The worst crush ever

  • Please I really need help. I've been working with a guy for over a year and since i met him, i've been having a huge crush on him. Over the days we became friends, and i know that i'm just a friend to him and i can't get him out of my head. And the worst thing is that people keep telling me that we could make a great couple and that we understand each other and there's chemistry between us, and i just keep laughing at their comments and i never told anyone about my crush. it's really painful that i have to see him everyday and hide my feelings... i can never tell him how i feel coz i dont think its a good thing when the girl takes the first step.. and also i dont wanna lose him as a friend.. what do i do???

  • Sometimes, it is a good thing for a girl to take the first step. Don't immediately tell him how you feel, though...that will scare him off. Try becoming closer friends with him than you are now. Invite him to a casual group event and drop subtle hints, like compliment him on something he did well or his appearance, and laugh at his jokes (but of course, don't take either of these to extremes). It's okay to be a little shy, but if you never show him your true awesome self, he'll never know! It could be he likes you too but is shy as well. Keep track of his responses...when you ask him out, does he smile huge and accept right away? or does he smile politely and make an excuse? If he responds to your subtle advances, great, but if he doesn't, well, now you know. Good luck! 🙂

    (If you can tell me yours and his dates of birth, I can see how compatible you are!)

  • Thank you so much for helping me out:)

    my date of birth is 19/8/1987

    his is 20/7/1987

    thanks again;)

  • You're welcome, Sarah! According to your dates of birth, both of you are sensitive, refined, tactful, cultured, considerate, and kind. However, you are also both shy. You are more outgoing of the two of you, so again, don't hesitate to talk to him! Good luck!

  • Sarah19878: OMG...i'm in the same situation with a male coworker. It's the worst thing in the world...getting up in the morning he's on your mind knowing you're gonna see him makes u happy - but then once you see him at work it kills inside because of your lust towards him.

    Not being able to say anything because one: you guys are friends and don't want anything to be awkward, especially that you have to see him on a daily basis and two: afraid of what he might say.

    I can honestly say i fell in love with my coworker and it's a complete i feel...i'm too afraid to say anything...i pray one day he'll speak up...i'm scared to say anything.

    Sorry, i don't have much advice, except if you think he might be interested invite him out for happy hour or something...but i can so relate 🙂

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