• i am so confused by the people here at tarot.com

    they show so much ignorance for true classical readings.. and knowledge in general.

    all they care is about under mediocre readings they give each other

    tarot is a serious matter and is not made as an entertainment game. if you toy with it is never going to work.

    please give some respect and try to meditate on the real meanings behind the cards other than hoping in vain to solve your bad, unfixable relationships. tarot will speak to those of you that are willing to listen.

    so please start becoming wise, learn and read more than the cheap over the counter tarot books you use now.

    i will be willing to start a serious round table discussion at a more intelectual level for those that are able to sustain tarot topics outside their daily obsessions with men.

  • Dear Hpriestess,point taken.If over the counter books are not a good idea,where should one begin?Can you recommend a reading list?By meditating on cards do you mean meditation in general or on looking at a particular deck of cards?

    Are you not being a little harsh on most of us?Yes some of us may be frivolous but there are a lot of people here who are deeply troubled in their relationships and that does interfere with other aspects of life and being.

    I do agree with you that Tarot must be treated seriously.will follow your thread.

  • Hello HighPriestess πŸ™‚

    I see smoke rising from the tips of your ears, sweetie! Lol

    Okay, I'm sorry for trying to make a "funny" as I know this is a serious topic, but I was hoping I might make you laugh just a little to ease your tension.

    I would love to ask what precipitated your post...if there was something in particular, or just the general nature of things.... BUT I WON'T!!

    I DO have a question however... but I don't want you to think I'm being "dense"..lol. Can you explain specifically what you meant when you said, "they show so much ignorance for true classical readings.. and knowledge in general. all they care is about under mediocre readings they give each other"?

    I realize that many beginners, or even mid level Tarot readers, exchange readings for practice, but in regards to the "true classical readings", I don't think I understand where you're coming from... do you mean readings given by more experienced readers on this site? or... I dunno... I'm sorry, but I'm confused!

    Thanks in advance for any clarification!

    Love n' Hugs,


  • Btw, I would love to have you suggest some book ideas as well.. and... an intellectual conversation about Tarot would be fascinating to follow... and participate in, if I had anything pertinent to add!

  • HPriestess. I understand what you are saying. I have discovered a forum called psychics.com - or I think that is the address, cant remember right now. Perhaps that is a better one πŸ™‚

  • I am glad that you have replied and I would be happy to answer your questions.

    I think you have not noticed my previous post that was left unanswered regarding JANE AUSTEN TAROT. I am sure if you go few pages back you will find it.

    Here is a link to the Jane Austen tarot I was hoping I could be discuss it with other readers.

    .. classical readings meaning tarot inspired from classical 18th century literature.

    If any of you are interested we can become study buddies.. and try to decipher the true meaning of the tarot cards independently and not with the purpose of giving a reading.

    Someone else's mind can always bring some new ideas and help us study and understand the deeper meanings of the tarot cards. When someone asks specific questions there is the need to adjust the meaning of the card to fit the question- when there is no such question the cards will speak for themselves.

    as far as recommended literature I can provide some sites where you will find more sophisticated even philosofical interpretations of the cards.

    Please let me know what you think of the Jane Austen cards and whether you have read her books.

    many blessings

  • Ahhh, thank you for the clarification! I completely understand now. Knowing about your other thread was "key" in my understanding! Sounds like a very interesting topic and I would love to check in on it!

  • HPriestess,

    are your thoughts the same re: mediocre readings if a reader is trained or not to do intuitive

    tarot readings?

  • Is your frustration provoked by the practice tarot reading thread? I agree with what you wrote on your Jane Austen thread. It was indeed a daring idea and nerve wracking to try. I don't think any of us who try to do these readings are lightly skipping ahead with a fey attitude about the whole thing. I've looked into this for many years.....taken courses, discussed individual cards with others, looked at the different spreads, read from many different books and websites. Yes, I have looked at your blog too. I believe everyone takes it very seriously but how else do you expand upon your learning if you can not practice?

  • stoney eyes i remember you.

    do not worry i was not referring to you, but is enough to take a look at most threads here to see that everyone is askin for readings and the questions are always almost thr same.

    ok here is a good source for info in tarot


    is anyone ready to discuss janr austen

  • HPriestess, I have not been visiting this forum very long and although I do agree that there is a slight relationship obsession at times I do not think It is your place to criticise others. Afterall we are only human and to be human is to love and form relationships. I do not think that anyone here sees tarot as a form of entertainment or amusement. People are genuinely searching for answers. The readers here give of their time, energy, readings, advice and opinions freely and generously and I am extremely annoyed that you would com here and unfairly and needlessly insult them by calling their efforts mediocre. Their efforts, be it a reading, advice or opinions are very valued by those who come here seeking help. I can understand your need for a more intellectual choice of conversation and Im sure there are many here who would love to discuss such topics with you, howeve, that does not give you any right to come here and insult and devalue the topic choices of others.

  • Daisyfairy- i think you are looking at thingsa badly. too bad you cannot see that n orone is taking tarot seriously with some ridiculos high-school level readings. The problem is everyone here is heading for the cake even if they are completley untrained cooks.

    there is nothing wrong with love, but what u mostly find here is one-sided, bad relationships and desperate women.

    i am sure once they will acknowledge this, there will be some improvement.

    anyway- if you wanted to say this you should have done it on your own thread, not mine.

    as you can see i have not posted on other people's posts- out of respect.

  • I didnt think responding to your post on your thread was inappropriate but apparently it was. Theres enough negativity in th world without adding more so thats the end of it as far as Im concerned.



  • here is what i found about the lovers card in the jane austen tarot;

    The images on the cards are all taken from scenes or characters in the Austen novels, except for the High Priestess, who is Jane herself. A very apt choice. The Lovers show Mr. Darcy looking at Elizabeth Bennett while Caroline Bingley stands behind him, wanting his attention but not getting itβ€”a composition that nicely echoes the Rider-Waite-Smith card in illustration as well as meaning

    my question is- i do not remember a rivery in the lovers card.. i never seen two women fighting for one man's heart portrayed in the lovers card as they suggest.

    What do you think

    diasyfairy it is all fine be me

  • HPriestess

    you have hit upon an interesting and actually universal point and your frustration is really more shared than not--it's just that you said it out loud! It is hard to not defend what we each have the most passion for. Yours is the Tarot. It is your specialty and you are right most of us dabble. I am guilty as well of answering Tarot questions now and then with a psychic point of view only because I often hear Spirit screaming that they are missing the point! And put the cards down because you are right in that many people get answers but hear what they want to hear and will make it what they will. Believe me this part of spiritual evolution is the same for all Divine vehicals of reading messages from Spirit. As a psychic I am many times appaled at the answers given people but it is what it is and to each his own and you can't always change where people are at in there journey. I tend to see people on two levels--the ones at a crossroad who are ready to be more selfsufficiant and ready as you say to take seriousely the tools provided and this is exciting for me. These people are more empowered and are ready to accept the good with the bad and really see themselves. They are ready to meld the shadow side with the light. Then there are those that are still stumbling in the dark and grasping outside themselves--they give their power away to things outside themselves, bad relationships, and think it's something they need to fix or control and will ask the same questions to psychic after psychic and read the cards over and over. In fact it's why I choose this forum rather than an open door buisness--I get to choose where I put my energy and just because people seek doesn't mean they hear! There are all levels of enlightenment and unfortunetly the less enlightened are the most seeking and this forum is more asking for help than anything else. I love people with a passion for what they are good at and I applaud that in you. Just wanted you to know your frustration is not unique and I hope you find some others who apreciate your craft the same as you. It is a very satisfying feeling when we find our family of others! And in defense of all you wanderers in the dark wasting your power on bad relationships--I've been there CRINGE CRINGE--wish I could of gotten the message faster but I did get from point a to BE eventually! wisdom is hard earned sometimes. I'm interested in Jane Austen as a writer and had no idea there was a deck! This is very interesting because I have a passion for true Literature--it is gospel and full of wisdom for the ages when done right so how fitting it would also work it's truth into the Tarot! Amazing!

  • This is an interesting discussion and I just have a few questions that have arisen from this thread. First, I admit...I did feel defensive after reading the beginning of this thread HPriestess. Lol! I hate to be defensive. You really zeroed in on my biggest fear with giving tarot card readings though and it probably is the main reason why I've been so intimidated to jump in and try it for a wider audience. I think it takes an enormous degree of study and confidence to believe that you are good enough at reading tarot to interpret the cards correctly. People are looking for answers to questions that are really important to them and I (and i know many here) don't want to lead anyone astray by providing a shoddy reading.

    So, I know you are saying that people should take care and really study from many different resources before jumping in to do readings. Isn't practice with a wider audience (people you do not know personally) the next step to building upon what you know? That's why I wanted to know if this thread was provoked by the practice tarot spread. I wasn't sure if your post at the beginning was a reaction from the practice thread

    Also, I understand that the cards can have different interpretations based on their positions and relation to other cards. Is the pure tarot reading supposed to be only related to the cards and no intuition? I keep hearing and reading that at some point you must throw away the books and go on your instinct and what the cards mean to you. Is that not the case?

    I'm just a little confused and want to do this correctly. I understand your point and that you would like to raise the level of the quality of readings...which is great! I'm sure many want to improve.That's why I want to keep discussing, practicing and learn more. I will also look at the link you posted and hopefully take part in discussions there too but wanted to post here because i think that others who are read to jump in with this and/or want to improve may have the same questions.

    Ok, thanks a lot Hpriestess. Take care.

  • I think what she may be referring to is listening or feeling what each card is telling you. It is not just in the standard interpretation but what each card is telling you.

    When I first started I had a client I was reading for. I looked at his cards and couldn't read anything. I was shocked for a couple seconds, then my mouth opened up and asked him if he had lost his job. He looked startled. He had lost it that day and had not even told his wife yet.

    This was a lesson for me also. Be open to what they tell you.

  • Hi everyone;

    I need to make few clarifications and to answer some of your questions.

    1. Blmoon, very well spoken.

    2. Stoneye, please listen to Blmoon- the problem is not with giving readings per se, but when everyone starts giving readings prepared or not, it becomes a mambo jumbo. Some people are not listening, and encouraging them by giving them more readings is not a good thing.

    Tarot knowledge has nothing to do with confidence. I do not think of myself as a professional, and I know enough to know that I DO NOT KNOW enough. In Tarot the key is establishing the connection with the cards. I will be honest sometimes they speak cleary while other times they don't work at all. With Tarot is not the more readings you give the better you will be at it. It the quality and NOT the quantity of the reading, and this takes time.

    Last not least, you need to listen to the cards and not your intuition and that is because you need to let the cards to be charge of the reading. Sometimes your card will not answer your question, then you will have to leave it like that and come back later. You cannot force your intuition into the cards. You will know you are a TRUE TAROT reader when the cards will tell you things and solutions to problems your mind would have never come up on its own.

    Also please remember- I never said to raise the quality of readings.. I am kind of against readings in general and more for discussions on other Tarot topics.

    What prompted me to write the Jane Austen thread had nothing to do with your beginner thread. It had to do with most of the topics at Tarot board which for most part are unqualified, high-schoolish, unpolished, desperate. There is a lot more to Tarot then just readings.

    Readings are the hardest part of Tarot- because you need to establish your connection with the cards..and for that it takes more than just yourself and a book or your intuition. Intuition is just the reading device- think of it as a kindle device you would need to read an ebook, but is not the book. You should practice on your intuition because that will give you the ability to decipher tarot messages. Please keep in mind that intuition without the connection with the cards will not give you anything. So my advice to you is to concentrate on getting a conversation with the cards, and then worry about your intuition. Of course you cannot do that in a forum.

    I think rainbowsong story is a very good example of what I was talking about. She got a lot of cards which her intuition could not read at first, but then she got the connection with the CARDS and then boom the question popped out. Until you will get this type of experience you are actually not reading any cards... you are only reading your own mind.

    I hope this helps.

  • Ok. Thanks you all. Really helps clarify things for me. HPriestess, I understand much better now what you are saying. I have had readings that pop out like you described Rainbowsong and then others that just aren't speaking now matter how much I look at them. Thank you so much for the reply. x

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