What do you really want?

  • February 19th, 1994

  • The North Node?! Goddess help us all. That's like being born under the tail of the dragon bsased on your prenatal eclips. Or, if there is nine years age difference between two people the relationship is karmic.

    I won't be able to make up my mind about this one. I have a strong Gemini influence.

  • July 17th, 2977, thanks Captain!

  • I do want to practice those tommorow Captain, I am all over the place today, do you have any questions for them? or just general? They are carrer and life purpose oriented.

  • Piscesgirl4life, check back on page 30 of this thread.

  • Bluecat123, what you really want is to be your own person, to be the centre of attention, to discover yourself in different life situations, and to surround yourself with people who feed you energy. To achieve this, you need to refocus your attention away from yourself and discover the nature of the people who have been drawn to you. Once you discern which people truly admire you and want to support you, and once you begin to feed them energy, the energy that comes back to you will create the situation you want.

    Your Achilles' Heel is selfishness ("My survival depends on looking out for myself first, and others should make sure my needs are met regardless of anyone else's concerns.") But if you feel that others have to constantly fill your needs for you to feel safe and connected, you will find you need even more attention and energy just to feel OK. You need to find people and partners YOU can give to, who will feel so energised that they naturally fill your cup in reciprocal appreciation. Satisfaction lies in connecting with those who see you for who you are, appreciate you, and want to give back to you. The trap you fall into is an unending search for independence ("If I can just be self-sufficient enough, I'll have the confidence to relate successfully with others and I won't feel so lonely.") But you'll never feel a strong enough sense of self to become part of a team that way. Take the risk of losing yourself in supporting others, and you will feel the joy and glory of your true self shining through.

    And just a general reading is fine for me.

  • February 20th 1985

    Thank you Captain

  • Hi Captain.. i re looked at the past one, they bit truth there,

    I was wondering if you wouldn't mind doing another one for me, as lot changed in me if ok.


  • Scully21, this reading doesn't change - it is not a present vibe reading. It's about the strengths and weaknesses you originally brought with you into this lifetime. It's now up to you whether you resolve the issues or not.

  • FishyOne, what you really want is to merge with someone else's energy and feel mutual empowerment. You are looking for total, permanent commitment. You want a partner whom you can count on to take care of all your material needs, and you will take care of all your partner's emotional needs (or vice versa) - a syngergistic relationship that is mutually empowering and completely dependable. To successfully establish this type of relationship, you must be discriminating and find someone with similar energy and values. The shared goals must be innately valuable to each of you as individuals. For this to happen, you must first get in touch with your own values. You must become strong within yourself, aware of what you want, and tune in to what is real and meaningful in your life. The challenge is to establish your own energy systems and figure out who you are as an individual. As your energy becomes stronger, you will automatically attract mates of similar energy with whom you can form successful partnerships.

    Your Achilles' Heel is seeking self-worth through others ("I can only feel OK about myself through the validation of others") which can lead you into the trap of an unending search for a soul mate. ("If I have this one special person's energy, I'll feel complete".) In truth, you can only achieve a sense of completeness within yourself - it will never come as the by-product of a relationship, even with a soul mate. No matter how much support and validation you get from others, you always think you need more. In fact, for you, validation is a false barometer of whether you are on the right track. Living according to standards you KNOW are right for you, regardless of what others think, will help you develop a sense of self-worth. At some point, you must stop being enmeshed with others and involved in their business, and simply walk your own path instead. The irony is that when you begin to do this, others will support you, both financially and on an energy level.

  • Hello Captain ,

    It's been a while since I have been on the Forum . I had this done a long while ago , but thought I would give it another go . 7/20/63 . Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^

  • Doves46, what you really want is to be in absolute control of every area of your life all the time. You have an insatiable need to think you have the power to succeed. To attain this goal however, you must stay in touch with your feelings and insecurities and share the truth about yourself with others. Acknowledging your insecurities will give you a stable base from which to create success in the outer world, for you are no longer fighting yourself by trying to hide or suppress your feelings. This gives you a calm inner certainty from which to accomplish your goals. And by acknowledging your own emotions, you will develop an awareness of other people's feelings. As long as you remain aware and supportive of other people, you will gain the support you require to help you on your own path.

    Your Achilles' Heel is your need for control ("If I can only make everyone get their lives together, then I can relax and be vulnerable"). But you can never control people or situations enough to feel that it's safe to be yourself. When you try to take charge in other people's lives without being invited, you are inappropritely usurping others' responsibilities. You must also avoid an unending search for acknowledgment ("If only others will recognise my contribution in a respectful way, I can begin to feel good about myself"). But others can never give enough recognition for you to feel satisfied. Only when you acknowledge within yourself the importance of the contributions you make (through nurturing others in a supportive way) will you begin to feel fulfilled. You will never have enough authority to feel that it's safe for you to be vulnerable. At some point, you must take a chance and let others know the truth of who you are and what you feel: your insecurities, fears of rejection and abandonment, and feelings of inadequacy. The irony is once you do this, you gain total safety - because in revealing your feelings, you've taken charge of yourself on a deeper level.

  • Thank You Captain , Definitely food for thought . I appreciate your time 🙂

    Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Feel free to give me a try October 30 1993

  • Mooncharm, what you really want is to feel connected with others while confidently being yourself. You want the total agreement of everyone around you - for everyone to understand your point of view, to accept and support you, and to recognise your positive motivations. To achieve this, you may try to manipulate people into thinking your way. Using your talent for understanding others, you think you can say exactly the right words to make others change their minds and agree with you. But it doesn't work; in order to reach your goals, you need to refocus your attention on your own truth. When you speak the words you intuitively feel, situations in which you find yourself come into harmony. When you live and speak from your higher self, companions who are not suitable withdraw and new people appear who are more compatible. As you act in accordance with your higher truth, others who are similarly attuned understand you and prove the most trustworthy of friends, as you share the same spiritual values.

    Your Achilles' Heel is a need for mental security. ("If I can figure out what other people are thinking and then say the right thing so they'll agree with my ideas, I will always feel secure.") This can lead you into the trap of a never-ending search for information, ("If I can just get enough facts, I'll be able to find the 'truth' and then I will know what to do.") But you can never read people's minds enough to assure yourself that you will say the right thing. You need to let go of control and heed your own intuition. Trusting and acting from your OWN truth brings out your integrity, which will draw the right people to you and help you to gain the security and peace of mind you seek. You must go beyond logic to your intuition and demonstrate what your higher truth is telling you. Having faith in your spiritual guidance will lead you to gain a correct perception of what is going on around you.

  • thank you again you seem to help a lot of people and i appreciate all the time you put in to this thank you

  • You're very welcome, Mooncharm. We are all in this thing called life together.

  • I've been confronted w/this issue a lot and could be the reinforcement of some issues that are coming to light (in a big way.) DOB 02/03/1960. I have Cap rising, Moon in Aries, Leo in home position. A lot of my birth planets are under the sign of Cap w/others being in oppostion to Cap. I can pull my birthchart for more info if needed. Seems I'm destined to have my own business but haven't investigated like other things I've pursued in my life. I think this is the opposition in my planets. Please help...

  • Hi Captain,

    Would you do mine 19/2/86.


  • Hello Captain,

    When you have the time if you are still doing this my dob 07/16/60. Thank you and have a nice day.


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