Ouija Boards?!

  • Hello everyone!!! I thought this topic would be interesting and I am wondering everyone's thoughts about it. Who here has used a ouija board and have you found them effective? Any interesting stories surrounding them? Has one affected your life, positively or negatively?

    Alrighty!!! 🙂 Here it goes... 🙂 I'm excited to hear your responses!

    Amor y Luz,

    Brianna ❤

    (I posted a pic hehe I'm cool 🙂 )

  • Okay, Alright I confess! In the past I have used the ouija board. Was very fond of it and very effective with it. However, looking back, I know it brought lots of negativity into my life . Not a good thing to mess with in my opinion. My advice would be to leave it alone or better yet burn it. That is what I ultimately did to mine. Eventhough I believe all things can be used for good, Why take the risk of opening a door you never completly get closed again? Just my opinion! :-))

  • Yikes!!! Yes I've used one before too with friends, whoever we were talking to was funny though, it kept crackin jokes, i'm totally serious. LOL, woww You BURNED iT!? Lol. Isn't that the only way to get rid of it? Or give it to someone else or sell it right? What kind of negativity, did it affect your mood or something? :))

  • I have this "Ouija Answer Book" I got at B&N, but no board. I refuse to own, try or be around a Ouija board. Don't know, but I just get this not necessarily bad/evil feeling, but this feeling of "this is not for you" or "leave this alone" from them. The last thing I need right now is any random doors opening. 😛

    The book, however is just a flip book of letters, numbers and "Yes", "No", and "Goodbye". It amuses me, and doesn't give me the same feeling as the board does. You have to write down the letters/numbers as you flip back and forth and then decode whatever message there is, so you basically get a lot of nonsense, lol!

    This is what the cover looks like:

  • Well fine. Deny the dimensions! lol! I'll try an even smaller pic. 😛

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have used one when I was younger but it seemed like the same spirit kept coming through even if I used a different board. Not a very nice spirit so I got scared and have not touched one in about 30years. Will never use one again.

  • I am in agreement with Soapmaker. Friends I knew were meeting on a regular basis and playing around with it. It got pretty awful, but they didn't confide in me until it got really bad for them. They now wish they hadn't touched it.

    A tool is all it is, But, everyone seems to do it to call spirits ... any spirit can come in. For this reason alone, I won't touch it.

  • oh wow! i hadn't even thought about the oijua board since i decidd 20 years ago i would never touch it again. the clarity of the messages that came through almost scared the life out of me and my friend.

    about twenty years ago when my son was an infant, we lived in an old craftsman house in colorado, complete with all original fixtures, old style hinged ice-box, single ceramic wash basin, built-ins and original hard wood flooring and of course the leaded and stained glass windows, and which included the constantly flickering lights from the old wiring. this house has a basement with an old furnace where the washer and dryer was and where we let a nineteen year old young man 'camp-out' as we rescued him from abusive neighbor (that's a whole other story involving screaming rabbits and other animals that were ill-fated by the owner..).

    nevertheless, the young man 'lyle' had a ouiji board (he was also heavily into dungeons and dragons) and he asked me to try it out with him one night, so i thought 'why not.' soon after i learned why not! the experience was one of the most terrifying experiences i have ever had. it was clear that we had contacted the other side, yet the spirit(s) were not aggressive but skintillatingly accurate! any question we asked was right on the mark. we made sure we were not guiding the 'plastic oracle' (or whatever you call that thing), we allowed our fingers to float above as directed. each time i asked a question and the answer came through acurate, i was skeptical and freaked out at the same time, so i kept testing it. same with lyle, we both were crawling out of our skin each time and the energy was overwhelming where we eventually had to stop and decided to get rid of it.

    during our questions and each time the ouiji board answered correctly, we began to write messages on paper, or the answers to individual questions... and it answered accurate everytime. finally we got a calculator, covered our eyes (literally with cloth over our heads) and randomly typed a calculation, neither of us knowing what it was... the ouiji board again answered correctly and that is when i said 'no more!!' and ran upstairs totally freaked out and mystified, yet the experience helped me to realize and accept that there is other energy, intelligent and powerful from the otherside. i do not understand how it works or how to harness it for the good. there was no malevolent spirits that i felt that night, but just the fact that there were actual intelligent spirits communicating with us is all it took to give me goosebumps on my goosebumps and raise the hair on the back of my neck. lyle had long wavy blonde hair and it seemed to get a little frizzier each time he would get spooked.

    i've experienced both benevolent as well as malevolent energies in the spirit world throughout my life, even since a child. this was a confirmation of a sort after i had archived previous memories of spirit contact experiences. i have been so spooked by both that i guess i kind of fear them both and so don't really know how to channel the positive ones. if anyone else has similar experience or understands the challenge of discerning and proper channeling, i would love to hear.

  • Wow...Mestiza

    This is an interesting topic...My first experience was watching my dad work the ouija board. He spent summers on my great aunts farm here in Idaho, and saw a lot of physic stuff going on. People came from all around to get a card reading, a séance, or palm reading. Even Governor Ross ( Id. Gov. late 20’s to late 30’s) My sister has old “spirit guild” photo’s, that supposedly were taken there in her home. My dad’s younger brother said when he was little, he remembers peeking into the room where the séance was being held, and seeing things floating in the air. Sorry, as all of which is slightly off topic, but ties in to my dad using the ouija, based on being around Aunt Emma, and his observations there.

    He would get a board and then get rid of it because it had a bad spirit. He would look for a good spirit. He did the board by himself and with others. I remember that there was always something going on about spirits. I guess the unfortunate things was that he never had what I’d call a great gift, or life. Always just getting by, but I believe he did it his way.

    Now, my experience with the ouija started as kids sitting around with my sister, and cousins. We could always get it to work, but I remember we were also bickering and laughing because “someone was pushing it”…

    Then one day when I was in college, a group of school friends got together one night after parting, and decided to do the ouija board. We got a spirit that was answering our questions, and he even suggested that one fellow not participate, because he was too religious. He spelled out the his initials…D G…who was what I referred to as my “jack Mormon” friend because we were drinking beer. (I read recently since taking up the study of tarot cards, and trying to develop my physic or intuition that you need to be serious, not being intoxicated etc…when communicating with the spirit world, because you might get a negative one latch onto you.)

    This is no joke the spirit we were communicating with did not want DG to participate, and I assumed because the rest of us would put up less resistance. The name it spelled out when we asked was “ Pluto“, which one of the guys studying Greek methodology said “this is the devil”…Daringly, we asked if it would participate in a séance and all fingers followed the device to the word YES. What happened next was that during this séance, a fellow sitting across from me started moaning in agony, and eventually so did I. It was as if someone inside me was controlling my breath, and vocal cords. I started groaning, and moaning in agony. The fellow who was studying Greek Methodology saddening had enough listening to us two, and said, “in the name of Jesus Christ, go away”, and just as sudden, the moaning and groaning stopped. We all looked at each other and realized we were playing with the devil. I mentioned this to my dad, and he told me that groaning was the devil trying to get inside my body. Now that I think about it, I think it was my spirit resisting do to the pain (which I did not feel). I have no bad experiences that came from that other then knowing that it was real.

    I believe in god for sure because of that experience.

    Be serious, and always cast negative enities away. I believe you can call for good spirits, here in your quests for answers.


  • Yikes!!! Marshland! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I totally forgot about my thread lol. That is so interesting about your experience as a child an how there as constant psychic activity in your family. My family isn't as in tune like that, my Mexican side of the family is more into traditional healing methods, old Aztec things herbs etc and old remedies. They stick to tarot and stuff like that!

    That is so scary that you encountered a bad spirit and it is ineresting why it did not want to speak to your friend, probably it felt something against him? I just find it so fascinating, there is definately a difference when speaking to someone with negative energy versus positive energy. What confuses me is where they are actually. Do you have an idea marshland? They seem more closer to human and maintain their personality their talking style etc...some will talk more slang, others won't, "hey" vs. "hello" or "hi" and some don't speak english. I haven't used one in a long time since I got sick, it isn't advised to use it when your sick etc. So I gave it to a friend. The interesting this that you don't even need a ouija board. A friend and I were sitting in a restuarant and got a quarter and a napkin and wrote some letters and yes and no and tried it haha, it actually worked better. We were like YIKES! Spirits in a Chinese restuarant! Goes to show how they are basically everywhere. Crazy huh?


  • Hey Girl...I am glad that you were close by. I figured you hadn't had any hits on that thread and was hoping that I'd hear from you sooner then later. I ran across you on the "poor me, I leaving this site thread", where you had left a possitive message as I recall. Anyway, you caught my interest...the photo is small, but the smile is big. I could feel your good energy. Your spirit is welcome anytime.

  • Aw thanks!!!!!!!! I really appreciate that, aww you made my day! haha I'm at work right now hangin out on tarot.com 🙂 Have you been on this forum for awhile? 😃 Do you have any special gifts? 😃 look forward to hearing from you!

  • Besides feeling your good energy? I love to write, and I'm soo grateful that creative, and positive thoughts seem to flow out of me. lol...at least I think so, and you know that you have to be happy with "self" or you will be unhappy. When I looked at that tiny photo of you, I felt you are very happy with yourself. Of course, we all have our moments of self dought, but you I'm guessing are like a light at night that attracts people as if they were moths buzzing around the porch light. I'm a sensitive soul (pisces, and raised my two pisces), who is trying to focus my energy and develop my intuition. I trained as a hospital corpsmen (medic) in the Navy, then used my GI Bill to go to school to become an architect. I'm a self-employed architect. I have creative moments. Sometimes I beat myself up for not being all I should be, or could be. I've been studying Tarot for a few years now, and am interested in developing that as well, as the cards are good if you get a good spirit guide or positive spirit, or what I refer to as Universal guide, but better when you see and feel how they relate to the question. My best gift or worst, is that I'm a dreamer. How bout you??

  • The subject of boards have come up over and over in my life. I remember playing with one when I was a child and I think there was a lot of joking around also about who was pushing the pointer. Now...as an adult....I look back at my life verses my brother and sister's lives and wonder if I didn't open the door to some serious negativity. I can't prove it I can't say that it was definitely this or that....but when you look at the fact that my life has been one trial after another and theirs have been relatively stable....makes me wonder.

    Now...there is no way in hel*l I would ever touch another one. I know that you can bring in the bad and not be able to control it. I am surprised that people don't take it seriously enough...I suppose if you are skilled in using one you would be fine but as a novice...nah...I'll stay away. It disappointed me that you can get one at Toys R US.....but then again...most of the population doesn't take it seriously so sees no harm in it. My daughter went to a birthday party a few months ago and her friend got one for her birthday. Obviously they played with it that night. She is still working on convincing me it was ok to do. She was lucky she had a positive experience...

    Anyway....just my two cents.... AuntB.

  • Marshland: I love to write too!!! I usually write poetry and songs, my poetry is pretty good if I do say so myself lol. You're right, I am very comfortable with myself of course there are moments like today I went to get my eyebrows and I threw a mini-fit cuz she did them wrong and I was sad! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I whined for an hour and got over it. lol I'm a libra btw 😉 An architect??? That's amazing!!! What a cool career! I bet you have lots of fun with that! I'm a Communications & Culture/Public Relations major with a minor in latino studies.. I love making things happen and promotion etc..I'm a nerd I don't know 😉 lol I eventually want to create a humanitarian program for relief in southern Mexico for Afro-Mexicans..it's kinda my passion, they are not really identified by the government and have poor education and living conditions, makes me mad! I've been passionate about it since I was little. Hmmm I also have a community radio show but it airs on the internet as well, last year I did r&b and latin music, I'm thinking about smooth and contemporary jazz for this summer. lol......hmmm as for my spiritual side, I just practice tarot, I learned the basics from my aunt in Mexico during the summers with a interesting deck that is in spanish & french, it's pretty cool. I'm getting really good and I do readings for friends etc. I'm trying to develop my intuition as well with decision making and life in general. My dreams are pretty cool, most of the time I am aware I am dreaming, and my dreams usually come through symbolically in a week or so, neato! I'm crazy! 😢 I'm still trying to figure out who my friggin' spirit guide is, I think he's some African guy not sure haha. I'm really interested in past-lives, thats my current thing, I would LooOoVvVeeeeee to figure that out or pick up some of mine. okkk i'm done talking :-X

  • Wow…I knew there was something about you that turned me into a porch moth…lol Its soo crazy, because when I got to the part where you are still trying to figure out who your spirit guide is…my mind was already starting to wonder off with a thought triggered by your mention of your Latino studies and relief in southern Mexico for Afro-Mexicans…which caused my dreamy mind to slip into a thought about my love of Afro-Cuban Rhythm’s…“Blame it on the Bosa Nova”. And next thing (in that moment) I saw a dark skinned man dancing to an afro-Cuban beat. Then I snapped out of it and read your thoughts regarding who you imagined your spirit guide was. Sure, my eye may have saw the print at the same time and it all melted together. Although I still think it is coincidental because I normally visualize Juana my dark skinned exotic wonder dancing a mesmerizing rhythm with her hips. (that’s what I call a “sweet dream”)

    I am always dabbling in things related to art and music and my love is Conga Drum Rhythm‘s…I have a 7 drum set including the bongo’s. One of my favorite groups is Poncho Sanchez, Latin Jazz, and the more funkified latin funk group Agua Dulce…“Searching for Juana”. If you search there name you can hear some amazing music.

    Also, I will keep your passion in mind regarding your humanitarian program. There is a lot of information on similar plights where humanitarian aid is being needed.

    Meanwhile, keep that light burning bright. And send me some mesmerizing thoughts…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clave_(rhythm)

  • Wow, this is an interesting subject indeed. I had an eeire experience with a Ouija board some years ago and have not touched one since. I made the mstake of taking the whole phenomenon behind the Ouija board too lightly. I was sitting at home alone one evening and thought I would just "play around" with it. I decided perhaps the best way to clear the path sort to speak would be to sit with my fingers resting lightly on the pointer, take a few deep breaths, and keep my eyes closed for a couple of minutes. I began to ask questions I knew the answers to as a test. The pointer revealed the correct answer every time. Now you would probably figure it would since I was asking the questions and knew the answers, so it would be natural for the correct answers to appear. But there was a really weird feeling that came over me and the best way to describe it is it was like when you are dreaming and know that it's just a dream, but can't control what you are experiencing. My arms and hands felt heavy as if I had been holding them in place over the board for hours, when in fact it was only for a few minutes. I asked the question I most feared, who was I talking to..? The board spelled out the name Ruth. I have never known anyone by that name. I closed the channel as the instructions say to do so and felt this rush of almost panic. I don't know why or what made me do this, but I went to the files where the paperwork for our house was kept and started rummaging through it, looking over the chain of title, and wasn't I just floored when I found the property our home was on had at one time belonged to a woman with the first name of Ruth!! I freaked out, put the board away, and left it alone. When we moved I found the board again. I refused to take it with me and ended up burning it to be rid of it. I remember that feeling I had when I was using the board that night and I won't forget it. It was the weirdest thing. I won't touch another Ouija board.

  • Hahah!!! A porch moth!!! Don't say that!! Those are annoying! lol Don't they eat clothes? 😉 lol That's cool that you like Afro-Cuban music! I love it as well...I really good at bachata and merenge, salsa is okay as long as I have a good guy leading if not then nope lol. Ur silly!!!!!!! Juana?? Whose that?? Is she is a figment of your imagination or something? 😉 That's soo cool that you play drums, I'm trying to learn acoustic guitar so I'm tryin to look for a affordable one I can buy and take some classes then I can be extra cool and play guitar and sing my own songs yeeaaaaahhhh!!! Thanks for the band I'll look them up, I'm at work right now not doing much. I'll be here til 11pm and it's 5 right now.

    The light is always burning, sometimes it's low on that lighter fluid gas stuff so I have to put some more on it and then it goes BOOM!! 🙂 But you get yummy s'mores from the it 🙂 Hope that made sense....What part of the world are you from Marshland?

  • Okay...sweet nectar...I will be your Humming Bird. An consider myself a lucky bird indeed.

    Paste this in your search and go to Agua Dulce’s Site…Scroll down to the video of “Searching for Juana” and push play…cool song. My favorite though is “Magic” …“The way you move your body…Its like magic… right before my eyes”…This music was written with you in mind…Sweet Nectar

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