Job Hunting

  • Is the personal year 3 with a life path number 5 a good combination for changing jobs? I have been trying to get a new job but I feel that there is something that is keeping me at my old job. How do I use numerology and astrology to find out how to successfully change careers? I noticed many people try to respond without answering the question. Please do your best to answer the questions as specifically as possible.

  • I am a life Path 5. There is no such thing as 'timing'. It just happens. The key is to learn to recognize the opportunities as the present themselves and to adapt, evolve and progress (for the better of coarse). Look to your Soul/Expression and Destiny Number to a specific roadmap on how to accomplish your Life Path.

    So if your still in a current job and there is no pressing reason to change I would just let the cards fall were they may (not that the 5 will give you a choice). The 5 will bring change. The challenge of this number is to learn to adapt and progress responsibly.

    A personal 3 year is considered a lucky number for some but at the same time its a time of expression whether good or bad. We are in a universal 3 year (2+0+1+0=3) so you can imagine all crazyness in the collective consciousness (as far as career changes in the U.S.). And its no questions that your feeling this double time.

    In ending I can only suggest the numerology aspect since I am still learning astrology. But here is a summary of what to expect from a 3 Year. You can do a simple search online and find tons of articles on the Personal Year 3.

    "".....Doors open during the year of the (3)... people make things happen for you as income and confidence increases. Be careful, however, not to over do it... the enthusiasm and optimism of the (3) can induce haste, so one must not act without consideration. Be moderate. There's always a tendency to take on too much responsibility, be extravagant and foolishly over zealous. In other words, don't scatter your energies, for your thoughts and desires will be running at full tilt and you could simply end up spinning your wheels...."" has a great Numerology Report that includes a career section. It may shed some light on the over all picture. My feedback is only based on one of your numbers and your personal year.

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