Aquarius seeking other aquarius friends

  • Im aquarius 100% from being eccentric to orignal and unique to humanattarian and friendly to rebellious.Im looking to correspond with aquarius members.or others who have loved ones that are aquarius.

  • Hi llindieloo here . I'm an aquarian its actually my birthday tomorrow 31st . I am pleased to meet you and I hope we can become good friends on here , Where do you come from ? I live in the England UK . I have met some wonderful people here on these forums and who have given me some valuable advice and support I broke up with my cancer guy over 3 months ago , I was feeling rather low at the time and sure enough you guys on here have been tremendous . Hope alot more Aqu's join you here to share our hopes and dreams . thank you for starting this thread . your friend llindieloo.

  • Hi trueaquarius ! Did you also read the thread that say something about The Air Up There It is about getting air signs together. Nice to meet (read,lol ) you!

    Hi again llindieloo! WHy aren't you out celebrating? LOL ! Oh yeah, its early .. well, maybe not, never too early to celebrate anything. I just read the post that I mentioned to trueaqua and saw you had posted there. We have the same > Aqua/Leo but your ascendant is Cap & mine is Leo. I think I want yours, whine, lol ! Wanna swap? ; )

  • Hee hee . I dont think you would want to swap with me I am always getting myself into trouble Seem to put my foot in it , I am having a friend coming around tomorrow night for a drink , X work colleague (girl )so I might have a sore head the morning after LOL . So glad you have oined us here , it could get very interesting indeed .

  • Hi there all Aquarians, Yes thats me too, I was born Feb. 5th 1943, the only one born in the winter in my family a family of 6 children. I always felt like I was different than my siblings and of course they told me I was, I have some of those traits they used to say "Ask HER, She knows " they still do and we laugh about it. I was always reaching for the stars but never really got there, I am the music person I am the poet and I like to draw and paint. I hate decor that is balanced. I have 3 sons one is an aquarian one is a cancer and one is a leo 2 are musicians songwriters and producers, the other a physic engineer. I raised them on my own as their father left when they where very young and so was see I was married at the age of 16 and had all three by the age of 19 WOW how did I do that . WELL I did and I loved them so much if I had the right man I could have had a dozen kids I loved being a MOTHER. As you can see I am all over the place, YES thats me The Aquarian just like all of you sensitive,caring ecclectic,eccentric and i have a

    famous line that I often use " YOU can,t just get up early to fool me , YOU have to stay up all night I think I have joined don,t you thank s for starting this site It could be fun. LEONIDA

  • Mee to. I am the only Aquarian in my immediate family. I have a Niece and Nephew who are and they are very career orientated as I am also. But when I love someone, I give it my all and will do anything to support and care for that person through thick and thin . I also tend to help people not the other way round , I have been let down so many times espically when lending money never seem to get it back . I have a saying also " What goes around comes around " and it does . Thank you for sharing and giving up your time to join us .

  • Hello all my aquarian fellow members, finally can relate to people like myself giving and caring actually more like sacrificing your needs for other loved ones needs so they can be happy.thats what I always seem to do I like to make my loved ones happy but as you stated they don't seem to do the same for me.We are so different from many signs,we are caring and will listen when someone has a problem and give our advice when they want it and Motherly for sure I like to help people and also wish I could change the world for the better (l.o.l.).I love to be different I can't stand the plain I like to stand out from the crowd.And the aquariun trait I do respect is HONESTY I hate when people lie,I tell the truth even if the person doesn't want to hear it (L.O.L.) I tell them gently but truthfully.I don.t respect when someone is fake and they lie .Sorry I keep rambling on I just love to be an Aquarius we are such true and special people with great hearts. By the way Happy Birthday llindieloo. I hope you have a special day.

  • Hi again. Thank you for the birthday wishes . My day has been good so far , loads of cards and flowers . Looking forward to my drink tonight with my friend . I like helping as well and the honesty bit I'm the same , hate people who lie , there's no need for it . We are truly Unique individuals.

  • Hi there everyone, I really don,t like shopping but I went last week to buy a dress for a wedding and I ended up buying two blouses along with a dress and today I had to go and find the right costume jewelry to go with it, well again what a chore. I brought the blouses with me as they are complicated in their colour and design. So here is my problem very typical of me I now have 3 outfits and I am not sure which one to wear, I like one with those shoes and the other with that coat I have already spent too much money on this winter wedding and I wished it was over with. Is this an Aquarius trait, if it is I simply can,t afford it lol What can I do ????? OH I know I shoould have sent back my R.S.V.P I am an Aquarius I can,t make decision I used to do well in making decisions and now I find everything complicated just like me lol But don,t worry I will attend. Leonida

  • Hello, great to meet some other Aquarians. I too am sensitive, motherly, honest, and very compassionate, I think in a scientific manner analyzing everything. I to have the same issue with shopping.... LOL! Though I have never thought of myself as eccentric before, I think I can see it now. I have been married to a pisces for 19 years and have a 16 year old Virgo daughter. Yes, there is never a dull moment around here! I also work with an aquarius male which is also quite interesting. My Mother is also an aquarian, and I have known several that have the same bday as me (2-12). So, I think this will be an interesting thread. I hope to learn moore about myself here. Thanks for starting this thread.

  • Hi ! I've lived with me for so long I don't think in this way any more. Ya know unique, eccentric .... I'm just me. Other people do have different takes tho, don't they? Hmmn, don't know where to begin .. So I'll start with MissyMill's post .

    I to am very sensitive, but that doesn't come through clearly to others. Being an empath, something that was a big duh moment, learned thru this site --- woo hoo -- I've protected inner heart for a long time. (she shrugs, lol ) I know the difference between empathy and compassion and am thankful that my mind works, most of the time ! I've worked hard at being tactful, : > ) trying to intergrate honesty with kindness. And, finally got there -- most of the time.

    Shopping --- Clothes Shopping --- Noooo !!! I so dislike buying anything along those lines. Can u tell?? I love, love, love, buying anything to redecorate, remodel or the like. Like most Aquarians I know, I observe things then jump in and change whatever. At home this is used constantly, much to husbands dismay. " Why did you move my chair over there" ? "That wall color is called what? Pepto Bismal Pink, is what it should be called!" ROFL ! Its good for him, my Pisces man. He will say I should go clothes or shoe shopping, gotta love a man like that!

    Science and theology are my favorite topics and I follow a subject until I understand Or beat it to death you could say! Once I wanted to understand near death expeiences and sought out any book I could find on the anatomy and functioning of the brain. I have a science degree and the world could spin off its axis and I would be unaware when focused on something. I have a child-like imagination that I've only begun to share (with adults that is) and this has been inversely proportionate to my age!! Thank goodness, for balance.

    I adore being a Mom -- growing up I never even thought of marriage or children --- God must've laughed! I had my children early like you, Leonida, I had four in five years by the time I was 23. The 80's are a blur! They drive my bonkers sometimes but I love to have them close and watch the way they tease, laugh and love each other. My youngest being born an Aquarian on the 23rd of Jan. My father is one day after you, Feb 6th, (1940). Happy Early B-day, Leonida!

    I don't draw, but I can paint and make it come to life. ( A very odd quirk, like so many, in my brain.) I do oils and I always say badly because I'm never satisfied or they are just plain bad because I can't draw!

    At this stage in my life I am woking on letting my heart show to others ....Back to you llindieloo-- the sun ( Aqua) is suppose to represent father and ego. The moon (leo) the inner ..... Run with a generous, warm heart, right? Just lucky enough to have a head that keeps us out of trouble --- LOL ! Or did u get into trouble on ur b-day??

    Trueaqua- I have heard other Aquarians say what you wrote about no one is there when they need help. Most Aquas ... Don't ask for help, thats why. People see us moving along, capable, like Leonda and think ah ... they have the answers, they don't need assistance etc. Something I've learned ask, make yourself clear in desire to get your needs met. What a hassle, huh? : )

    Okay, wacky crazy Sisters, stepping off soap box... Have a go!

  • laie4. No I diden't get into trouble , well I dont think i did . Can't remember much . Just a massive hangover . Spent all Monday in bed . Completely lost a day , just coming round now LOL.

  • UH OH ! Hope it wears off soon : > )

  • Hi all, feeling much better today , Thank God . So now we have introduced ourselves I would like to know what line of work You all do ? I work in a Care Home for the Elderly , mostly dementia and old people ,been there for nearly 11 years , Started of as a carer then made up to Senior now I am Deputy Manager and Marketing Co-ordinator . I love it but somedays it can be very stressfull , demanding and loads and loads of paperwork. Most of the staff are Aquarians , must be the caring and humanitarian side of us . Well thats what I do for a living , so now its over to you guys ?

  • Hi llindieloo! Glad to hear your right side up again, lol!

    After my last child went to school, I worked in a elderly care home. I had a knack for pts. that had a some form of mental (dementia,alzheimers) issues. This led me to working with special needs children/adults. I did that for 20yrs or so. I absolutely loved it !

    I put myself in & out of nursing school 3 times but for personal reasons each time changed course. In school, I tutored other students too --- tons of useless knowledge, LOL. Anyway, -- have a forensic science degree. Currently, not using : (

  • hi everyone! i'm an aqua too. (though only know llindieloo from here). born 09/02/1982. i read all the comments here and can relate to a lot of things. there are so many things i could tell and i dont even know which is an aqua trait... 🙂

    since a very early age i always had the strange feeling of not fitting in at all. i made friends but never shared my problems with anyone, so basically built up an outer picture of me always helping others and never having any problem myself. i always solved my troubles alone, that's why i still have the problem of never being able to ask for help. because of feeling so different, i built really really big walls around me which actually i am only trying to put down lately and peak out. whenever i peaked out though i realized that most of the people don't understand feelings/thoughts i have and try to explain them. i know i view the world and every happening in it very differently than a lot of people.

    i cry if i see something sad and if i see something good. let me explain better.

    i can start to cry in the middle of a friendly debate about japanese killing the whales... because i LOVE animals and anyways generally HATE/can't handle any kind of cruelty.

    i hear a piece of news on the tv about a very old men driving the wrong way on the highway and getting killed. later i get to know he got confused cause he tried to follow a ambulance car that was bringing his wife to the hospital... and i cry... havent known the man, only that i can so much feel his pain.

    i see on the street (i live in europe) American Indians playing music on the street. amazing music, and i cry cause i immediately think of how great culture they had and where they are now, having to play music in big dirty cities in squares... and i could endlessly go on.

    so basically i am all the time emotionally overcharged and i still haven't learnt how to deal with it/control it. since i've seen more of you are older than me... any ideas? will it ever be controlled?

    otherwise, i'm 28 in a week, and i am really responsible and organized. but emotionally i feel such a child still. i am afraid of a lot of things, still courious and interested to find out how they are.

    would love to do art. wrote a lot of poems, still seems to be the easiest way to express myself. though would love to make clothes (for myself only) and paint. dont know whether i have any talent to it, but i sooo much would love to be able to paint.

    because of this emotional overflow i feel the need to express myself all the time...

    about humanitarian topic. i would love to go to africa or any other countries in need to work there as a volunteer. and i know one day im gonna go... just not ready yet for the experience that waits for me there. i feel i need to see what is there to be able to appreciate my life even more and also to feel that i helped.

    once my friends were talking about what they would do if they won lots of money in the lottery. all of them were talking about endless travelling and stuff, not working anymore. and i stayed silent, because of course i'd love to endlessly travel too (who doesnt), but if i won the lottery i'd share all that money with organisations that help people in need. sometimes i feel i have no right to be happy with what i have... cause how can i live happily when the world is full with people that have no food and no shelter?

    and i could go on so much more, but it is already quite long. im happy i found this thread as i sometimes (basically almost all the time) feel so lost and alone.

  • oh and one more thing: my biggest fear is that i will never find a man that will understand at least a part of what i am...

  • Hi Katie. I knew you would join us soon and write a book LOL. Only joking . You sound a lot like me I also cry at sad and funny things , can get very emotional, Can't say I am artistic but I do like decorating my home , I can sew and knitt , and with not having a man about the house I'm a dab hand at do-it-yourself , so i'm pretty organised in that department . I'm a pretty good singer , used to sing in a band in my younger days I can also play the guitar . Counyry and Western mostly.

    I help people a lots but I never ask for help, like you I try to solve my own problems . Probably too proud to ask and I would never never as for money of anyone, thats a no no. I would do without before asking . If I won the lottery I would look after my family and then donate to charity . There are so many people out there who deserve and need it more than I do .

    As for a man in my life well there isen't one at the moment as you know my story but I'm sure with a little patience and leaving it to the Universe it will happen one day . Soon I hope . As you know I helped him money wise so at least I did do something and helped him achieve things in his life

    As far as your emotions, I don't think you can change that , it is how you are ,and thats what makes you special . So carry on just being you . Happy birthday foe next week in advance incase I dont get the chance to before then , Saranee should join us on here , I will invite here when I next talk to her. Bye for now and take care all of you . xoxoxox

  • hi llindieloo! 🙂

    llindieloo> I knew you would join us soon and write a book LOL.

    Katie> and i knew you'll be the first one welcoming me. LOL i havent joined before cause i got stuck at the Love&Relationships section and actually today was the first time i came over here. 🙂 so funny im too an absolutely do it yourself person around the house. i can chop wood, put together furniture and all sort of things like that. not only because im alone a lot (without any man around the house) but because i simply love to be able to do it. 🙂

    you can't say that you are not artistic if you are a good singer and play the guitar. i consider music as art.

    i know your story and what i think is (dont know whether it is an aqua trait or only my trait LOL) that the best what you can do when life gives you a punch in the face is stand up, dust yourself and go on and take all the 'positive' aspects from it. check what you learnt and try not making the same mistake again. of course i fall down a lot and think that everything is a big pile of c-r-a-p, but then i have this never ending always lasting positive attitude that everything is just gonna be okay. 🙂

    and yes, invite saranee, she would surely enjoy it over here. 🙂

  • Saranee, will be joining us soon .

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