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  • ~Leonida~

    I most highly agree with what you say! Are sure your not talking about my dad, if not it sure could be his twin ( lol ). Quote" He has told me if he makes changes it will be because he did it NOT BECAUSE I TOLD HIM TO" That is exactly what my dad say's! Also, he is in the same situation and even right down with the not dating for 7 years! If this just so happens to turn out to be him I so look forward to meeting you and if not, I wish you and yours the best of luck! I'm calling him today to find out if he's recently started to date or is thinking about.

  • Sorry, I AM SO SORRY THAT YOU ARE HAVING TO READ THIS AGAIN. Second, must appologize for my horrible sentence & spelling structure above. Third, there I go again in a rush to submit it without even going back and reading it! Geez, I need to learn patience! Thank God I didn't quit my day job to be a English Teacher! lol I would have been fired the first day. I am so glad that we as a human race were'nt made to be perfect, "PHEW.......Man that was a close one...." ( T.N.T.L.M.A.O) That way i'll still have a but cheek or two. O.K. enough of going off subject back to what I started this second post for.

    ~Corrected quote~ Are you sure your not talking about my dad? If not, it sure does sound like it could be his twin (lol).

    ~Corrected quote~That is exactly what my dad would say!

    ~Corrected quote~He is also in the same circumstances and right down to not dating for 7 years!

    ~Corrected quote~I am going to call him today and find out if he has been dating!

  • Hello divine, You do just fine with expressing yourself in your writing, so don,t worry about that, anyhow I am sure he is not your DAD as he was never married and no children..that he knows of. It is the one thing he constantly says he regrets NO CHILDREN, well he had choices he made them, you know HIS way. Well today I have not heard from him and I am just fine. ACTUALLY I am more interested in coming to this site and communicating with my fellow Aquarians lol. I am wondering what it is like for you to have a father who has such a problem, DOES it make you fearfull of relationships with men who may occasionally drink, and are really self absorbed as my friend is. You see I think my friend has some real issues that he camouflages with alcohol, what sign is your father ? I,m dealing with a Taurus. Maybe i should not ask these questions answer only if you want to OK. I want to comment on your name DevineEvanescence, I have a granddaughter and her favorite band is Evanescene I love her so much but I am afraid she is obsessed with this singer although I must say this singer is remarkable and I feel my granddaughter has good taste in music & my sons are professional musicians. She is constantly giving us info about this band and the singer in it that there was only one question to ask so it seemed... & we did LOL ... We asked if she knew her blood type she knows everything else .LOL.......Oh well I guess that is the way you behave when you are a fan. I guess I am not having the best day It could be poetry time gain ..we,ll see, It certainly was nice to read your post . I will close for now and come back a little later. Always nice to have a response to a post.. Leonida

  • Leonida: really great poem, thanks for sharing.

    Gamby: Leonida, like you I also smile and pretend that everythings fine and cry in that an aquarian trait?

    I do think it is an aqua trait, as i do the same all the time. then i would extend this question to: is in an aqua trait to be on a rollercoaster. periods of being incredibly positive and full of energy and then in a moment changing into deep depression period? and still going out and smiling and doing like nothing were wrong and then going home close the door on yourself and continue with your depression? im experiencing it right now.

    back to poems but still on the same topic... i realized that i mostly write endlessly when im in a down period. i guess it has to do with the difficulties to share my problems and ask for support or help, so writing is the only thing where i can give out at least a bit my pain and suffering.

    following up to Leonida, i'd like to add a poem of my too if you dont mind, just to reflect how deep i can get. i usually never share my poems with anyone, not even my best friends know that im writing them... i feel kind of shy about it...

    so here it goes:

    When the whole world falls apart

    I’m gonna still stand there with open arms

    On the last cliff still untouched,

    Waving goodbye…

    Salute to a world

    That never understood me.

    That took me in, chewed me hard

    And spat me out.

    I’d like to stand on the edge

    Spread my wings and fly

    Until i have nothing but

    Feathers left behind.

    I'd like to scream

    I’d like to fight

    I’d like to rip my chest open

    And tear my heart apart.

  • Hello Katie1982, WOW, that is very expressive, don,t be shy about your writing, it,s very good But it is dark and you must have been felling very sad when you wrote it, I have some like this and I wrote them when I was down Its good to express it on paper I find it is a release, I hope you do too. Yes I do agree that we are sometimes like that roller coaster, I often feel that it is difficult to find and stay in that middle, I have 3 sons and 2 of them are very middle type people, one is very much like me and he is an Aquarian, must mean something don,t you think , he is also into the Arts ,he is a producer and musician& song writer. Thank you for sharing your deep sensitive poem and I hope your feelings right now are on the high end of that roller coaster, keep writing, & don,t be shy to share, I for one love to read other peoples poetry. One of my favourite books was written by a man called KAHLIL GIBRAN ,,, the book is called THE PROPHET, it is very inspiring. ....... Leonida

  • Hi all. I have been feeling very down this week , thats whay i havent' been around for a few day . Don't know why or whats causing it I know exactly what Katie means . Whan i'm at work I put a brave face on , but once I get home I just cry and feel very sad, I wish I knew why i am feeling this way. Katie your poem moved me to tears as did Leonida's, you two are very talented indeed. I am still thinking of my cancer and still missing him terribly , this could have a lot to do with it . I really need to shake this feeling off and get on with it

  • Hi llindieloo, sorry to hear you had a bad week, of course missing someone is always a situation where sadness can creep in. I have not had the best week myself maybe its something in the cosmos for us, one thing I have noticed is that it always passes and somehow next time it is not as intense " the missing feeling" I am convinced that going out meeting others is very beneficial, it took me 7yrs to do that and knowing what I feel now I certainly wished I had done that a long time ago, any how i hope the the up coming week brings you a little joy.

  • hi Leonida! thank you for the encouragment. i really dont show my poems around a lot, cause it is basically and most importantly to somehow give out pain and help myself in the healing process.

    i am not that much down right now... though my head is still just a bit above the water, but i feel that better days come. 🙂

    and i might go on sharing some more poems of mine, but just slowly. LOL otherwise we might become a suicide group. 🙂

    llindieloo: im sorry you are down. i am down a lot of times recently, and i must say, sometimes i dont even know the real reason, why. i realized that the best i can do in moments/periods like that is withdrawing and not repressing (like i tend to do) but letting out all the pain. i cant tell why i feel that way, but time to time i let it overcome me and i cry my a-s-s off (LOL) and then i always feel a bit better. 🙂 i hope you are feeling a bit better though.

  • Hello Everyone.....hope you all had a good weekend.

    Lindieloo, I'm sorry you are feeling down, I hope things get better. I've been feeling the same. I finally told my ex who is back after a year saying he's changed and wants another chance that I cannot go down that road again. I've been alone for more than a year and it was sooooo very tempting to have him back as he was my first love, but I keep remembering what a rollersoaster being with him was like. It was the hardest thing I had to do all over again and like you and so many others here I've been pretending everythings fine and crying my heart out when I'm alone.

    Leonida, I'm sorry If I sounded insensitive when I said that you deserve someone better without knowing your history and I understand when you say: "we are in the winter of our lives and it is very difficult to start a relationship with the unknown in the best of times" - ...My head & heart have been at war with each other for a long time so I completely understand what you are feeling. Both you and Katie are so gifted and your poems moved me to tears as well. I've read some of KAHLIL GIBRAN's poetry and it is indeed beautiful. My best friend had one of his poems on love quoted on her wedding invitation.

    I hope this week turns out to be much better for everyone....I wish lots of love and happiness to you all.

  • Hi Gamby! All the love and happiness i wish back to you. i have a bit better week. yesterday i was very very down. like i had to 'vent' on my own. that is the same procedure for me: i put on headphones some of my 'venting' songs, like Tom Waits: Cold Cold Ground or something similar and just lay down and listen and cry until i get better again. 🙂

    im going through a lot of changes in my life for good, but it is not always easy. 🙂

    a good week for everyone!

  • Ahhh Look at all my lovely friends on here worried about me . No doubt i will shake it of in a day or so , Its jusr so hard , cause every evening when I come home from work and turn my computer on He is there on messenger . its got more frequent lately , used to be one every now and again but now it's all the time , same in the mornings before I go to work I always check my mail , Why has he not deleated me ? So now I have got into the habit of showing "I'm busy " Do you think I should delete him ? Its so tempting knowing he's only a click away .

    I know in my heart if I were to say HI he would ignore me and then I would feel a complete fool.

    Anyway I thank you Katie , Leonida and Gamby , looks like we are all feeling a bit doen lately . I hope we can shake it off soon and get back to our old selve's again .

  • Hi Gamby, My weekend was not the best as I am also anticipating what to do about my relationship I get moments where I feel I cannot make all those changes thats required to make a relationship work. You see I also got used to being alone and actually started to like it , although I was often lonely My children live in other parts of the world and the family life is not the same. there are day,s when I want to end it with him and then HE CALLS.....makes me laugh,...... tells me he loves me wants to spend time together and then we end up fighting about our differences ...( examples ).......I am a person of quality and he is of quantity I have become a night person He is a morning person ECT..... there are many things.......... I told him we are like Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor (TOXIC) but we are drawn to each other like magnets, and I know if this ends I Am WILL HAVE TO DO IT and it is not going to be easy. YOU KNOW always that fear of the unknown, I Was The ONE THAT LEFT 35 YRS AGO. And he is the one that sought me out 9 months ago, Your not flying away this time he says LOL. I caught you and I am not letting go., I want to make it clear he is not aggresive or violent or anything like that, He is kind of like a Walter Matthau in his humor. & I always liked his humor still do. OH I go I am all over the place again. Time to close .... Katie GO AHEAD& CRY IT OUT it does help....................... Leonida

  • llindieloo: erase him from msn please... it is a terrible temptation!

  • Hello fellow aquarians,

    I'm 16/2, single mother, run my own business, studying for my degree at Uni, never enough hours in the day, absolutely hopeless when it comes to relationships... Always rush in, bend over backwards, get burnt, withdraw into my shell... I'm sick of this pattern, just want to find someone who will love me for who I am but give me the space I need too... Is there any hope for me, keep putting myself out there just to get hurt all over again...

  • Wow reading the posts on here was giving me goosebumps, I too am very sensitive, although people don't seem to realise that, spend too much time alone, have bursts of energy and enthusiasm, but long periods of depression, lost my best friend to breast cancer 3 and a half years ago, miss my grandparents terribly (grandpa was the only other aquarian in the family and hence, the only one who understood me at all), give it my all at the start of relationships but then pull away and need my solitude, when down I crank the music up and sing to get the pain out, cry very easily, but try to only do it when alone, feel very isolated and like no-one understands, can't ask for help, but can't do everything on my own, also think that because I wouldn't do that to someone others wouldn't treat me badly but they do...

  • Hello fellow aquarians.. what a nice post.. I can already tell that I'm going to have fun reading all 14 pages.. 🙂

    x (27 Jan aquarius here ) x

  • Hello Aquarians, I am an aqua girl too (January 26). Lets see. I've read a couple of the post and I noticed quite a few of us were in some kind of health care field. I was a Nurse Aide for 5 years. Working my way through college. Now I am a chemical engineer. I love it.

    I can be very sensitive too, I do spend a lot of time alone, but most of the time I enjoy it. The world can be very exhausting for me. I do cry in isolation, I don't want everyone, or cant let everyone know how sensitive I am. I guess I'm not brave enough for that. I feel like they will see it as a weakness and try to take advantage of me. That has happen before, didn't work out for the other person because I said I'm sensitive, not a freakin doormat. This is an ongoing problem I have as an Aqua girl, people mistaken my kindness for weakness.

    I too, fear not finding a man that will love me for me. I have yet to find that. I always have to battle with them for me to be me. We cannot be controlled, we need to much space for that. I do give my all in relationships,but the ones I have turn out the guy does not accept me for who I am.

    Its always something, my last relationship the idiot was an Aqua man, he tried to always tell me what to do with my money. Like he worked hard for it. Uhm I don't think so. Then he would always tell me what he didn't like about me, I finally told him, "If I'm accepting your growing gut and your gross looking teeth, the least you can do is accept my obsession with coffee and shopping with my money!!" aaaaa, that was the day I decided to be single again.

    I work very hard. As we all do, (that's another thing my ex complained about, "you work to much! you should have told me your a workaholic") The more I think about that relationship the more I realized how in some relationships its like the roles are reversed..LOL because he bitched all the time. Got on my nerves..I avoided him a lot.

    Relationships are not easy for us. Hopefully with this forum we can all support each other and stick in there. I am close to just having a few best friends, my dogs, and a few other animals and call it a day!

  • I am an aquarius as well. As an aquarian I can be very shy to the point were I am always quiet. Can also be very rebellious so when people tell me to do something I do the totally opposite of what you told me to. Deep down inside aquarians are humanitarians who won't judge you and are true originals. We always walk our own way, never follow the herd. We also don't like copycats. Everyone should be original and live their life like they want to. I would like to correspodent with other aquarians to share experiences.

    Much love and peace!

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