good at this sort of thing , if you wish I will ask her to do your chart for you , Let me know .

  • Thank you for the kind birthday wishes, llindieloo and Katie! 🙂

  • Where is everybody?

  • hey Llindi! im here, im just very busy. im gonna have to paint my new flat tomorrow (sunday) and move next week. i am already frustrated and tired. LOL 🙂 how are you?

  • Hi. I'm ok i might have to work tonight from 8pm till 8am grrrrrrr , so i will be busy as well . how's the new flat going I know its hard work moving , so much to pack etc. Happy painting .

  • Hi to all Aqua, I too am an Aqua 1/23. Good to know there is a different kind of thread out there. TrueAqua, you describe me to the tee. Eccentric, rebellious. different and can some how able to predict or fore see things. My mom was also Aqua her b'day was 2/6. She was the sweet and quite where as I am the one that's more vocal and will speak my mind in a minute. People say that I can be cold sometimes. I don't like to be told what to do and I don't accept authority well. I love,love my space you know we need to breath. I also love being in a relationship and my favorite person is a Gemini. Most of my friends are Males and sometime I find it hard to maintain a friendly relationship w/females. My good friend was a Gemini but passed on from breast cancer, that hurt me so much. We could really relate and I miss her so much. Most poeple I do get along w/are Gemini's maybe because we are somewhat alike. So that's a little something about me.

  • worthy1248. Welcome to you too. I was hoping you would join us here as I saw you on another thread and knew you were an Aqua. I don't like being told what to do either . I hate it espically when I know what i'm doing anyway ( at work I mean ) as i've said before most of my work colleagues are Aqua's I dont know many Gemini's , but I know we are compatable with them . I am the quiet type though, hate arguements and will walk away, too soft i've been told . Anyway nice to have you on here and happy belated b-day .

  • hey Llindie..

    How'z everything going on? I have working a lot lately..and school is crazy..ahh

    just wanted to ask you have any experience regarding Aqua guy?

  • saranee. Hi how's you? No I have never dated an Aqua guy and i cant say I know any either apart from my nephew , strange isen't it . Only ever been involved with a Capricorn , Libra , leo and virgo . My husband was the Cap lasted 19 years till he passed away. latter 3 no no's defo not LOL. Although Libra suppose to be compatible but he was very gealous and controlling .

  • hmm...i was involved with a Libra once and that was great..Leo and Cancer big NO for ...i get along with sis and best friend is an Aqua..but he is been acting different lately..we have been best friends for 5/6 yrs now..

  • Ahhhhhh If Aqua men areanything like Aqua women , then they are very friendly and loving , I am, if I love someone I give it my all and will be faithful throughout . I think this Aqua friend of yours has more than just feelings for you . But as a friend he will be a true and loyal friend , and will be there for you through thick and thin .

  • ohh saranee there's a websight called , " fantasy world ". It tells you all about the different star signs and who they are compatible with .

  • and will be there for you through thick and thin .

    thats true...he is been always there for bad relations..something went wrong in matter what it is...he will be there always..

    and remember we were talking the other day like how us aquarians thrive for a good conversation...i can tell same about him too...he is a lot like me..our B'day s are only a week apart.. lol..i was just surprised because we have been best friends for so long..we havent seen eatch other for 3 yrs, because he is on the west coast and i am on south..but we talk almost everyday..i am planning to go and see him on summer..once i am done with school here...I will try that fantasy world lol..funny name..

  • Hello to all,, I have never been on the computer at this time of day ..I can,t sleep I know this will sound a bit nutty but I woke earlier and there was a big MOUSE in my kitchen I almost fainted and I have set 3 traps and I am waiting for one to catch it I have lived here for 30 yrs and this is the second time this has happened ... I know i will not sleep until it is caught I have a phobia of them I think one was crawling on me when I was a small child my mother told me I was hysterical. Right now i am sitting here waiting for the Big Monster lol lol I almost feel like calling my man friend to just get over here and protect me. Is this an Aquarius flaw lol or do I need help. I just hate them it was so bold and not the least bit afraid of me it almost ran over my feet and into my slipper OHHHHHH I got to start praying,,, meditating,,,,, or something has to happen I am very tired. I will keep you posted. OH MY he ate the cheese and the peanut, butter can,t believe it, now I have to set the traps again, maybe you better All pray for me. LOL I will keep you posted.

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