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  • If you have a specific question about one aspect of your reading, want clarification on how certain cards and positions interact, or are confused about a Tarot concept, this is the place to get answers!

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  • I am looking for someone who has a good grasp on the use of Jung's concept of synchronicity in reading the Tarot. I am writing my Master's thesis on that exact subject with Tarot readers in NYC and I could really use someone who has a firm grasp on the concept to give me a little advise. Thank you sooo much in advance. I read Tarot myself, but I haven't been reading for a few years now.

  • As far as synchonicity goes, the best advice I can give you is to throw a few cards down yourself. The timing of the question and the answers you receive will guide you in the right direction. I do not believe you can write a successful thesis on the Tarot without activity using them yourself. I think you should buy a brand new deck (to get you excited) for this purpose alone, and then I believe the proper direction of your thesis will unfold like a budding rose. Good Luck!

  • I haven't read the books below, but I believe that they contain sections on your subject matter. You've probably already discovered them, but just in case...

    Jung and Tarot, by Sallie Nichols (Weiser Books)

    Divination, by Paul O'Brien (Visionary Networks Press)

    Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, by (of course!) C. G. Jung (Princeton U Press)

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  • Greetings ~ I commend you for your thesis choice; this is a subject that will, no doubt, open worlds to you & to all those who read your work. I have forever been of the belief that there isn't such a thing as 'coincidence'. You will find, if it interests you to pursue this vein of it, that most Wiccans - and most Pagans in general, for that matter, consider synchronicity to be a given, a law of sorts, & not a theory. If you are curious about the contributing views of this facet of the population I have several excellent references I'd be glad to share with you. I am wondering what brought about the change in your own tarot reading (not reading). Why did you stop? I look forward to hearing how the project is going...I am quite intrigued!

  • I googled this interesting page...Good luck!

  • I had a dream a couple of years ago that depicted card spread out in a clock-like fashion on a north-facing wall (they came from the Universal Waite deck, I later learned). The three cards that stood out were the Lovers (in the seven o'clock position), the Three of Swords (which seemed to be combined with the Lovers in a single card), and the Devil (in the twelve o'clock position). I'm an intermediate reader, and have not used the spread depicted in years (if at all), and I have no idea why these three cards are featured so prominently. None of the 3 cards were inverted.

  • Hi SilverRose. I've been reading tarot daily for 6 years now and consider myself pretty accurate. Many of my readings happen -- especially the really dynamic readings. I read for my friends and myself all the time.

    My first impression of your cards was about your love relationships and deep friendships are causing or have caused you pain because of your physical needs. It could be that you place your physical needs (or lusts) as more important than any other principals or intuitions that you may have regarding your relationships. The advice would be to look at what is most important to you in relationships and discipline yourself to make that more important than any other physical need or lust.

    Would love to hear your feedback!

  • Thanks, Whitetigress. It would have to be a deep friendship, as I was single at the time of the dream (still am). I'll work on what you suggested and let you know what happens.

  • Hi all,

    I am something of an 'older' school reader, but I have difficulty interpreting the Hierophant in readings. Most of the time I apply a teacher/querent definition to it.

    Can anyone offer some modern illumination?

    Thank you and blessings,


  • It's like clockwork. Even in 5-card readings, they show up: either the Eight of Cups, or the Devil.

    In various positions, but still. One disappointment and betrayal, the other unchecked passions ... kinda intense.

    I know that the trend in a lot of interps is to look at the positive side of things, but maybe these keep coming up for a reason. Would that reason be related, or separate issues?


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    Ahliyah --

    I can't admit to being an expert about Tarot cards, but I ended up looking up "Heirophant" in the dictionary. What I found was that a heirophant's job is to bring congregants into the presence of holiness. This is in sharp contrast to what seems to be generally associated with the card itself, which seems to be mostly conformity and order.

    As with most Tarot readings, I imagine that these esoteric definitions are merely a starting point -- it is the reader's subconscious insight that gives the cards a true meaning. For instance, if I were to see a heirophant in a daily reflection, I would see it as a cue to maybe pursue something spiritual, or to try to bring myself into the presence of something sacred. To me, this would not necessarily be going to church or praying, but perhaps to take a few minutes to remember lost loved ones, or maybe watch a sunset and marvel at the universe. Those activities reflect something genuine and wholesome to me, much like a heirophant would want to subject a congregation to something sacred and inspiring.

    So, in a manner of speaking, I see the heirophant as representing humility before the things that we cannot control. But, only because that is what I see as being spiritual and holy, which I think is something easily applicable to anyone.

    Keep throwing those cards down! I assure you, the universe is unfolding exactly as it should. 😉


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