Would anyone care to do a reading for me?

  • Hey all...seeking guidance for my life in general..but most particularly my love/relationship life.

    I am a youngish 50 something Virgo. Who thought her dating life was over, but who started to be interested again after many long years. Now I receive lots of attention from many different men..the majority quite younger than myself.

    Without going into details, have found several that I think have true soulmate potential. Problem usually is...they are usually from out of state. And one, is in an attached relationship..GF..not wife.

    I have a strong feeling that I can be very good for this man..and that his present GF..is not. Feelings are so strong, that I am tempted to just wait for him to see the truth..but..know this is not being fair to myself. What if my feelings are totally wrong?

    So..confused...and hoping someone might have some insight or could do a reading for me.

    Many thanks to all! TY 🙂

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