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  • In fifth grade, I found out that the man who I thought was my father, was not my actual biological father. Even though he did not conceive me, he will always be my dad and I love him. I saw a picture growing up of him , that they threw out on me later. My mom doesnt like to talk about him to much. He gave up his rights to me willingly, and when he saw me with my mom in rite aid, he ran away. I know from her I might have a half sister out there, I dont know if that is fact or fiction and would like to know. I know from court records, he was a sick man dealing with the disease of alcoholism. I never got to meet him, he died may 25 1996. I have his eyes and art talent. I have no idea where he is buried, and I don't know how to contact his mom. I don't think he was a horrible person, and I wish I knew more about him, and did he ever think of me at all, and regret not being apart of my life? Some how, I think he watches over me bc his death anniversary, is the same date as a very important anniversary of mine, one that changed my whole life regarding something we have in common. I just found this out this week. I feel like a part of me is missing, So if any one can pick up anything at all about him, I would grately appreciate it. His name is Dennis Eugene Garland , dob november 27, 1953. Thanks. I'd like to know good or bad. I just really need closure.

  • Hi qbrta

    It is good that you are thinking of your biological father. Because our inheritance is through the blood. What we feel, how we feel, is inherited through the blood from our mother and father. So it is good that you feel his importance for you. It is true that he is important for you, how he lived his life has been important for you. At the same time it is true that we are also helping them when we help ourselves. When we become healed, it also affects them. Even if they have left us. So it is important that the focus that you have, is toward healing. Your own healing.

    As we heal, we also heal for our parents. For them. That is why it is said that we should bless our parents, not accumulate anger toward them, or not accumulate disappointment toward them. Since it affects them on a spiritual level how you feel. So your healing through life also is a healing for them, something that helps them.

    I dont know if I am able to pick up energies from those who have died. I can not say that I can that. So I am not answering that question.

    Your father will benefit on your healing through life. The more you become healed, the happier your father is that the mistakes that he made were ended. That the chain of mistakes that he also inherited, ended with you. That would make him very happy. It would be of great help and blessing for him.

    If you feel he is there in your life, then he probably is. His energy at least, since you are feeling it. How does it make you feel when you feel that he is watching over you? If it helps you to heal as human being, if it helps you to find your peace - continue the feeling. Continue the feeling if it helps you.

    To be honest, I do believe he is watching over you. Since he made mistakes. Mistakes that he, too, were sad about. Things he did not do right. I therefore do not believe that he has left us (the world) to be in higher galaxes, to be with higher spirits, but that he still is with us. That he still has the interest in learning from this life and improving the skill in how to master the energies in this world. So it would then be natural to think that he then watches over you. He has great interest for your healing. That you must know that everything is allright. That he is sorry. And that he wishes you only the best.

    And since it is of our ancestors best interest that we become healed, if it is like that that it can happen that souls stay as helpers for us as spiritual entities without the material body with feet and hands etc that we do. If it is possible that the ones who die stay with us and do not leave the planet into a higher galaxy, then it would be certain that your biological father is watching over for you and hoping that you will follow the guidance that he is trying to give you. And that is not an easy task for a non-physical person to do. It requires great patience. Since many people do not believe in the non-physical parts of the world.

    Wish you the best in your process to find the peace that you seek.

  • Thank you for responding. I just wish I knew where he was buried so I could pay my respects or talk to my biological grandmom just once and find out the good things about him, maybe have a picture. I am left with a big hole and bc of other events I am really feeling it right now.

  • In my country the state church has a list over everyone that has passed away. What about in your country? If you contact the public offices, ring around, you might get information about who to contact. There is a death certificate somewhere wich also states where i is buried and perhaps who were his closest family. But I dont know. But a death certificate should be in some archive somewhere.

    Then you may find his mother from that. Perhaps they have names of the closest family aswell. Or you may perhaps contact the funeral agencies in the area where he is buried, to find out if they have names of the closest family. In that way you may perhaps find the name of his mother, and from there you perhaps may search for her through the yellow pages.

    Okay, perhaps a bit farfetched. I am not a detective, so I dont know how it can be done.

    Just a suggestion.

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