I CHING ---- Relationships

  • I am surprised that the I Ching is being offered by this site for divination in respect to relationships issues, eg: Gemini/Sag relationships. Just by looking at the site, it's obvious that everyone has "The Love Connection" on their mind. The I Ching is not a frivolous tool and I find that it is being misrepresented when trying to offer it as a tool for mundane relationship issues. The most serious, pressing relationship we need to sort out first is our relationship to ourself, and the Universe. That is where the I Ching can guide us, and trust me on this, if you ask frivolous questions, it will tell you so. I have worked with the I Ching for 40 years, and while a person can ask for advice as the right course to take, if a relationship is floundering, the answer the I Ching will give will relate to the person's place in the Universe and what they need to do to go through a difficult situation. We have the Inferior and Superior man inside us, and we must always work toward conducting ourselves in rhythm with the Universe and it's intentions for us, and it will ask for our trust when things are not clear. To resort to "love" matters trivializes this most important book of advice. If you want love advice, write Dear Abby, but please realize you are dealing with a most superior set of standards in the I Ching. Again, I'm surprised that "love connection" issues are being deferred to something as serious as the Book of Changes. Wittenberg

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