Request a Reading from the Captain, please..

  • Dear Mr The Captain:

    You were so very kind to read my vibes and gave me information that..quite frankly amazed me..You were so correct in what you said!!

    If you have the time, and it is not too much trouble, would so appreciate a reading from you..

    I have two main topics:

    First..I have been out of a job for about a year. Money is extremely tight, I am behind in all of my bills. For some reason, however, I feel that this situation will be resolved by the end of February. Wishful thinking? Not sure. Any insight would be most helpful. I try and keep positive, but somedays it is really really hard..

    Second...In some ways, being laid off was the best thing for me. The job was sucking the soul right out of me. So..feel I have been on a personal journey of rediscovery for the past year..which brings us to the second area: love/relationships/dating/soulmates. For many years (see reference to soul sucking job) I was not dating at all. But, for some reason, I felt a renewed interest..wanted back in the game. So, have been doing the internet dating thing for about six months. And, per your reading of my vibe..yes..I am confused!!

    There are several men that I am strongly attracted to..unfortunately both are out of state. One admitted to me after about a week that he did have a GF. My feeling is that I would have backed off from a marriage entanglement..but anyone who has a GF but needs to look..well..something is missing from his life. There are numerous others as well...I have been attracting almost too much attention.

    So, I guess I was wondering if you have any thoughts or can see a little bit clearer than I can. Sorry to be a little vague..but the story of my wanderings through the internet would take me the rest of the night to write!

    I can provide you with any information about me that you feel would be helpful, answer any questions and even provide you with a photo if you would like..

    Many thanks for your good and kind soul for doing this.

    Love and peace,


  • First, I feel you are right that things will pick up for you in February - even earlier than the end, maybe the middle.

    Second, the guy who has a GF but who is showing interest in you, will do the same thing if you were his G/F - he has a roving eye, so beware! I feel the internet dating is not good for you - you can be too easily deceived when you are not face-to-face with people. Get out into life and the right man will appear. You need to socialise more. The net is not going to improve your social skills. I feel that joining a club/group and following your own interests will bring this about and also introduce you to a nice man.

    You were 'gifted' with time off to re-discover yourself - I was given the same gift of time and space. Many people during this time of changes have felt a need to withdraw and do their 'growing' in private. But this year we will all be coming out.

  • Thank you so much for your very prompt response. I am glad that you also see February as a month of change for me. Things are getting...desperate financially.

    As far as the other advice goes..... far as the roving eye...well...I believe that is possible..however...and how do I say this without sounding very conceited? I have an overwhelming feeling of being what is right for this man. I just simply know I know how to breathe. I sense right now that guilt is tending to overtake him..that he is distancing himself somewhat. I also feel it is his decision to make...that trying to talk him into something would be futile. I can only trust that what is going to happen...will...or not...

    And the internet dating thing...does definitely have more than its fair share of pitfalls. Too easy for too many people to lie. And some days, I am just overwhelmed by it. On the other hand, it is free...which is a big plus right now.

    Your right about needing to get out more...but...going out and socialising costs money...something that is in very short supply. So...I socialise with family..have several dates per month....and at home, besides scanning my internet dating emails...I take photographs, edit them, read...and try above all, to not let myself be depressed. I find that burning oils helps tremendously.

    And it truly is a gift to have time to re-discover yourself. To a certain extent, it has been inward turning...after all, I must look within to find the true me. One of the things I value most about the internet dating experience is the way my writing skills are getting exercised. I find that in writing back and forth to people...trying to encapsulate the essence of me in is helping me focus on my needs/wants/strengths/weaknesses. I have contemplated starting a blog...just to take some of these thoughts out for a walk.

    So...I will continue to live...knowing that magic does exist in the world...knowing that I, too deserve my share...

    Thank you again for taking the time to think and ponder about is truly valued and appreciated...

    Love and Peace...Tiggersmom

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