What do you really want?

  • Tiggersmom6, you sound very insightful.

  • Dear Captain:

    I am trying...so very very hard!!!

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  • Dear Captian

    Thank you so much for helping us unlock the answer to many complicated questions. I truely appreciate the light you bring to all of us. Thank you!

    Now, what can you tell me about myself. My DOB is January 1st, 1991.

  • Miss Captain 🙂

    A virtual smooch for you from me. Spot on!!

    My jaw dropped when reading my special friends wants. Mine was accurate as well. lol

    Thanks hun.

  • do tell captain

  • awww 10/23/61 thank you!!!

  • Thank you Captain! I have been developing my spiritual self for the last few years and recently excepting the empath part of me. You are very right on!

  • Hi Captain , me too please 28/01/1975.

  • captain,

    i really have never look into getting advice, i dont know what road to take with my life right now,

    today my heart is so negative, something terrible happen to me. my date of birth is april 12., i948

  • Hi Captian ...

    Thank you for your reply ,I always appreciate ! I guess I can say it was me to a tee when it comes to wanting to be in control of every aspect of my life . No one wants to feel out of control . But what I don't understand is , I am forever trying to make sure everyone else's needs are tended to and they are happy - to the point of feeling completely and totally exasperate . I feel totally lost about all of this . Especially when I thought I was only doing good . I am not really sure what I need to be or who I need to be . I feel I am in tune with everyone's emotions and needs , to the point at times I even feel their physical pain . (literally )Which is not too comfortable . I can't even go near a hospital lately without getting a heavy feeling in my chest . Not sure what is up with that either . Did I miss the complete meaning of your reply or and I am a away out in left ball field ?

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Captain , one more thing ...when it come to revealing my feelings and emotions , it doesn't happen very often , simply because I have a fear of confrontations . I do not like them at all. I don't know how to handle them .I do not like to upset people or even embarrass them , so for the most part- I put up with the things that bother me the most and just keep my mouth shut . Just another one of my greatest faults .


  • SunCappyGirl, what you really want is an environment in which to feel safe, protected, cared for, and doted on - a place where you feel you truly belong. To achieve this, you must be willing to let go of the idea that one special person - or group of people - is going to provide it just because you think you need it. Instead, you must take charge of creating what you need for yourself. By pursuing a goal that energises you, or by finding an ideal or set of principles that builds your self-respect, you will develop feelings of belonging in whatever circumstances you find yourself. You need to find a focus beyond your scattered emotional needs and those of people around you. When you bring yourself into alignment with a higher principle or spiritual belief, you feel protected and nurtured.

    Your Achilles' Heel is dependence. The desire to be taken care of ("If there's no one to take care of me, I won't survive") can lead you into the trap of an unending search for security, where you develop emotional dependencies on others. But you can never get enough reassurance from others to feel safe, so you never gain the security you think you need to be a capable adult and take charge of your life. Run the risk and assume full responsibility for the consequences. Take charge of your own life and security, and create what you need for yourself. Once you take responsiblity for youself and find a goal that's important to you and stand by it, you feel secure and in control of your own destiny.

  • Ajahny, what you really want is to receive love. Your need to experience the loving energy of others is nearly insatiable. To successfully bring this energy into your life, you need to first give love by cheering people up - you know how to use the limelight to make others happy. By exercising your creativity to contribute to the happiness of others, you create an 'audience' or a peer group that will support you, accept you, and love you. The best barometer for being 'on track' is the applause and approval of others. In the process of giving happiness - as long as you stay in alignment with your own humanitarian ideals - you gain the reward of knowing you are an important participant in the stream of life.

    Your Achilles' Heel is twofold. There is the overriding need to feel the acceptance of your peers ("If I just cooperate with life and 'go with the flow', my peers will automatically support me and bring me happiness.") But your friends can never give you enough support for you to break out as an individual and take advantage of the exciting opportunities life brings. Become your own best friend and encourage yourself to go after those things that will bring you happiness.

    The second part of the trap is an unending search for knowledge ("If I have enough knowledge, I will feel confident to take creative action.") But you never have enough knowledge so you go with the flow and wait for happiness to find you. You must take the risk and create your OWN happiness. The irony is that once you begin creating happiness, the knowledge you need to succeed will come to you effortlessly.

  • Gamby, what you really want is to feel connected with others while confidently being yourself. You want the total agreement of everyone around you - for everyone to understand your point of view, to accept and support you, and to recognise your positive motivations. To achieve this, you try to manipulate people into thinking your way. Using your talent for understanding others, you think you can say exactly the right words to make others change their minds and agree with you. But it doesn't work; in order to reach your goals, you need to refocus your attention on your own truth. When you speak the words you intuitively feel, situations in which you find yourself come into harmony. When you live and speak from your higher self, companions who are not suitable withdraw and new people appear who are compatible. As you act in accordance with your higher truth, others who are similarly attuned understand you and prove the most trustworthy of friends, as you share the same spiritual values.

    Your Achilles' Heel is a need for mental security. ("If I can figure out what other people are thinking and then say the right thing so they'll agree with my ideas, I will always feel secure.") This can lead you into the trap of a never-ending search for information, ("If I can just get enough facts, I'll be able to find the 'truth' and then I will know what to do.") But you can never read people's minds enough to assure yourself that you will say the right thing. You need to let go of control and heed your own intuition. Trusting and acting from your OWN truth brings out your integrity, which will draw the right people to you and help you to gain the security and peace of mind you seek. You must go beyond logic to your intuition and demonstrate what your higher truth is telling you. Having faith in your spiritual guidance will lead you to gain a correct perception of what is going on around you.

  • Ramonita, what you really want is to merge with someone else's energy and feel mutual empowerment. You are looking for total, permanent commitment. You want a partner whom you can count on to take care of all your material needs, and you will take care of all your partner's emotional needs (or vice versa) - a syngergistic relationship that is mutually empowering and completely dependable. To successfully establish this type of relationship, you must be discriminating and find someone with similar energy and values. The shared goals must be innately valuable to each of you as individuals. For this to happen, you must first get in touch with your own values. You must become strong within yourself, aware of what you want, and tune in to what is real and meaningful in your life. The challenge is to establish your own energy systems and figure out who you are as an individual. As your energy becomes stronger, you will automatically attract mates of similar energy with whom you can form successful partnerships.

    Your Achilles' Heel is seeking self-worth through others ("I can only feel OK about myself through the validation of others") which can lead you into the trap of an unending search for a soul mate. ("If I have this one special person's energy, I'll feel complete".) In truth, you can only achieve a sense of completeness within yourself - it will never come as the by-product of a relationship, even with a soul mate. No matter how much support and validation you get from others, you always think you need more. In fact, for you, validation is a false barometer of whether you are on the right track. Living according to standards you KNOW are right for you, regardless of what others think, will help you develop a sense of self-worth. At some point, you must stop being enmeshed with others and involved in their business, and simply walk your own path instead. The irony is that when you begin to do this, others will support you, both financially and on an energy level.

  • Hi The Captain,

    Oh, interesting... can I have a go??? I think I know what I want but maybe u can surprise me!!! 😛

    I was born on the 20 th of december 1975, in valencia, Spain.

    Very interested in my Achilles... (probably I have sooooo many :P)


  • Doves46, when you take care of everyone else, you neglect yourself. Exasperation comes because even though you give so much to others, they don't return the favour. Take care of yourself first - because only you know what you really need - and others second.

    Avoiding confrontations because of your overly sensitive nature can eventually make you feel cowardly. Try and keep calm and peaceful during such confrontations but if you are right, stand your ground. You can protect yourself mentally and emotionally by realising that when people get into a disagreement with you, it's probably not personal but that something is bothering them and they need to take it out on someone, anyone. You can also erect psychic barriers around yourself by imagining being enveloped in white light.

  • Droiched, what you really want is money. You want to accumulate financial resources and material possessions to gain a sense of comfort and stability so you can begin to really 'live'. To achieve this, you need to be willing to form partnerships with others, finding those who have similar values and resources (money or talent) that they can share with you. If you use your energy to enhance your partner/s' energy, truly linking with the other/s as a team rather than maintaining a sense of separation ("my money - your money, my resources - your resources") the result can be great financial rewards for all involved. With the contractual understanding that you will get a percentage of the profits, you are free to focus on enhancing your partner/s energy and power in ways that increase the success of the team. You are better off asking your partner/s what is fair, because others appreciate you more than you value yourself.

    Your Achilles' Heel is comfort ("The goal of life is to be comfortable. I need lots of possessions to survive.") This can lead into the trap of a never-ending search for accumulation. ("When I finally have enough money and possessions, I will feel good about myself and can relate to others.") This thinking leads to stagnation on all levels. You can never get enough 'stuff' to feel comfortable in making the changes that will add vitality to your life. You must be willing to risk losing your current level of comfort to gain a higher state of power and energy. You will never have enough money and personal property to think you can afford to bond with others or feel there is enough to take care of all your needs. Let go of self-concern and put your full power into partnership.

  • Mmmm the Captain, with all my respects... I can truly and honestly tell you that that money thing is far, really far from the truth. Its actually one of my lasts concerns in this life...

    But thanks anyway 🙂

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