Aquarius seeking other aquarius friends

  • wow!! hey guys i am here now...Thanks Llindie for leting me know about this thread. offcourse i am an aqua lol Feb 1st 1977.

    So here is little about me..i went to a boarding school when i was in 2nd grade and since then i have been myself. I really never had lot of chance to spend time with my families. Mostly i used to see them twice a year winter and summer break. after i finish high school i came back to my home town for college i stayed with my family for 5 yrs. I was always very close to my father in my family and thought he is probably the only one who actually understands me..and those 5 years i realise that there is a wall between me and other family members(not dad) ..i heard i am indifferent,self centered and and offcourse non traditional lol after 5 yrs till i finish my college i move out of state again for higher study then another state for job.and now here in US. '

    As a person i think i am organised..responsible thats because i spend most of my life by myself since i was a little kid. That helps me learn to solve my problems by i can totally relate with Katie, i always have hard time asking for help.which is funny because i always have friend comming to me with their problems..and i listen and try to help..

    sometimes I can stay home all day without talking or meeting anybody just me..never had problem with that..i will read..or cook..or watch a movie..i will always find a way...but sometimes i also get so restless and i feel like i need to go out and socialize..i dont understand this part about myself.

    I am a honest person and i usually tell people what i think..straight forward..but honesty can backfires sometimes..that happend before. i also think i am a very emotional person..and i do cry when i am sad or really happy..but i have been told i am detached and unemotional..never understand why?

    and my fear..Kaie here i come.. lol

    "my biggest fear is that i will never find a man that will understand at least a part of what i am"

  • oh..i am aslo very unpredictable..i cant even predict my self 😞 i sometimes do things that i didnt even thought 10 min before lol

  • Hi Saranee, Knew it woulden't be too long before you joined us here LOL. Don't we all seem pretty well the same . Like you I adored my father .He's been dead 30 years and I still miss him terribly . could talk to him about anything and he would advice me , he was a very clever man . I too like my own company and I am quite happy to spend time at home relaxing . But at times I do get lonely and miss the company of a man, just to have an inteligent conversation with . I am sure we will learn a lot about ourselves on here , look forward to seeing you all again and catching up . xx


  • Hi All ! Looking for something on reincarnation/ karma found this somewhere. Enjoy !

    AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 through Feb. 19) You are everywhere, in all walks of life, but each of you has his/her version of the same karmic task: to turn to the person next to you and say, "Watch that first step up!" Aquarians are truly prepared for the evolutionary lurch that is opening the Aquarian Age. The soul choosing an Aquarian sun has come to add the magic to the mix (and heaven knows, we can use it!).

    Science has just begun to explore the power of electricity in the human physiology. According to the New Agers, these studies will eventually discover that electrically charged body fluids are the source of inspirational hunches and other psychic experiences. Then, at last, the puzzling symbology of the Water-Bearer for your airiest of air signs, ruler of electricity, will be understood. Meanwhile, you'll have to continue operating as a super-being in a society unaware of your true nature.

    Aquarius has great responsibilities in the changing world. You will be at the forefront of the advances. At this very moment, an Aquarian somewhere is designing advanced technology for purely humanitarian purposes - without them we would have to wait for a money-making procedure that had an incidentally helpful side effect. Probably the product of many, many incarnations, you have inborn understanding of human foibles. You may have spent more time than most on the "Watcher" planes, where it is said, those who are interested can monitor events on earth and be a helpful influence between earth-lives.

    Only advanced souls can operate on these mental planes successfully, and such people have extra intellectual ability, as well as increased understanding of human nature, from the experience. Have patience with more earthbound souls, and you'll be revered leaders of us all.

  • Lol Llindie:

    But at times I do get lonely and miss the company of a man, just to have an inteligent conversation with ..

    This is sooooo true...there were several times i was physicaly attracted to a guy and the chemistry between us was great as long as they didnt open their mouth lol damn..

  • Laie4. My that was very interesting indeed .

  • Saranee. Its best they shut up and let us do all the talking , We make more sense anyway LOL .

  • Helloooooo TrueeAquariuss ;DDD I'm an aqaurius too my birthday was on the 29th The Only Aquarius in my family and the only one with that birthday in school ;DDDD Hope Wee Can Talkk.

  • Hello to all, 2/10/1955.


  • myladyhawke. Thank you for the b-day wishes to us all on here, I take it yours is the 10th Feb, Greetings to you in advance .

  • Llindie:

    Have you heard anything from you guy yet?

  • saranee. No not a word . H'es been on messenger and usually when I log in ,he logs out and logs in again as invisible , But lately when h'es on , I log in as busy . But it dosen't bother me now what so ever , He knows where I am . I thought he would of at least wished me a happy b-day . never mind eh . He just might need me one day but I doubt he would stoop so low as to ask me for anything espically money . How are you doing ?

  • Llindie:

    I am doing ok..mine played a lot of games. and there was a girl when i delet him from FB and yahoo he came back like a cry baby eventually i add him because i felt little bad..and right after i add him..he disappeared on me again...he didnt even wish me on my B'day either...and he inactive his FB a/c the day before my B' i said nothing..didnt even try to call thats about it...

    H'es been on messenger and usually when I log in ,he logs out and logs in again as invisible

    Thats why i delet him from my list because when i see that it hurts me...i still didnt add him back on yahoo...

  • Saranee . I will post reply on my thread .

  • Hello all my aquarian friends I am also very sensitive and will cry at every movie, sad or not and choke up on songs that remind me of past times.Im very sensitive and constantly cry over the passing of my grandparents which was years ago, I miss them so much. And when I watch movies with my daughters my oldest will say are you crying again mom. I am very sensitive and very emphatic I feel for people and I don'tlike to see people sad.As for the artistic part I love to write poetry,and draw but not very well,I love to sing but not that good at it.I love to design and I don't know if this is considered art but I love to do make-up( as a professional make-upartist would) a face is my canvas like a beautiful painting that would have their features be accented with pretty colors.I love to be different and i like to stand out and when I was younger I had to stand out from my friends I had my own style and freinds always seemed to follow my style.I always encourage my daughters to express their own style, my oldest is a sagattarius and youngest is a leo (a true leo ) she is 4 and already loves shoes and clothes she changes clothes 4x a And I being aquarius love being a mother and I love to listen to all their stories and I want to have more kids I love kids I hope to have 2 more in the future.By the way I want too wish you all happy birthday wishes..

  • trueaquarius --- you sound so creative! I think of all of it as art : )

    Kids are the best --- daughters soooo need to get self-esteem reinforcement at an early age --- way to much pressure later!

    Loved the story about your little Leo Sunshine! Enjoy your day!

  • Hi

    Guess I'm the quiet aquarian.Too scared,but open my mouth to put a big foot


    There are too many aquarians in my family,each different personality.

    All inept at any sort off management skills

    How about that!

  • trueaquarius> im so with you on the crying about past things. is it then an aqua thing? i mean i constantly battle with trying to get over past, friends that i had but disappeared. and i cant get over it. and lets not talk about grandparents. i still cry almost every week when i remember my grandma, she died like 8 years ago, still like it happened yesterday. and i cant get over things like that. and make up? i do consider it art. for me everything is art that expresses a sort of beauty. 🙂 would love to do good make up. 🙂

  • oh happy birthday to all aquas from me too! 🙂

  • Hello! Am I one of you if I am a Capricorn but have Aquarius in Ascendant, Mercury and Venus and if I attract Aquarian men like cats to a fishbowl? I used to date Aquarian men but we only lasted a short while until I met a Leo man and we dated for 3 yrs then got married and stayed married for 20 yrs. He passed away in 2007 from heart failure. Now I am not seeing anyone b/c I AM ON VACATION!! Am I wrong to feel that way? I am not seeing anyone b/c after the years of what I went through right now I am just not interested and I am not...if you know what I mean. I just like being independent and not having someone else tell me what to do, how to do it, when to do, where to do, etc. I hope you get my point!!

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